The Newest Instagram Trend For Baby Photos Is Ridiculously Adorable

Japanese company is behind the “baby butts covered with peaches” campaign

Babies are already adorable, but people in Japan have taken their kids’ cuteness to a new level by posting pictures of baby butts covered with peaches.

The latest trend emerged on Instagram during a contest run by Japanese-based photography company Kodomono. The family-focused brand sells photo prints and T-shirts with your kids face on it.

Parents loved the idea and started sharing their pictures under the hashtag 桃尻, which means “peach” in English, Buzzfeed reported.

There were a lot of sleepy peach butts shared, because, well, babies sleep a ton.

But there was also some TV-loving peach butts.

And some peach butts that love a good book.

And some active peach butts.

A peach butt alongside with two dog butts.

Three peach butts resting together and likely wondering, “what are our parents doing up there?”

A cherry peach butt.

And – perfect for the summer – a peach butt ready for the beach.

The trend hasn’t taken off in America, but it totally needs to. Peaches are in season and what’s cuter than a baby butt?