Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Cellulite, Women Everywhere Applaud

by Valerie Williams
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Ashley Graham proves cellulite is no big deal in beautiful Instagram snap

Most women have cellulite. It doesn’t discriminate, as even very small women sometimes have it. That said, it’s something many of us go to great lengths to cover up, regardless of how common it is. Thankfully, model Ashley Graham is reminding us with one gorgeous photo that we should all calm the hell down and feel amazing about ourselves regardless of a few stupid thigh dimples.

Ashley Graham is a totally stunning woman and also, happens to have cellulite. Instead of hiding it, she decided to share it with her nearly two million Instagram followers. Here she is, in all her ridiculous hotness.

The caption reads, “A little cellulite never hurt nobody.. Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called ‘ugly’. #lovetheskinyourein #beautybeyondsize”

And a choir full of women tired of worrying about their cellulite cried, Amen! Literally. Women in the comments were beyond supportive and grateful to Graham for proudly showing off her incredible legs and ass without bothering to cover or airbrush her cellulite. Of course, we don’t need anyone’s permission to decide we give no fucks about cellulite, but it’s always nice to see a celebrity “normalizing” what should be normal, but isn’t.

Graham is no stranger to being a champion of positive body image, as she frequently speaks up about the importance of all different body types being represented in fashion. She’s also the first “plus size” model (in quotes because all she is to us is gorgeous) to appear on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Her career is all about shattering stereotypes centered around what it means to be beautiful and accepted by society. And women can’t thank her enough.

Because as much as we know deep down that the idea of a woman with a body totally free of cellulite is unrealistic, some of us still see it as this unsightly thing that must be eliminated or covered up. When it’s pretty much impossible to accomplish. Even though most of the world accepts that tons of women have it, it’s still seen as “taboo” or unattractive, which is totally ridiculous.

Ashley Graham is doing all women a huge favor by empowering us to stop giving a shit what strangers think about our cellulite and live our lives. Wearing what we want. Revealing what we feel comfortable with. And knowing we’re still beautiful, no matter how many little dimples we might have.

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