This Twitter Thread Proves Toddlers Are Savage AF

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Angela David

Toddlers will tell you about yourself in a way no one else will

Beyond saying the darndest things, little kids can be downright savage in their honesty. Brutal, even. Often times you can’t even get truly mad about it, because it’s just them being 100% honest and inquisitive. Sometimes, though, they know just the right buttons to push when they lob an insult. No one knows that better than mom and author Angela Davis.

On Twitter, Davis shared a particularly solid insult her toddler threw her way and seriously — ouch.

No mercy there. NONE. Davis’ tweet quickly gained traction with other toddler parents who can relate. Her post has been re-tweeted nearly four thousand times and brought forth some seriously hilarious responses. The stories people shared are honestly pure comedy gold and some are even more savage.

Oh. My. God. Brb, dying.

Ouch. Sorry Pops.

That may just be the harshest truth of all.

OK this would have ended me. Goodbye forever, world. See ya.

Now that is COLD. To the bone.

OK seriously, how do all these little kids know exactly how to hit us where it hurts? These tummy digs are a literal gut-punch.

Luckily for parents everywhere, we have alcohol to soothe our shunned souls. My daughter’s only two so I know I’m on borrowed time before I get regular citations from the Honesty Police about my own stinky morning breath and grey roots.

Though when I was four years old, I was the flower girl in my adult cousin’s wedding. I distinctly remember looking up at her — and with no malice in my little heart whatsoever — asked her, wide-eyed, why she was “so fat.” While she was in her wedding dress. ON HER WEDDING DAY. Everyone around me was just completely horrified, and to this day I still feel queasy and cringe every time I think about it. I’m actually dying right now as I type this.

Kids throw the kind of shade that cuts deep because it’s so pure. They will absolutely make you check yourself in ways that would have even the shadiest of adults bowing down. Savage AF, plain and simple.