Andy Cohen Reunites With His Son After Recovering From Coronavirus

by Cassandra Stone
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Andy Cohen Shares Photo Of Reunion With His Son After Coronavirus Quarantine
Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen is on the mend after being diagnosed with coronavirus a few weeks ago

After recovering from COVID-19, Andy Cohen is sharing the adorable reunion he had with his one-year-old son, Benjamin. The Watch What Happens Live host returned to his show last night after he revealed he was taking time off to recover from the coronavirus two weeks ago.

“I feel strong. I feel like it worked its way through my system. I’m solidly at 90 percent. It’s good,” he told Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on TODAY this morning. He officially reunited with Ben yesterday, and the photo he shared was absolutely heartwarming — and we all need a dose of “heartwarming” right now, so here you go.

“I’ve hosted reunions for years, but yesterday’s was the best one yet,” he captioned the photo.

Cohen, who has asthma, described his symptoms as “lingering” on the morning talk show. I’m asthmatic but the tightness that I felt in my chest was different from the shortness of breath that I feel as an asthmatic,” he said. “It was a low fever. It was no sense of smell or taste. Really achy throughout my body, just persistent aches that wouldn’t go away. Kind of a dry cough, not horrible but there.”

Cohen says it took about 12 days to work its way through his system, and he treated it with Tylenol, vitamin C, and lots of sleep. “Really an energy sap, a major energy sap,” he said.

He remained quarantined from his son while he was sick, and wouldn’t allow his son in the same room as him. Cohen said he sat in his room the whole time “thinking of nothing but seeing him again” and watching Ben’s every move on the nanny cam. How utterly sad and yet incredibly sweet is that?

“It was a delightful reunion,” Cohen described. “I can’t say that it was one for a movie. I joined him playing blocks. He immediately started knocking down what I was making, but he was delighted. His face lit up. He touched me a lot. It was very sweet. I’m still kind of trying to social distance from him as much as I can even though the doctors say it’s OK.”

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