Ashton Kutcher 'Catches' Mila Kunis Ending Her Dry January Early

by Lauren Gordon
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff/Getty

Looks like Ashton Kutcher caught Mila Kunis in the act of breaking “Dry January” a little early — and it’s definitely relatable

Anyone else feel like they lived about 100 lives this January? From Omicron scares to the seemingly innumerable heartbreaking celebrity deaths, this January in particular has been brutal; but for those participating in “dry January,” it’s probably felt as long 2020 all over again. If you’re happy that Feb 1 has finally arrived you aren’t alone; in fact Mila Kunis is eagerly ushering in “Wet February” right there along with you.

Kunis’ husband Ashton Kutcher “exposed” his wife’s, er, enthusiasm to break her dry fast with an extremely relatable post. The former That 70’s Show costars gave fans a sneak peek of their home bar when Kutcher playfully pointed the camera at his thirsty wife and asked what she was up to. Kutcher reminded folks that it was still technically January but Kunis wasn’t havin’ none of that.

“Nope. No. I work off of the lunar calendar,” she informed Kutcher, as she readied her martini class underneath their cocktail maker.

“It’s wet February for me right now,” she giggled at the camera.

Honestly, Mila is every mom’s best friend in their head. Between this and her penchant for sparsely bathing her kids, I mean could she serve anymore mom realness?



The only thing that people could get rightfully outraged over this post about? Neither of them providing details about that damn magical cocktail machine!

(Which, by the way is the Bartisian Cocktail Maker and retails for $369)

All in all, take this semi-wholesome moment from the celebrity couple to pour yourself a nice glass of wine or open that bag of chips you’ve been saving. Treat yo’self lady, it’s Wet February!