Ashley Graham’s 9-Months-Pregnant Yoga Vid Is Impressive AF

by Valerie Williams
Originally Published: 
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is nine months pregnant and not slowing down at all

If you’re like me, your only pregnant yoga pose was Downward-Facing Try To Get Your Socks On, but Ashley Graham is not your typical pregnant lady. Nine months pregnant lady, at that. She recently posted a video of her extremely impressive yoga routine, and even a non-pregnant person will break a sweat watching it.

“9 months in and this is how we do it,” she captions the vid, in which she’s put through her paces by a trainer. The workout is clearly vigorous and Graham’s killing it. Did we mention she’s nine months pregnant? Holy smokes.

I’m tired just watching her and I’m like, negative 10 years pregnant. She is a powerhouse.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Graham has rocked our worlds by showing just how much a very pregnant woman is able to do (with the approval of a doctor, of course). She shared another fitness routine back in October that had us wiping sweat from our brow.

She also shared the eternal pregnant struggle of finding maternity workout pants that don’t slip down and will go all the way above a very round belly. It’s surprisingly hard to find ones that work, and she knows the struggle.

Graham has been super open about pregnancy overall, mostly in her sheer delight as she waits for her little guy to be born. She and husband Justin Ervin are clearly over the moon to be expecting their first baby, and it’s freaking adorable.

Judging by how wonderfully real she’s kept things throughout her pregnancy, we can probably expect plenty of very candid updates (and adorable baby pics) once her little future yoga buddy arrives. We can’t wait.

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