Andy Cohen Drops The Mic On Dad-Shaming Instagram Troll

by Kristina Johnson
Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen out-trolls a troll

Scroll through any even remotely famous person’s social media accounts and it won’t take you more than a second or two to find mean, gross comments from trolls. It seems to come with the territory for celebrities — but that doesn’t mean they have to take it.

When a troll took issue with Bravo host Andy Cohen and took a shot at his parenting recently, Cohen was not about to ignore it. He posted a screenshot of the conversation that followed when he confronted the anonymous troll, and it’s quite something.

The troll in question seems to have DM’d Cohen out of the blue with a biting criticism. “You should try and be a better person for your son,” they wrote, and um, what? Where’d that even come from?

Cohen welcomed a baby boy named Ben back in 2019 with the help of a surrogate. And like most moms and dads, he didn’t love having his parenting criticized by some rando for literally no reason at all — so he decided to find out why.

“What am I doing wrong?” Cohen asked, and the answer that came back simultaneously makes no sense and all the sense in the world.

“Oh wow didn’t expect a response. I was just being a troll. You’re doing fine. Sry,” the person wrote back. You know the apology is sincere when they can’t even bother to type out all the letters in the word “sorry.”

Apparently this is a thing people do? Say random cruel things to celebs in hopes of getting a response? Yikes. It worked in this case, I guess, but now the world knows you’re kind of a jerk — even if we don’t know your social media handle, thanks to Cohen magnanimously deciding to block it out.

“I am indeed a real person,” Cohen had to explain to the troll. “Thanks for understanding.”

The DM’er then dropped this gem: “It’s so cool that you responded. You probably shouldn’t confront trolls though.” What?!

“You probably shouldn’t troll people, though.” Cohen said, a response the other person hit “like” on. Oooooook. This is truly one of the most confusing interactions of all time.

People in Cohen’s comments were equally perplexed and appalled.

But if there’s one comment that sums it up perfectly, it’s this one: “People are unhinged.”

“Social media in a nutshell….” Cohen captioned the photo, and yeah, that sounds very right. Maybe the next time a troll is tempted to say something ugly just to get a rise out of someone (famous or not), seeing someone get called out like this will give them pause. We can only hope.