Ashley Biden's Non-Stop Dancing After Her Dad's Victory Speech Is A Mood

by Leah Groth
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JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images/Twitter

Ashley Biden, the President Elect’s daughter, danced her way onto the stage after her father’s acceptance speech and social media loved every moment of it

Last night, after President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris gave two of the most inspiring and moving speeches this country has heard in ages, the newly elected politicians invited their extended families onto the stage. Everyone looked incredibly happy and proud, clapping their hands, hugging each other, and waving to the crowd the way that politician’s families usually do. However, you may have noticed one incredibly exuberant woman, clad in a black dress and leopard print face mask, who literally couldn’t stop dancing around the stage. You may have thought: “Wow, my thoughts exactly.” That would be Biden’s daughter, Ashley, who the internet instantly embraced as their new favorite (future) First Daughter.

Biden, 39, the President Elect Biden’s only daughter with wife Jill, literally danced her way onto the stage, embracing her father in a passionate hug. However, she refused to quit dancing the entire time she was up there, getting jiggy with it all over that stage. The internet immediately fell in love with her.

“Ashley Biden dancing her way across the stage is a vibe,” tweeted one individual alongside a video of her.

“#ashleybiden dancing is where it’s at,” wrote another.

She was giving us BIG Robyn “Dancing On My Own” vibes here.

Of course, many found it impossible to avoid comparing the new First Daughter to the former, Ivanka Trump.

“Based on her dancing, I feel like Ashley Biden will be such a cleansing, joyful light after Ivanka finally vacates,” tweeted someone.

“Ashley Biden is already a serious upgrade from Ivanka. Girl, I see you dancing like the rest of us,” wrote another.

“Ashley Biden busting out a whole dance routine to Higher Love is the ANTIDOTE TO

@IvankaTrump GOD BLESS AMERICA,” one on-point user tweeted.

She literally became America’s sweetheart overnight, with one declaring her their “mantra.”

So who is Ashley Biden? The youngest daughter of President Elect Biden, Ashley is a Philadelphia based social worker and fashion designer, who married Dr. Howard Krein, a renowned plastic surgeon and 14 years her senior, in 2012. While she keeps a relatively low profile, she was a big part of her father’s campaign, and even introduced him with her brother Hunter at the (virtual) Democratic National Convention. “He’ll be rock steady…he’ll treat everyone with respect no matter who you are,” she explained. “He’ll love you with all of his heart.”

In a 2017 interview with Glamour, she explained that she has devoted her life to causes that are important to her. “The passion started at a very young age…My dad is a lifelong public servant; my mom was a public-school teacher — it’s in my DNA,” she explained. In 2017 she launched a clothing line, Livelihood, with all proceeds benefiting local charitable causes.

While it is unclear what official role, if any, she will play in her father’s administration, judging from her debut as our future First Daughter: she is going to be the ray of sunshine we all need!

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