Ashley Graham's New TikTok Challenge Has Fans Celebrating Their Bodies

by Valerie Williams
Ashley Graham/Instagram

Ashley Graham’s latest TikTok challenge has women sharing what they love about themselves

Ashley Graham is basically our body positivity guru and her social media accounts are a great place to be if you need to remind yourself just how beautiful you are exactly as you are. Graham is no stranger at all to unapologetically loving herself and encouraging fans to do the same, and her latest TikTok challenge perfectly demonstrates that fact.

“I’m not crying youre crying 😭 so many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies,” she writes on Instagram along with a compilation of TikTok videos of women using Graham’s recent audio of reasons she loves herself.

In her original vid, Graham calls her thighs “the strongest part of my body,” her gorgeous eyes the “sexiest,” her jawline her “favorite” and her gleeful smile “the most important.” As for what she would change? That’s easy — not a thing. After her video came a series of vids from other women sharing what they love about themselves.

It’s easy to see why the results of her challenge brought Graham to tears. Watching women point out all the things that make them beautiful is pretty damn moving.

As usual, Graham finds a way to give us exactly what we need when it comes to that mean little voice in our heads.

“I really needed some self love today,” writes one TikTok user who shared her own version of Graham’s audio.

Honestly, I feel like every women should do their own version of the video even if they don’t post it for the world to see. We should be telling ourselves everything that makes us amazing every single day. We would be taking a page right out of Graham’s playbook in doing so, especially in praising our post-baby bodies, as she’s been sure to do countless times since the birth of her little boy, Isaac.

Like, how many celebrities show us this kind of motherhood realness amid all of her glamorous pics? I couldn’t love her more for it.

Ashley, please keep the body-pos content coming. We need it literally every single day.