Rejoice! Bigots Are Boycotting Target During The Holiday Season

by Valerie Williams
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Conservative group encourages holiday shoppers to boycott Target due to transgender bathroom policy

During this time of giving thanks, let us not forget that ’tis the season to also be an intolerant asshole, as evidenced by the gross #AnywhereButTARGET movement. Bigots still nursing their hurt feefees over the retailer’s announcement earlier this year that staff and customers should use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity have decided to shop — you guessed it — anywhere but Target for the holidays.

And to that we say, hooray for more parking spots and bigot-free aisles!

The #AnywhereButTARGET boycott is brought to us by 2nd Vote, a conservative watchdog group that helps bigots know where not to spend their money and conversely, lets decent human beings know where to spend all their money. Because after reading this, you’ll want to give Target your entire paycheck this holiday season.

From 2nd Vote:

“Fed up with the liberal assault on common sense and decency in our schools and places of work? Tired of corporations carrying the water for a radical agenda that undermines our values and safety? This Christmas season, we’re sending a message to one of the top corporate supporters of the liberal, LGBT agenda and we need your help. We’re shopping #AnywhereButTARGET because we don’t think conservatives should fund Target’s dangerous social agenda.”

Because nothing says “decency” like trying to make sure an already-marginalized group of people is even more marginalized. Pretty sure that’s what Jesus would’ve done, amirite?

And wow, so much danger. Because if you’ve been watching the news, surely you’ve seen stories about the deluge of sexual assaults in Target bathrooms this year, right? Once they announced their inclusive policy, that was it — countless men who aren’t actually transgender seized their chance, slipping into the women’s bathrooms at Target so they could attack little girls. It’s an epidemic, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Except it’s not. Literally not at all. No men have disguised themselves as women to attack girls and ladies in Target bathrooms because it’s a made-up notion that doesn’t remotely jive with actual statistics on sexual predation. In 75% of child sex abuse cases, kids are harmed by a family member or someone they know. This weird delusion conservatives have of men using Target’s policy to play dress-up and make their way into the sacred space where chicks pee is simply ridiculous.

The site also prattles on about the first amendment and how radical it is to allow people to use changing rooms and bathrooms that align with their own gender identity because in their warped universe, rights are only for cisgender folks.

But — this only means we can enjoy our holiday shopping free of the type of garbage people that buy into these damaging ideas and spread them. While they slog through the stupid mall, we can coast down the aisles of our favorite place in the world and wave to our fellow open-minded neighbors, happy to pour even more of our money into Target than usual. Just when we thought we couldn’t love them more, they continue to stand by their policy of treating everyone like a human being.

Happy Holidays, bigots! See you on the flip side with my super cute throw pillows and stocking stuffers.

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