Ariana Grande Accidentally Got 'BBQ Grill' Tattooed On Her Hand

Ariana Grande Accidentally Got ‘BBQ Grill’ Tattooed On Her Hand In Japanese

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Image via Kevin Mazu/Getty/Ariana Grande/Twitter

Ariana Grande tried to get “7 Rings” tattooed onto her hand – and had a bit of a mishap

You can’t win ’em all. Ariana Grande decided to pay tribute to her new single “7 Rings” by getting the song’s title tattooed on her hand in Japanese. She posted a picture of the final product on Instagram – and was quickly informed by commenters that she had accidentally gotten the words “small barbecue grill” inked on her skin instead.

Thankfully, the singer had a sense of humor about the whole thing because, I mean, who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for some pint-sized BBQ skewers?

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Grande posted a picture of her new tattoo, which was written in Japanese Kanji symbols and read: 七輪.  Kotaku  pointed out that her tattoo actually spells shichirin, which is a small charcoal grill. The correct spelling for “7 rings” would have been 七つの指輪. Looks like Grande – and the rest of the internet – just got a very helpful Japanese lesson. Annnnd now we’re all hungry for BBQ.