'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Ashley And Jared Tied The Knot This Weekend

by Sarah Bregel
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Everyone loves a Bachelor Nation wedding, but Ashley and Jared’s was truly special

Congratulations are most certainly in order for Bachelor in Paradise alums, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. The adorable couple just tied the knot in a romantic ceremony while friends and family, and of course, their fellow Bachelor Nation alums, looked on.

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Ashley is definitely crying. No. let’s face it… we’re all crying.

For Bachelor fans everywhere, this is the stuff dreams reality TV dreams are made of. Because if you’ve been following this epic whirlwind romance (and why wouldn’t you have been?), then you already know that this one is, uh, kind of a big deal. I mean, we all love a good Bachelor in Paradise love story. But this one takes the cake.

The wedding between the Ashley and Jared took place on Sunday, August 11th in what was apparently, a truly romantic ceremony in Rhode Island. But the romance, actually, the tears, started long before that.

Ashley and Jared started dating officially in May of 2018. But the drama started in 2015 when they both appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. While Ashley was all about Jared from the get-go, a bit of an understatement because she spent most of the season sobbing uncontrollably about him, he mostly saw her as a friend. It was heartbreaking to watch. Jared dated other people and everyone told Ashley she simply needed to move on.

Still, she carried a torch for him for years. And years. And… years.

While Ashley did eventually move on and was even happily in another relationship, she always had feelings for Jared. Finally, it took Jared seeing Iaconetti with another guy to realize, he was jealous and maybe, he had feelings for her, too.

The couple got together and last June, Jared surprised Ashley by proposing where it all started- on the beach on season five of Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans of the show were thrilled when they actually got together for real. But the engagement was almost too much to take. Because even though Ashley had a reputation for being a crier, truth be told, we’ve all been in her shoes at some point or another. We couldn’t help but root for the girl to get her happily ever after.

Look. At. Them.

People have a lot of feelings about this, especially those who have been following this romance for years. Of course fans have been airing those feels on Twitter.

Ashley really did get her happy ending. And Jared did, too. So did their cute pup, who got the be the ring bearer. And try not to totally melt watching Ashley wake up on her much-anticipated big day.

But this feels a bit like a win for the fans of the show, too. So, thanks, Universe. And reality TV Gods. We’ll take it.

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