Ashley Graham's Pregnancy Journey Is A Sight To Behold On Instagram

by Christina Marfice
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham’s Instagram may as well be a Pinterest board for moms-to-be, as she shows the highs, the lows, and everything in between

There’s honestly just so much to love about Ashley Graham. The supermodel is stunning, yet down-to-earth, always body-positive, and lately, her Instagram has become one of the best places on the internet for moms (and moms-to-be) as she documents everything about her life as a new mom who is now expecting twins. Graham doesn’t shy away from posting the highs, the lows, and everything in between, and it’s made her pregnancy journey an absolute sight to behold on the social media site.

Graham announced her pregnancy back in July when she posted a surprise bump pic that was, of course, jaw-droppingly beautiful.

From there, it was on. She started posting unapologetic shots of how her body was growing and changing while she was growing a baby.

Then, in September, followers were in for another surprise: Graham posted this adorable video that showed the moment she told her husband, Justin Ervin, that they were expecting again. Only later in the video came more good news: Twins! The video shows Graham and Ervin at their ultrasound appointment, where the tech reveals the two babies — and the fact that they’re both boys.

“We’re gonna have THREE boys?” Graham squeals, while Ervin can be heard in the background saying, “You’re kidding me.”

Graham never revealed at what point in the pregnancy she learned she was having twins, but on Instagram, she continued to share her (now very large) bump and life.

One of the common threads throughout the pregnancy is that Graham has continued to love her body and herself. Even as that bump has grown (and grown, and grown), she’s shown nothing but love for the job it’s doing: Helping her two new boys come into the world.

Graham is also always her very real self, sharing her stretch marks without any shame, and even pointing out that they “look like the tree of life.”

From yoga sessions to relaxing time by the pool, Graham is documenting it all — and inspiring so many other moms along the way.

Now all that’s left is for us to meet those boys. No word yet on when they’re expected to come, but every bump sighting on Graham’s Insta makes us think it just might be soon.