From The Confessional: Anxiety Sucks So Bad

by Rita Templeton
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Anxiety is a beast that many of us fight on a daily basis. And there’s no better place to unload than The Confessional.

In The Confessional, there’s no judgment (something that anxious people live in constant fear of). We don’t have to talk to anyone face to face or on the phone (because, cringe). And we might just find confessions who are from someone who is as nervous, irrational, and socially awkward as we are. In fact, we’ve got a head start for you with a few super-relatable anxiety confessions.

Just so you know you’re not alone …

Confessional #16639743

“I am an anxious person. But I’ve stopped telling people that because nowadays EVERYONE is anxious. I don’t want to be like everyone else.”

EVERYONE. Is. Anxious.

As anyone who’s ever struggled with anxiety knows all too well, it doesn’t need a reason to wreak havoc on your mental and emotional state. Anxiety doesn’t care whether your past is riddled with trauma or rosy and nostalgic — it’s just ready to deliver a big gut punch at any given moment, for any little thing.

Confessional #25768221

“I hate how the smallest things that most people wouldn’t think twice of give me anxiety.”

Confessional #24141522

“About 4 months ago, I felt happy and thought my life was going well. Now I feel depressed, anxious and exhausted. It really sucks that mental states can change that quickly for so little reason.”

Anxiety can take a reasonably rational fear and make it spiral completely out of control … like when it comes to our health.

Confessional #25756112

“How do I stop myself from thinking every ache, pain, blemish, etc. is a sign I have some horrible disease? And of course if you look it up, Google only confirms it. The anxiety is insane.”

Confessional #25756056

“I have horrible health anxiety. Currently convinced I have breast cancer. The mind is a messed up thing. I need to stop this.”

And parenting is difficult and nerve-wracking enough for even non-anxious moms and dads … so for those of a more nervous persuasion, it can be especially tough.

Confessional #25752519

“Feel like the worst mom lately, yelling too much, looking at my phone instead of my kid, and just plain unmotivated. I’m probably still doing a pretty good job but my anxiety is making me feel like a monster and assuming that’s all anyone sees too.”

Confessional #24660588

“My anxiety is starting to involve the kids. Constantly worrying about accidents, kidnapping, illness. I need help.”

Confessional #25756803

“My daughter has anxiety and so do I, so we trigger each other. Whenever she is anxious, I become anxious for her. It was bad enough just dealing with my own, this is hard.”

From grocery store runs to girls’ night out, sometimes it’s human interaction that makes us want to shrink into a black hole, never to return. We want to have friends, but that means we have to, like … make conversation and stuff.

Confessional #25751311

“I bail on 90% of social commitments because of anxiety and depression, but I’m sure everyone just thinks I’m a bitch.”

Confessional #22368320

“I feel bad for my friends. I’m depressed, anxious, lonely and difficult to be around. They are awesome for putting up with me. I feel guilty that they have to.”

Confessional #24638582

“I have such social anxiety it’s so embarrassing visiting with anyone I don’t know well. I run into ppl EVERYWHERE I go. I hate it! I just want to run to the store and back without making ANY conversation!”

Confessional #24362029

“I’d love to have a day without examining every single interaction for ways I was awkward or unlikable. Social anxiety sucks.”

And yes … that even extends to the phone for many of us. Just the sound of a ring can send us into a heart-pounding panic.

Confessional #25769727

“My anxiety won’t even let me talk on the phone. I feel put on the spot and nervous that I’m going to sound stupid because I don’t have time to think my responses through. Just text me!”

Confessional #1750447

“I don’t have social anxiety at all – I have phone anxiety. I can’t make or take phone calls without rehearsing first. I’m 42 years old.”

But even if we stay “sheltered” in our own homes day in and day out, surrounded by our own stuff, anxiety still finds a way to be a complete asshole.

Confessional #25751590

“I’m a minimalist. I hate being surrounded by stuff. This is because I was raised in a haunted house hold, surrounded by filth. ‘Stuff’ gives me anxiety.”

Confessional #24583131

“I could either continue ‘nagging’ or you could just pick up your shit. Either way, I thought it was apparent the difference in my anxiety would guide you towards the latter. Dumbass.”

When the anxiety monster comes creeping in, there is no shame in seeking help, which sometimes comes in the form of medicine. AND THAT’S OKAY.

Confessional #25758261

“I agree we live in an overmedicated society, and psych meds are overprescribed. That being said, I will NEVER question an individual’s use of them because I know, in my own case, the meds I take to fight depression and anxiety are why I’m still alive.”

Confessional #25765175

“I made the call to get some help for my depression and anxiety. The darkness today was so overwhelming, it made me physically ill. The appointment is with the NP b/c the doctor didn’t have a free spot for FOUR WEEKS. I just need to see someone already.”

Confessional #25768160

“I have really bad anxiety and depression. Weed has helped me manage it in a way that modern medicine hasn’t, and I’m so thankful to live in a state where it’s legal!”

Remember earlier when we said “everybody has anxiety?” Make that “everybody and their dog.”

See? However we deal (or don’t) with our anxiety, there’s a certain comfort in knowing that no matter how isolated it may make us feel, we are never actually alone.

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