Ashley Graham's Latest TikTok Is A Body-Pos Delight

by Kristina Johnson
Ashley Graham/TikTok

Ashley Graham is all about self-love in a viral TikTok

Model Ashley Graham is spreading body positivity on TikTok with one simple sentence: “You look good, don’t change!”

Graham, who is pregnant with her second child, posted the cute video with the caption “and today’s affirmation is…” She then lip-syncs the phrase over and over again while twerking, dancing, posing, and rubbing her baby bump.

Fans absolutely loved the video and its message. “You make feel better in my body,” one wrote.

“Ashley doing my mama’s job that was supposed to be done when I was a teen,” another said — proving that you’re never too young or too old for the reminder that your body is perfect just the way it is. Clicking on the video’s audio brings up dozens of other videos using the same phrase made by women of all shapes and sizes celebrating themselves — and spoiler alert, they’re all awesome.

Spreading that kind of body positivity is a major theme of Graham’s social media. She’s shared her triumphs over naysayers who told her she was “too big” to model and her disdain for people who say she’s “pretty for a big girl.”


“I’m pretty, period, thank you,” she said in a video posted earlier this year setting the record straight. “And I’m not an SAT question — I didn’t ask.”

That kind of confidence is enviable, and Graham’s daily affirmations might have something to do with it. She posted a TikTok explaining some of the mantras she uses every day to hype herself up, invite her 1.2 million followers to do the same.

“I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful, I am worthy of all,” is one of her favorites, and here’s why she says it’s so important to remind yourself of that: “If you can’t be your own bestie how are you gonna be someone else’s!?” she asked — which is a great question.


Body confidence is especially important for an expecting mama — Graham announced her second pregnancy with husband Justin Ervin just a couple of weeks ago with some stunning maternity portraits showing off her body in all its glory.

She’s already mom to 2-year-old son Isaac — but I’m kind of hoping that her second baby is a girl who will follow in her famous mama’s supermodel footsteps — and keep on spreading love and self-acceptance to the next generation.