Baby Falls Asleep Waiting In Line For Santa, Epic Photo Results

by Maria Guido

When it comes to the yearly Santa photos, expectation may not meet reality. It turns out a giant old man with a big white beard can be somewhat terrifying for kids. The crowds, the lines, the pressure to smile: parents are usually just crossing their fingers that their kids will sit still long enough to get a semi-decent shot.

When six-month-old Zeke fell asleep in line for Santa last weekend, his parents assumed they may just need to come back another time. They were lined up to see Santa at the Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana. When they got to the front of the line with their slumbering child, Santa had an idea. The following image was posted to Imgur with this caption, “While waiting in line to see Santa, this baby fell asleep. When it came time for the picture, Santa told the parents not to wake him.”

Here’s what transpired next:

The image has been viewed three million times in one day! After the image took Reddit by storm, Zeke’s dad posted about the experience on his Facebook page:

Adorable. Santas everywhere may now have to prepare themselves to act out this scene.

Godspeed, parents taking their kids to see Santa in coming weeks. You might not get such an epic shot, but this image is a reminder to roll with the punches. Always keep your eyes open for photo-ops, they may come in the most unsuspecting ways.

Do you think Santa would feign tears alongside my toddler who has always refused to sit on his lap?