Ayesha Curry's Baby Is Getting Body-Shamed Because People Are Trash

by Kimberly Zapata
Ayesha Curry/ Instagram

Ayesha Curry has words for those cruel enough to comment on her baby boy’s weight

Body shaming is a big problem in America. A really big problem. Women are shamed for being too large. Men are shamed for being too small. Regardless of how you identify, your physical appearance has probably been criticized on numerous occasions. But body shaming a baby? That’s a whole new level of WTF.

After Ayesha Curry shared a pic of her and her family celebrating husband Stephen Curry‘s win at the NBA Western Conference Championship, trolls decided to attack her baby’s appearance, because people are trash.

Clearly, the shot should have been controversy-free — Curry talked about God, grace, and mercy, for goodness sake. But, we can’t have nice things. Case in point: the post’s first comment. “Are you pregnant 🤰 again?????”


Why? Just, why?

But it got even worse when followers started commenting on her baby’s size.

Ayesha Curry via Instagram

Ayesha Curry via Instagram

Ayesha Curry/Instagram

They expressed “concern” for Canon’s health.

Ayesha Curry via Instagram

Ayesha Curry via Instagram

And some wanted to know what Curry was feeding him.

Ayesha Curry via Instagram

One commenter suggested Curry put her young son on a diet. According to People, the since-deleted remark read “maybe portion-control his food a bit.”

Restricting a baby’s food intake is stupid and dangerous AF. Babies are tiny human beings who need nourishment to develop, live, and thrive. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, every baby grows at their own rate.

But more than that, just don’t be a jerk to a baby on the internet. Come on, this shouldn’t even need to be said. So back off baby and body-shamers, because unless Curry’s pediatrician tells her otherwise, Canon isn’t just happy, he is healthy as can be.