People Are Actually Defending Delta Airlines Thanks To Professional Troll Ann Coulter

by Valerie Williams
Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

She tweeted at the airline over losing her upgraded seat — and Twitter sided with the airline

If you ever wanted to see an airline customer service screw-up end with the internet supporting the airline, look no further than Delta’s recent kerfuffle with conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter.

Coulter was traveling on a Delta flight to West Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend when the unthinkable happened. No, no one had a major medical event. No one went into labor. No one got violently dragged off a plane after refusing to give up their fare. As far as we can tell, no one even kicked the back of anyone’s seat.

But Ann Coulter was made to move from an upgraded seat she pre-selected and paid an extra $30 for. And now there’s hell to pay.

She didn’t begin her Twitter tirade until after getting off the plane, but based on these tweets, we’re pretty sure some passengers and Delta staff already knew she wasn’t happy.

She took issue with the fact that Delta gave her upgraded seat to another passenger, which, granted, is pretty crappy. No one’s denying that. It’s the way Coulter handled the situation that has people siding with Delta.

She shared a creeper shot of the flight attendant who claims she didn’t know why Coulter’s seat was reassigned.

Then, she made the extremely mature and respectful choice (sarcasm font) of putting the innocent occupant of her chosen seat on blast by sharing a photo of the woman with her 1.6 million Twitter followers.

Because that’s totally the actions of a rational human being.

Now, back to berating Delta.

It must have taken ages to pull up the flight on her phone and scan over the available seats. We’re talking probably minutes.

Everyone’s favorite airline passenger deemed herself judge and jury of who would be worthy of an 11th hour assignment of her seat.

But she wasn’t done there. Time to cruelly insult Delta employees.

And obviously the innocent stranger parked in her precious and special seat.

Now she’s suggesting being moved to a different seat in the same row of an aircraft will motivate one human to torture another. OK.

On to berating the airline for not responding to her verbal abuse in a timely fashion. Chop chop, people.

So, the passenger who got Coulter’s seat does in fact have the legs of a Dachshund. Got it.

Not just Delta. Pretty much any normal human with a heart not made of stone would find it unacceptable to publicly lob insults at total strangers.

As of this afternoon, she was still trying to tear down Delta.

But Delta’s going high.

Because we’re in a time where large companies are having to dole out moral lessons to politicians, and now, pundits, Delta admonished Coulter for her disrespectful behavior, both in a statement on their website and on Twitter. They also refunded her $30.

Twitter was of course abuzz about this little feud and mostly, just enjoyed seeing how upset Coulter was over something so minor — considering her past statements about people who whine too much.

Another user pointed out the irony of a woman who wrote about 9/11 victims “enjoying” their husbands’ deaths for the attention it brought them staging a 2-day Twitter feud with an airline over having her upgraded seat reassigned.

And some were merely in awe that people sympathized with an airline over a passenger in a customer service dispute, which is definitely not the norm.

Maybe by tomorrow, Coulter will have moved on to the next victim. For now, Delta’s in the hot seat for the foreseeable future.