Avengers Assemble To Mend Chris Pratt's Fragile Ego

by Christina Marfice
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Scary Mommy, Twitter and Jesse Grant/Getty

The way the Avengers are defending Chris Pratt right now illustrates such a painful double standard in Hollywood

Another day, another group of straight, white men in Hollywood defending a fellow straight, white man in Hollywood. Buckle up, internet, because this one is a little bit of a wild ride. It all seems to have started with a Twitter poll. Amy Berg posted photos of Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans with the caption, “One has to go,” inviting followers to debate on the best and worst qualities of the Hollywood Chrises.

In the comments, people pretty quickly came to a conclusion: Pratt was out, because he belongs to a problematic church, has expressed support for Donald Trump, and has been accused of racist behavior. These are all perfectly good reasons to stop stanning a rich, famous actor, by the way, in case anyone wasn’t clear.


You know what’s apparently even worse than racism and homophobia, though? Being mean to someone on the internet. At least, that’s what all the other straight, white men of the Avengers seem to believe, as evidenced by the way they leapt into action to defend Pratt from actual facts about why he’s not the #1 Chris.

Robert Downey Jr. called Pratt “a real Christian who lives by principle, has never demonstrated anything but positivity and gratitude.”


Mark Ruffalo jumped in to tell us that Pratt, who follows social media accounts like Ben Shapiro and Turning Point USA, is “not overtly political.”

According to James Gunn, Pratt is “the best dude in the world,” and while I never wanted to live in a world where Josh Gad needed to be canceled, even he jumped to Pratt’s defense.

Deep sigh.

Just, can straight, white men stop rushing to the immediate defense of straight, white men in every possible instance? Can they consider that perhaps they’re not aware of someone’s problematic tendencies because, I don’t know, they’re straight and white and men?

But there’s even more that makes this entire story pretty hard to stomach. Marvel fans have been taking note that the Avengers immediately assembled to fight the internet’s mean words about Chris Pratt’s actual bad behavior, after they’ve spent years staying very, very silent about the way Brie Larson gets harassed online.

Larson has called for more diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that world needs more people of color, and more LGBTQ+ representation. For that, and for, you know, being a woman in this world, she’s received a pretty consistent barrage of sexist trash and even actual death threats. And you know who rushed right to her defense? The Aveng—oh, wait, no, they all stayed completely silent.

In fact, the internet has been pretty rough on a lot of women and people of color in the MCU, and have all these straight, white actors stood up for any of them? Nope. They have not.

In conclusion, Chris Pratt is not worth your time or your breath, and the real ones know it.

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