Anne Hathaway Explains Why She Won’t Drink Until Her Kid Grows Up And Moves Out

by Cassandra Stone
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Anne Hathaway is staying sober for a while — and morality has nothing to do with it

Anne Hathaway made headlines earlier this year when, during an appearance on Ellen, she mentioned she’s living an alcohol-free life until her son turns 18. Since her son is currently only three, this casual aside garnered a lot of attention. Now she’s explaining the reason behind it.

In a new interview with Boston Common, Hathaway clarifies her comments on Ellen, where she told the audience and viewers that she plans to refrain from drinking while her son lives with her. The great thing about Anne Hathaway is that she’s probably one of the few parents out there who can deliver a statement like that without a hint of sanctimony.

Her decision, she says, isn’t a “moralistic” choice — she just hates hangovers, man. “I didn’t put [a drink] down because my drinking was a problem; I put it down because the way I drink leads me to have hangovers and those were the problem,” she says. “My last hangover lasted for five days. When I’m at a stage in my life where there is enough space for me to have a hangover, I’ll start drinking again, but that won’t be until my kid is out of the house.”

If you are either a.) over the age of 30 and/or b.) a parent of young children, then you know the hangover struggle. Intimately. There is honestly no greater way to inflict pain upon oneself than drinking enough — even just enough — to feel it the next day while you’re taking care of little ones.

Remember when we could all get pleasantly buzzed during the week and show up to work the next day no problem? Yeah, that’s no longer a thing past your late twenties. Hangovers can be instigated by a glass and a half of red wine, and can also last for multiple days. It’s easy to understand why Anne Hathaway is no longer about that life.

“But, I just want to make this clear: Most people don’t have to do such an extreme thing,” Hathaway says. And she’s right! Different strokes for different folks. I personally stick to a beer or two most of the time because I know anything more than that will be instantly regretted by yours truly the following morning. I limit wine to one glass, max, unless I’m on a rare overnight getaway where I don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. and do my three-year-old’s bidding every two minutes while Sesame Street blares in the background.

“I don’t think drinking is bad. It’s just the way I do it — which I personally think is really fun and awesome — is just not the kind of fun and awesome that goes with having a child for me. But this isn’t a moralistic stance.”

And somehow, even though she’s making an “extreme” decision, Anne Hathaway is Extremely Relatable And Funny. You do you, Anne. Five-day hangovers are a form of masochism even parents of toddlers aren’t tough enough to withstand.

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