Ashton And Mila Respond To Tabloid Breakup Rumors In The BEST Way Possible

by Valerie Williams
Ashton Kutcher/Instagram

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis handled unfounded tabloid rumors about their marriage like absolute champs

If Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis weren’t already tops on your list of fave celebrity couples, then buckle up, buttercup. You’re about to love them to bits after seeing this hilarious video of their response to a ridiculous tabloid story about their “breakup.”

The couple, together in a car, appear in a video posted to Kutcher’s Instagram account last night. He’s taking the vid while Kunis holds up her phone, where she has open a story about their apparent marital troubles. “Babe, what’s happening? What’s going on?” Kutcher asks. “It’s over between us,” Kunis replies solemnly.

“IT’S OVER BETWEEN US?” he shrieks. “Oh my god, what are we gonna do?!”

“I felt suffocated,” she deadpans. “You felt suffocated by me?” he replies incredulously. “I was just so overbearing wasn’t I?”

But that’s not all.

“Also,” she says, “I took the kids.”

“OH you took the kids? I don’t get the kids anymore!?” he cries.

Kunis tells him he apparently had “a very dark secret exposed” to which Kutcher replies, “OH MY GOSH, what was the dark secret?” Kunis doesn’t know, but boy do things seem grim according to that idiotic article.

Except, NOT. They’re clearly all good and only too happy to poke fun at this completely unfounded rumor. I mean, look at them having an absolute blast together chatting about possible Game of Thrones plot twists (before the finale ran, of course).

Like, seriously, look at them. They seem really close to ending things, right? Eye roll.

Honestly, standing ovation for their hilarious response to this utter bullshit that has to sting on some level even if it is total nonsense. We all know tabloids will stop at nothing to sell magazines, but stories like this can come at the expense of the security of actual marriages and families. It’s not often that a famous person speaks out in their own defense of these stupid stories, and that’s likely because if they did, they’d be at it daily considering some trash mags run some variation on the same false headline every single week (hello, Jennifer Aniston pregnancy).

But sometimes, they have to be vocal and let the world know that not only is everything perfectly fine, they’re laughing together at the insanity of it all. Sure, people can say that celebs “signed up for this,” but no. Absolutely not. They signed up to have their faces and voices in movies or TV shows. They did not sign up to have their personal lives dissected and subject to harmful and cruel stories that aren’t even close to true. Someday, Kunis and Kutcher’s kids will be able to Google their parents and it won’t be fun for them to see stories suggesting discord in their clearly loving family. Bravo to any celeb who decides to set the record straight.

And an extra big round of applause to Mila and Ashton for not only dunking on this stupid tabloid, but for making us laugh in the process.