Ashley Graham Inspires Women To Share Real, Raw, Pregnancy And Postpartum Pics

by Leah Groth
Originally Published: 
Ashely Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham’s “same same but different” bump pic has inspired a body confidence revolution, and we are all for it!

Body confidence badass Ashley Graham, who is currently expecting her first child with her husband of nine years, Justin Ervin, recently shared some images of her gorgeous baby bump on social media. They were stunning, fierce, and majorly promoted self-love to say the least — everything we would expect from the supermodel. Unsurprisingly, we weren’t the only ones who were inspired by Graham’s pics. In her latest Instagram stories the supermodel shares several of the photographic responses from around the world that other women had to her “same same but different” photo, and they are all sorts of awesome.

In the images, the women detail their own unique experiences with pregnancy, whether due to health complications or body image struggles. Each individual story highlights the simple truth that there isn’t anything “one size fits all” about pregnancy. Each mother’s experience is totally different than the the next, which can be demonstrated by all of the wildly unique baby bump and post-pregnancy photos.

One mother shared details about her struggles with placenta previa and the physical and emotional ways it is impacting her pregnancy.


Other moms-to-be simply shared beautiful bump pics, which were depicted in all shapes and sizes.

So many current mothers also shared photos of their postpartum bodies, celebrating their stretch marks and c-section scars in all of their glory, while also pointing out the absurdity of trying to get your body back after becoming a mother.



Every single image is a reminder that the beauty of pregnancy is universal. No matter what you look like before, during or after pregnancy, a woman’s body and all that makes it unique should be celebrated — a message Graham has been spreading her entire career.

“I’m not here to make you feel ‘beautiful,’ whatever that means,” she said at a Glamour event in New York in 2017. “I’m here to make you understand that true beauty is being OK with who you are. Being OK with who you are is a revolutionary act. And making someone else feel OK with who they are? That’s downright heroic.”

If that is true — which we are totally confident it is — Ashley Graham is officially our body confidence hero. Keep posting those bump pics, mama.

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