Anti-Maskers March Through Target Screaming 'Take Off Your Mask'

Maskless Morons March Through Target Shouting ‘Take Off Your Mask’


A group of anti-maskers caused a scene up and down the aisles of a Florida Target store

In a video that has now gone viral on every avenue of social media, a group of anti-mask demonstrators paraded through the aisles of a Florida Target store, screaming at customers to “take off your masks.” The video was recorded by a fellow shopper and features the group of people, many donning red MAGA hats and shirts, begging for attention in the store. In a state where almost one-third of children tested are positive for COVID-19.

To the tune of “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” these people hooped and hollered for everyone in the store to take off their masks — a tiny piece of breathable fabric that is quite literally one of the only things keeping everyone in the United States from catching COVID-19 — launching droplets galore near unsuspecting people browsing greeting cards and bath towels.