Awesome Dad Designs Star Wars-Themed Corrective Helmets For His Son

by Maria Guido
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When Jonathan and Lauren Moxey’s son Jack was two months old, his pediatrician noticed something about the shape of his head. It turned out Jack had craniosynostosis, a birth defect in which one or more of the joints between the bones of a baby’s skull close prematurely, before the brain is fully formed. When a baby has craniosynostosis, his or her brain can’t grow in its natural shape and the head is misshapen.

After researching their options, the couple decided on a minimally invasive surgery as opposed to a more extreme procedure. It would require Jack to be in a helmet at least 22 hours a day until his first birthday.

Jonathan decided if his son was going to have to wear a helmet everyday, he was going to make it special. He painted a variety of helmets in a Star Wars Theme. He told Pop Sugar Moms, “If we were going to be doing this anyway, we might as well have fun, right? We thought they’d look fun, and it changes the comments from strangers to, ‘What happened to your kid?’ to ‘Oh, cool helmet!'”

Here’s a few images from Moxey’s Instagram account:

Jack’s celebrated his first birthday over the summer helmet-free. He won’t remember this time of his life, but when he looks back at these images he’ll see that even from his first days his family was doing everything they could to make their son feel special and appreciated.

How cool.

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