Gorilla Fam Goes Viral Over Deeply Relatable Reaction To Seeing A Snake

by Julie Scagell

The tiny reptile caused quite a stir at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail at Walt Disney World

A now-viral video taken at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida’s Animal Kingdom park shows gorillas are about as thrilled as we would be finding a snake in our home.

Park visitors were enjoying the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail when several guests noticed a gorilla tracking something in the brush next to it. Turns out, a small snake somehow managed to get in, and its presence caused quite the ruckus. “Oh, there’s a snake!” someone said on the video. After several seconds, more gorillas come over to see what all the fuss is about.

TikTok from Bearded Kraken (@silkystrokesurvivor) captured the entire interaction in a two-part video, which has been viewed millions of times already. Several of the gorillas try to take a swat at the snake, which seems to be perfectly happy in its new home burrowing itself in the straw. Finally, the largest male in the group makes his way over to handle the situation but the tiny snake was too quick for him.

It’s hilarious to see all these giant gorillas staring down at the snake like, “You handle it.” In the second video, titled aptly “Gorilla vs. Snake Part 2,” one of the gorillas gets right down next to it, looking curiously at the reptile. That is, until the snake moves and the gorilla, like all of us, hightailed it in the opposite direction.

In the video, a cast member is heard telling guests how “just like humans, our gorillas are very curious about what goes on in their habitat.”

The Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail offers guests a chance to “explore a lush tropical forest inhabited by native African wildlife including gorillas, hippos, and exotic birds,” and “salute [their] resident troop of gorillas.” The park is committed to conservation and allowing guests to see the animals in their “natural” habitat. Unfortunately for the gorillas, snakes are sometimes part of their natural habitat.

The guests all seem fascinated at the gorilla’s response to the reptile, giving a sort of play-by-play of the action unfolding in front of them. Though the cast member can be overheard saying that the snake was “not dangerous” to the gorillas, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t entirely annoying to find one in your home.

The best part is when one of the younger gorillas looks down at the snake and begins beating its chest, like that’s going to be the deciding factor for the snake to finally give up and leave. Unfortunately for the troop, in the game of “Gorilla vs. Snake,” the snake won.