Ask a Special Needs Parent

by Scary Mommy
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Do you know my wonderful friend Ellen Seidman? She blogs over at Love that Max about her eight year old son, Max. Max is big brother to Sabrina. He is mischievous and sweet and has the most delicious brown eyes. He reminds me of my Evan. Except, unlike Evan, Max has cerebral palsy.

Ellen and I have long talked about collaborating on a post. There are so many things that our readers (and we) can learn from each other. The timing seemed right this week, as we are both working with P&G on coverage of the Special Olympics. Here is our (genius, if I do say so myself,) plan:

I’m asking you guys to post questions regarding special needs kids in the comments. You know the ones– the stuff you’ve always wanted to ask their moms, but have been afraid to broach. Ellen’s readership is largely comprised of special needs parents and they will come over here to answer your questions. In return, on Ellen’s site, they will post in her comments what they’ve always wanted to share with typical parents (yes, that’s the correct terminology.) Cool, right?

So, what have you got? Always wondered how to respond when your child stares at a disabled child? Ask. Did you just get a diagnoses and don’t know where to start? These are your people. Got questions about their daily lives? Put it out there. We’re breaking down the barriers and looking forward to an open and honest conversation. And, after you ask your questions here, remember to visit Ellen’s blog to see what her readers want you to know. Let them know that you’re listening and let’s keep the discussion going.

We think this can be a wonderful way for us all to learn a few things and come together over what we all have in common: Enormous love for our most amazing children.

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