Mom Calls Cops On Her 3-Year Old Daughter For Unbuckling Her Seatbelt

by Sarah Hosseini
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Mom calls for police back up when her 3-year old unbuckles her seatbelt

It’s not everyday you see a little girl getting lectured by the cops. Michelle Fortin, a mom in Scottsdale, Arizona was driving home with her kids when her three-year old daughter unbuckled her seatbelt during a temper tantrum in the car. So mom decided to call for back up.

According to KTVK, Fortin buckled her daughter back up and told her daughter how dangerous it was to unbuckle a seatbelt in a moving car, but she wasn’t convinced her message sunk in. So she called the non-emergency police line and requested an officer come speak to her child.

“This was something that would hurt her. Her safety was at risk, so I took it for what it was – a teachable moment,” said Fortin. “I got home and called the police and turned her in.” 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

“We don’t know what other drivers will do,” Scottsdale police officer Corey Snead told little Camille. “Other drivers might not pay attention and run into the back of your mom, or side of the car. If you were not buckled, our body is going to hit something.”

According to KTVK, little Camille told her mom she thought she was going to jail at one point, but as it turns out this was just a warning. No bail money necessary.

Was the the whole ordeal slightly drastic? Maybe. But mom didn’t call the emergency 911 line for help so it’s not like she was sucking up emergency resources. If getting a little reinforcement from an officer works, then it works — and hopefully everyone is safer for it. Then again, if we all called the police every time we needed parenting help… Yeah. That wouldn’t be great. Who knows if the little girl took the whole thing seriously, time will tell.

“Yes it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police, but I knew she was going to remember it,” Fortin says. “And I knew by hearing from a police officer, who is a person of authority that my kids respect I knew that was going to drive the point home better than hearing it from mom.”

Bad kids, bad kids whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

“I promise I’ll keep my seat belt on,” Camille Fortin told the officers.

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