How (Not) To Name Your Baby

Is it just me, or is it like a freakin’ contest nowadays of who can give their kid the most gag-worthy name? All of a sudden, everyone is “that guy” with regards to naming their offspring. You know, that guy who makes folks roll their eyes or stare blankly when they hear the baby’s “hip” or intentionally unusual furniture- or foreign city-inspired name that is spelled with seven extra consonants and a random apostrophe? Yeah. I didn’t want to be that guy. Don’t you be that guy, either.

So please, don’t:

• Create a new spelling for an otherwise normal name. Why on earth would you intentionally botch the spelling of your kid’s name? People are shitty spellers already. You don’t have to make things harder by taking a perfectly well-spelled name and adding silent letters or superfluous punctuation. Your kid will not be more unique just because you buck the rules of written English and change Mark to Marq. They will not be more mysterious or well-rounded if you spell it S’mantha and not Samantha. They will, however, spend their life correcting people and getting agitated that no-one ever spells their name right, even if the assumed spelling is reasonable (“It’s Mary. No, with four Rs. Yes, M-A-R-R-R-R-Y. God! Everyone thinks it’s just one R!”). Side note: If you change the spelling of a nickname to align it with the real name, I might be able to forgive that. Eg, Catie, instead of Katie, for Catherine.

• Invent a stupid pronunciation, especially for a [relatively] normally spelled name. A friend told me of a girl she knows named Le-ah. No, it’s not pronounced “Lee ah.” It’s not pronounced “Lee.” It’s “Lee dash ah.” You read that right. “Lee dash ah.” The dash in the name is part of the pronunciation. I thought my friend was kidding, but you can’t make stuff like this up. Poor Le-ah is going to be insane by the time she’s 4.

• Name your kid something that is a well-established name of the opposite sex. I’m all for squelching gender stereotypes, but I think there are better ways to do it than by confusing people with your kid’s name. I’m not talking about those borderline names that can go either way, like Terry or Kelly. I’m talking about giving your child a name that is straight up for the opposite sex. I’m talking to you, Jessica Simpson. Maxwell? For a girl? Really? Perhaps you had a great reason for giving your daughter a boy name, but because I don’t know what it is, I am just confused.

• Name your kid a nickname. My brother had a friend named JD. Named JD. It didn’t stand for anything (he’s a Southerner. No further comment necessary). The poor guy got so tired of repeating the line, “No, it isn’t short for anything. That’s just my name,” that he made up a full name for himself. He went with Jack Daniel. Like I said, he’s a Southerner.

• Have a crappy reason for selecting a goofy name. If you want to name your kid Esmeralda Ireland because it was your grandma’s name and grandpa’s birth country, OK. I can get behind that. Maybe the name is weird, but you have a nice reason for choosing it. But if you’re naming your kid Esmeralda Ireland because you like witches and you hope to visit Ireland someday, you’re a tool. You’re also a tool for naming your kid after a random object, place, celebrity, or trendy fictional character (ahem, Edward Cullen).

• Invent a name just to be quirky. My husband and I joked we were going to get on the portmanteau baby-name wagon by combining my grandmas’ names (Gloria + Sophia = Glophia). We high-fived each other for our hilarious originality, but really, with this trend of inventing unique names, the odds are slim that Glophia isn’t already taken. In the end, we had no reason to invent a name, so we didn’t. If you don’t have a reason to invent one, don’t.

Obviously, you can name your kid whatever you want, so really my point is this: if you’re going give your kid a goofy name, have a damn good reason. Or at least a mediocre story.

On a related note, if you’re going to be “that guy” and give your kid an effed up name, don’t also be the guy who refuses to share the name because you’re afraid of negative commentary or feedback. As soon as someone tells me they’re not sharing baby names, I assume the name they picked sucks or will scare people—-and they know it. When you pick a name for your kid—good or bad—own it. Don’t be a puss about it. If someone begins to pooh-pooh your name, cut them off. Who cares if the biggest moron in their high school was Skippy, or the biggest douche was Biff? That’s their experience, not yours. Who cares if your coworkers think Maroon Marmalade is a terrible name as long as you love it. Most people know better than to slam your baby name anyway. Everyone is so damn sensitive nowadays. But on the bright side of the unwanted commentary, someone might actually have a helpful tidbit about your name that you should know before legally assigning it to your child. Like, “Adam Samuel Samsonite? Soooo…his initials will be ASS?” Oh hell no. Thanks for pointing that out, Friend.

Lastly, a little food for thought: When you hear of a kid with a bizarre name, I bet the first thing you think is, “Why would a parent do that to their child?” That’s the important and oft overlooked part: the parent makes the call, but the kid lives with it. Your unusual name choice and alternate spelling are burdens your child has to bear. Maybe they’ll work it like RuPaul, maybe they’ll get shoved in a locker, who knows. Just keep that in mind when you’re deciding which fruit or color to name your kid after.

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About the writer

For Samantha Cappuccino-Williams of RealMomofNJ, parenting is all heart and no BS. This real mom details parenthood in the straightforward style you've come to expect from women from New Jersey. In addition, she frequently contributes mom-related material to Seventh Generation’s 7Gen Blog.

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Rachelle 4 months ago

I know two boys named Orangejello and Lemonjello. They are very real people.

Domenica 4 months ago

Hey, my daughter’s middle name came from a Shinedown album. We were trying to come up with a middle name to go with Morrigan, and Amaryllis just flows so nicely. :)

Domenica 4 months ago

LOL. My daughter’s name is Morrigan Amaryllis, and our last name brings it to precisely 23 letters. :) Fortunately, we’ve been calling her Molly for short!

Domenica 4 months ago

There are some really nice ways to do “portmanteau” names–my sisters are Marykathryn and Lucymarie. Nobody else can spell them properly, but they’re pretty and have family significance.

My daughter’s name comes partly from Celtic mythology: Morrigan Amaryllis. Yes, she and I will spend the rest of our lives saying “Mor-RI-gan, not Morgan,” but again, it has significance to us. And it’s not like it’s totally off the wall; you just have to actually read it to get it right. (Like my music teacher always told me: read what’s there, not what you think is there!)

I also wanted to give her a name that would fit her at all stages of life. “Morrigan” can be cute for a child, professional-sounding for an adult, and dignified for an old lady. It always makes me cringe to see cutesie names like “Cookie” or “Princess” that I can’t picture at the top of a resume without copious amounts of pink glitter.

Janna 4 months ago

Glophia is how I ended up as Janna. My Aunt Janice + my Grandma Anna Rose (which she changed to Rozane as an adult) becomes Janna.

My kids have family names with meaning. My twins Eleanor “Nora” Cecelia and Edward “Teddy” Michael and my singleton Henry “Tank” Adam. I get asked all of the time how I get Teddy from Edward and why I gave my kids such “boring” names. One person said my kids sound like they are residents at an old folks home.

Molli 4 months ago

While I find this post a humorous take on the blatent attack on the sanctity of the English language. I’m afraid I take umbridge to the ridiculous propaganda that all southerners are moronic simply due to the fact that they are southern. Its like the idea that everyone from New Jersey wears to much make-up and runs about partying. Respectable or reckless one is not defined by the birth state or even their parents poor choice of grammer.

Blake 4 months ago

Me and my wife named our son Illidan. Because we are both big Warcraft fans and wanted to give our baby a unique and strong sounding name.
Illidan Black has a very nice ring to it.

Michelle 4 months ago

Erin is also a Welsh name, pronounced Eh rrin ( slightly rolling the r), a beautiful girls name

ask 5 months ago

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Mickey C Raper 5 months ago

My last name is Raper.I’m proud of who I am think you should be a little more respectful of others.

Fran Blackburn 5 months ago

I love you. Let’s be best friends. :)

Amanda 5 months ago

I want to combine my name with my sisters for my first daughter: Amarin. But I worry that she’ll forever have to repeat her name and constantly have to spell it out. That should be my clues not to name her that.

Ally 5 months ago

I think snow is such a pretty name, but her surname would be Baker- not White lol. Snow Baker…. What do you guys think?

Tristan 6 months ago

He and his sibs are George Washington, Bliss Joyce, Lincoln & Kristofer Thaddeus Davis (KT which means most people think his name is Katie). and for their kids they shoulda stuck with cities it woulda been better by far. George’s sons are Warren Peace & Jackson Andrew, Joyce has Chance Heart & Valentina, KT (though I begged him not to) has Ava, Lance & Val – Avarice Envy, Malevolence Trouble & Valkyrie. Lincoln had Liberty Love & Justice Joy which are both cute names but his friends gave them a hard time about the pledge of allegiance liberty & justice for all… They named their 3rd child Independence Jefferson Davis (he goes by Inde and says he was named after Indiana Jones. the twins are Freedom Lincoln (Dom) & Unity Grace who goes by Grace. Their youngest is Belle short for Believe America.

Tristan 6 months ago

my best friends entire extended family is named after places. he and his siblings are the only ones without city names. Though it kinda works… Austin (Madison, Carson), Brooklyn (Jackson, Easton), Dallas (Raleigh, Reno); Sydney, Paris (Phoenix, Memphis); Lawrence, Geneva, Lavinia, Adelaide; Sierra, Savannah, Cheyenne; Alexandria (Logan, Aurora), Charlotte, Elizabeth (Trenton,Troy); Carrington (Easton), Delphine (Diego), Vienna (Kent, Jordan, Quincey) Medina (Ashton, Bailey)
… i was just gonna put the first couple than he took over

Tristan 6 months ago

I have friends that named their daughter Leia Sky (and yes their last name is Walker)

Tristan 6 months ago

I love the name Atticus its on my list of favs along with Artorius & Dartanian (D’Artagnon being the original spelling I went with a spelling that wouldn’t be too butchered in pronounciation

Heather 6 months ago

I don’t share the names before the baby is born, even though we like very classic names that are generally acceptable to people. the issue is that my MIL will be critical no matter what, and my mother is a teacher so she usually has at least one kid to associate with each name. It’s also impossible for them not to treat everything we tell them as though it’s a brainstorming session, after which they’ll vote on the best solution that we’re supposed to implement. I’m not telling some stranger in a grocery store line-up before I tell my own mom, and I am not telling our moms until they actually meet the baby.

Allison 6 months ago

Upper comma is another name for an apostrophe I’ve heard.

Allison 6 months ago

Wow I wish everyone choosing names could read this. Seriously it should be given out with pregnancy tests. Have a friend who named her daughter Olivia, spelled it Alyvia. Why? WHY??? People, you should not name your children trendy names, because its a trend…which will fade as all trends do, but you know what won’t fade? Your children. They’ll be 80 and still explaining their name. Kinda like that tribal art tatoo they got on spring break…

Christina 6 months ago

My daughters first and ,middle name is Ameriel Dawn. Ameriel is angelic means guiding star. My husband and i have both agreed on angelic names for our children and if i have any in future they will have such name.

joanna 6 months ago

We are very against made up or incorrectly spelled names, we went with Esther Lee (Lee being a family name for women in his family and my family). It’s spelled wrong all the time by family members.

We also didn’t share the name until we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl, and did not ask for any input when we were choosing. My in laws looked at us funny when we shared the name, but they earned up to it pretty quickly. As a nickname we call her “Ettie” or “ettie-lee”. But most of the time she is Esther.

Nicole 6 months ago

As a labor and delivery nurse, I have heard some of the absolute WORST names under the sun! My two favorites are “Jello Sugar-free” and “Ay-jzah” (pronounced “Asia”). I also love it when parents tell me their little bundle of joy will have a “high comma” or a “comma up in the air” a.k.a apostrophe. Please people, if you don’t know what it’s called, don’t put it in your child’s name!!

Nanette 6 months ago

i am 50 something yrs old and have to spell my name for pp all the time, my entire life. I always say one “n two t’s, n.a.n.e.t.t.e.” So if you are going to use a different name make sure you at least use a traditional spelling. Can you imagine going through life spelling something like “Nahnet” or “Nan-et” at that point it’s no unique or cool just fricking annoying everyone.

RuthE 6 months ago

Please , god, let everyone quit changing every vowel to a “y”

I know a family (relatives). The children are Kamryn, Rylie and Ethyn. (In think I’ve spelled them ‘correctly’ but I could be wrong.. One of these children is a boy. Can you guess which one?

Josie 6 months ago

My parents named me after the Clint Eastwood movie The Outlaw Josey Wales by the time i was 5 i was sick of hearing their friends say the line from the movie “u gonna pull them pistols or wistle dixsy” and “look out here comes the outlaw its Josey”

Rachel 6 months ago

I went to school with a child named Mister William Cosby. No lie. His parents said they did it so he was always addressed respectfully.

I also went to school with Holly Callie Wood.

And my mother once worked with a rather large woman named Rotunda. I’m rather sure she stopped speaking to her parents at a young age.

meg 6 months ago

My youngest daughter’s name is Samantha, and no joke, I’ve been asked several times why I didn’t go with S’mantha… I just say bc she’s not a campfire treat and I love her, so i don’t want to make her life harder by having a stupid name.

julie anne 6 months ago

Why, why? LOL

julie anne 6 months ago

My thoughts exactly!

julie anne 6 months ago

One of my coworkers was telling me about a friend of hers whose grandkids (siblings) are named Jaycee and Jaydee. One is a boy and one is a girl but damned if I’d know which is which. Seriously? Why do people do this? It’s not cool or clever. It’s asinine.

julie anne 6 months ago

We had similar rules when we named our kids. We have a Patrick Joseph and a Claire Julia. Both are traditional names with correct spellings and there is no question of gender or pronunciation. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gender ambiguous names that I like (Jordan, Jaryn and Kendall, for example) but I cringe when I hear the cutesy stuff like Kaylee, Braxton, or some other totally stupid mash up name. Or a perfectly normal name like Jackson spelled Jaxsin. Sure, there were some “out there” names a century ago, but I take into consideration that back then, parents were younger and not as educated. Now it seems like some of the most cringeworthy names come from college educated hipster parents who think their choices are cool. I feel bad for the kids being saddled with a stupid name/spelling.

julie anne 6 months ago

I actually dig Maverick! :)

Jill 6 months ago

I was chuckling right along until you started dissing on Southerners. Cheap, unrelated shot.

Lorrie 6 months ago

I taught in a school where too many kids had stupidly spelled and difficult to pronounce names. But the worst was a girl named Tequila. Sure, you can pronounce it, but come on.

Kelsie 6 months ago

Ugh. I agree. I hate my name. It’s gender neutral supposedly but yeah. I hate it.
We actually did the smash up name but stumbled by accident upon it.

We were making name lists for our daughter. We had three boys so we were completely dumb founded when it came to naming a girl. Atop of the list I had JOSH | KELSIE then our choices below. Looking at our names JOSIE popped in my head. JOSh kelsIE from me.
People asked why I didn’t spell it Jossie because then it would be equal letters from each name.
Why, because I’m not an asshole that’s why.
I love the name Josie.
Loveee it!

Then our last child was again a girl.

We named her Kyleigh
I added the Leigh instead of lee because I thought Kylee looked too much like Kyle, and again I’m not a douche. So I made it more girly.

Again, rock the name you pick for your child. If you’re ashamed to announce it, there’s a good chance your child will be ashamed to own it.

Diana 6 months ago

I feel the pain. My oldest name is….Roslynn jade.first name.sounded out as Rozlynn … why does everyone call her rozalynn ..when they say her name they add the letter A in it…I do.not see any A’s in her name. I named her after my grandmorther n my self her name is rose and my middle name is lynn…however my youngest name is shyla moon…first name sounded exactly how its spelled shy~la …. and I never have issue on anyone saying shylas name lol

julie anne 6 months ago

I think Riley Isabelle is a lovely name. I like how a lot of older names are coming back.

Jessika 6 months ago

My mother spelled my name with a K instead of using the traditional Jessica spelling. This being said, I knew how rough it was correcting people all the time, I still named my daughter Ellsie with two L’s. *sigh* But we did that because Elsie and Elise are so similar, we added the extra L to reduce confusion. I like it better with two L’s. 😛

Mesha 6 months ago

I named my boy Mason which has been in the top ten in popularity for years but it was our favorite boy name. And I have yet to meet a single other Mason. However two friends of mine who met each other after their kids were born both have daughters named Tess. So sometimes even the unique route can backfire.

laura 6 months ago

We named our son Corbin. Nice normal, but not overly used name. However, i work with a girl who named her daughter ocean. ….ugh

Hayley 6 months ago

People always spell my name wrong. ..i joked that i was going to change the spelling to Haigh-leighy since no one spelled it right anyway

Megan 6 months ago

on the flip side I had to suffer through having the name Megan. It was the most popular name to name your baby girl in the year I was born. Why would you do that to a child! I vowed after putting up with such a common ordinary name that I would never put my kids through that. No borring plain names for my kids. Agnes-Jewel(AJ) Freya, Willow Rowan, Aedrienn Whyette, and pregnant with boy girl twins who will be named Damien and Persephone. All names I would kill to have.

Laura 6 months ago

My daughter’s name is Jessica. I picked it out long before I ever got pregnant and when I was younger I briefly thought of using an alternate spelling, perhaps Jessika. Nothing totally crazy. But fortunately, I came to my senses before I got pregnant.

julie anne 6 months ago

I know more Bryans than I do Brians, and for the record I prefer Brian with an i. Both spellings are correct, though. Now Bryin, on the other hand, would just be stupid, but I’m sure there are some out there.

Julie 6 months ago

Lol at the presidential oath! I work in a courtroom and announce the judge every morning. When kicking around names for our twin boys, I would always test it like this , “…the Honorable ________, presiding!”

Janet Davis 6 months ago

Strangest names I ever heard: Raney Dae (born on a rainy day) and Deja Vu (Mom with 4 grown children who got a surprise at 52!)

We gave two of our children what we thought were “normal” names — Philip & Anne — but they have spent their whole lives telling people “Philip with one ‘l'” & “Anne with and ‘e.'”

kate 6 months ago

I was an elementary guidance counselor I’ve seen orangejello & lemonjello they were twin boys. Go figure they were also black.

Bri 6 months ago

my daughter is name Aurora, which is the goddess of dawn

Karen 6 months ago

Okay. So you decided to hyphenate your ridiculously long last name. And what kind of name is Cappuccino anyways? I never know what to call people with hyphenated last names. Do I say the whole thing or just the last last name? How pretentious of you. Why couldn’t you just be normal?

Offended? You should be. It’s a personal decision. We are offended too.

Tiffany 6 months ago

Yes everyone does call her Leedga lol
It has also become a funny little pet name for her too cause its a bit of a joke!

Tiffany 6 months ago

I NEVER find Tiffany. .. and it’s a common name

Tiffany 6 months ago

I named my daughter Leeja. Pronounced Leah. My husband is croatian and the letter “J” is pronounced as a “Y” in croatian. There is a J in his last name and my family would pronounce Lea as Lee and Leah as Laya. So i was going to spell her name Leeya just so no one ever Ever mispronounced her name… but then my husband says they will FOREVER mispronounce the last name. I felt it was an uphill battle and just went with Leeja. What’s funny is people always take a second, say it wrong, correct themselves, say it right and then totally pronounce the last name wrong!!!! Lol you will never get it right! I hate myself for naming her that, I didn’t want to be one of those. LEEJA HAJAK has a nice ring to it though don’t you think. It spells beautifully in cursive!

Julie 6 months ago

Amen! My handy rule of thumb: Don’t give your kid a name that is not available on a souvenir license plate at Disneyland!

Ana 6 months ago

Before it became a stay-at-home mom I worked for a library in urban area. One young lady, about 12 years old, would visit all the time. She was so sweet and very embarrassed about her name. It was Mari Juana. Now that’s just cruel.

Julie 6 months ago

My favorite example I have encountered of this is Ph’antayzia. Say it out loud and you’ll get it. That poor child.

Just Amanda 6 months ago

True story, my uncle was making rounds in the hospital during his intern days and a lady named her baby Psalmiv, pronounced “pa-sum-ivy” when the nurses asked where it came from b/c it was so unique she said it came from the Bible (Psalm IV)

karen 6 months ago

Coming from someone who grew up with an old ladies name, I was tremendously jealous of kids with better names. And while I often cringe at ANY name the parents pick I completely disagree with this post.

Should you really base a kids name on if it will get spelled correctly in school? I’m being serious. Other people just aren’t a factor at all when deciding a kids name (imho). Just the same, I don’t care what other people think of my parenting style, etc etc.

I know, I’m one of them. And from me to you, we just don’t care what you think.

Alicia 6 months ago

Yep, spend a day as a substitute teacher watching kids squirm and sigh when you read their name off the class list or looking for Daniel only to find out he’s actually a girl. Why would you want to make school, especially adolescence, more difficult for your kids? Think of the children.

Suzanne 6 months ago

My son’s name is Archer and most women think it’s cute. But all the men that hear the name think of that darn TV Show! Everyone wants to call him Archie too. The name is already short and you have to give him a nickname?

Julia 6 months ago

I knew a young man whose first name was J, just the letter, nothing else.

Kp 6 months ago

Working at a pediatric office I see this all the time! It’s really the gender switch names that bother me though because when your daughter has short hair and is wearing a baseball hat, jeans and a tee and I call her a he because her name is Ryan I feel bad and she feels bad! And these are the parents who get huffy!!!! Also if you don’t want your husband/partners last name fine but combining the two to give your kids both is ridiculous. No kindergartener should have to learn ti spell a name with 23 letters!! Not made up we have one of these!!!

Bianca van der Steen 6 months ago

We wanted unusual names for our kids because we didn’t want our kid to be the 5th kid with that name in class but we also didn’t want celebrity-weird (Apple, Brooklyn, North West that sort of thing). Our oldest daughter is called Arwen and our youngest daughter is called Elora. People get both names wrong all the time. Arwen is usually changed into Arwin which is a boy’s name. I genuinely thought that Arwen would be a little bit more known especially after the LOTR movies. Elora is usually changed to Eleonore or something similar. My daughter keeps correcting people “No it’s E-LO-RA”

Lara Zylstra 6 months ago

My name is sooo easy (I thought) but I can’t tell you how many times I get called Laura or Lori or even Lauren! Those letters are not even in my name! I’m not going to say it was a nightmare growing up because I liked the fact that 5 people didn’t turn their heads when someone said my name (way too many Jennifer’s in my classes). I named my son Matthew but my daughter Emmelia. I liked Amelia, but didn’t like the nickname Amy….but I liked the nickname Emmie or Emma, so I just stuck an E in the front instead. Also turns out that Emmelia was an orthodox saint (I’m orthodox) so it worked out well and I love the name.

Evan Treece 6 months ago

LOVE this article. The “it doesn’t matter what other people think of your kids name – All that matters is YOU love it” is the most ignorant and immature response to naming a child I’ve ever seen. YOU don’t have to live with your kids name, your kid does. YOU won’t be correcting people your whole life, your child will be.

Parents are so selfish. You don’t like traditional names? Fine. But there’s a lot to choose from in between Jane (great name btw) and Maddysynn

Andrea Sene 6 months ago

My cousin ‘s Shawana and she complains that she has trouble getting jobs because people see her name on paper and assume she’s “ghetto “, her words, not mine

Julie DeFrancesco Fletcher 6 months ago

I’ve gone just about blind reading the younique name spellings, made up names, and ‘I named my girl a boy name but added a bunch of e’s or y’s’ in these comments. And how no one cares what anyone else thinks about it. Good thing, that!

Mary N Bryan Hamblin 6 months ago

Amen! !

Mary N Bryan Hamblin 6 months ago

Haha poor kid

Gone-Dee 6 months ago

(..Or maybe it was a joke I’m unable to get after dealing with Southern stigma for too long….)

Gone-Dee 6 months ago

I stopped reading at “he was a Southerner- say no more”. I’m a Southerner. From Alabama no less. Contrary to stereotypes believable to only those wishing to be prejudiced in the first place, I am sure the author understands there are higher calibre people in the South than are generally portrayed in pop culture (also that pop culture should never be consulted when evaluating an entire group of people fairly. C’mon. Only Sheeple do that). We are none of us all Paula Deen, yawl, nor do I take the craziest representative of NJ and liken the entire state population to said crazy (although I do love me some crazy!) Just food for thought. And no it wasn’t fried chicken..I’m vegetarian.

Tanya Ford 6 months ago

Mommy to a Alexis, Malorie, Kylie, Allison and Jackson. Pretty Normal. Besides having five kids gets you funny looks before the names get asked anyway; -)

Lau Steers 6 months ago

As a person who grew up with the burden of an unusual name, I swore to myself I would never put my child through the same, no matter what. I went with Christopher.

Kayla Smith 6 months ago

“Name your kid something that is a well-established name of the opposite sex.”

Ashton Kutcher naming his daughter Wyatt… My son’s name is Wyatt, that’s a pretty masculine name.

Katie Ide 6 months ago

I love the name Lucy!

Rhiannon Reynolds 6 months ago

I’ve heard that it’s popular in Wales and Ireland. I’m familiar with the fairy tales, myths and legends regarding it, through personal research and books my mom has given me.

Becca Jevons 6 months ago

Rhiannon is a Welsh name. It’s pretty popular here x

Alicia Goff 6 months ago

Lol, someone,somewhere thought it was cute and did it…I don’t have to like it , but to each their own!

Lesley Rowan 6 months ago

Vivienne Winter Is my daughter’s first and middle name. It’s lovely.

Breanie Harris 6 months ago

My girl has a pretty common name, Abbie, and can’t find personalized stuff because she’s not abigale

Sarah Pettigrew 6 months ago

strangest one i’ve heard – Sausaga :/ poor thing

Erica Westmoreland 6 months ago

No, it wasn’t. Her real name was Gabrielle Chanel.

Silvia 6 months ago

Agreed. I live fairly close to Germany (30 min from border) and I have never met a German called Adolphe/Adolf neither. Before WWII it used to be a common name, but due to the historical significance now, nobody in their right mind would use this name anymore.

Lindsey Matta 6 months ago

Thank you! Me too!!

Anna Wall 6 months ago

We had a Richard Richardson and I could never understand why his parents did that to him?

Kerri Lynn 6 months ago

I don’t get why people are naming their girls names like Ryan and Shawn. Pretty established boy names. My son is Brandon Nicholas. Not unique but not overly popular. For my daughter I wanted a name you don’t hear as much and fell in love with the name Zoey Teresa. I actually prefer the spelling Zoe but after hearing people pronounce it as zo I added the Y to avoid that.

Samantha Dyvig-Rothschell 6 months ago

By the way, “Samantha” wasn’t always what you’d call a normal name. It’s a made-up American name because someone wanted to name their daughter something like Samuel. I can’t see where my other comment ran off to, so I’ll say this again: because someone’s a Southerner is no reason to be a douche because they named their son akin to Johnny freakin’ Cash, who also didn’t originally have a “real” name and just initials JR. It’s a better reason and story than half of those mentioned in this post. Bless her heart.

Silvia 6 months ago

Umm.. actually, in German it’s ‘Herr’ and in Dutch it’s ‘Heer’. Even in correct spelling I would never name my child like this. Honestly, I would change it.

Then, Karin (say Kah-Rinn) as a version of Karen is indeed Scandinavian/Germanic spelling and it’s Karine (say Kah-Rean) in French.

The best unusual name I’ve heard so far is Tornado. I would never call my child like this, but at least it could be sort of cool if it fits the child (if you have a geeky child with checkered shirt and glasses this name will not work out).

Kathy Bennett 6 months ago

My child has a great, normal name that is typically spelt one way only. I hate being asked “is that with a C or a K? And a Y or an I? Is it short for Kathryn or Kathleen?

Sarah Guyon Gerrish 6 months ago

I laughed at “stolen” too. Nobody owns a name. :)

Tanya Torres 6 months ago

My daughter’s first and middle name is Marley Love and my son’s is Jamesyn Edward. I wasn’t trying to be unique. I just loved the names.

Sarah Guyon Gerrish 6 months ago

Honestly I think you are over thinking this. As long as it doesn’t spell anything inappropriate (like your example of “ass”), nobody is going to think twice about someone’s initials. How many people’s middle names do you actually know? The only ones I know are immediate family members and maybe a few close friends.

Tanya Torres 6 months ago

You spelled it wrong.

Lacey Lynch 6 months ago

I have Hayleigh Morgan, Hannah Elizabeth, Emma Nicole and Jackson Matthew. All pretty traditional but I love them :) we had a neighbor who named her daughter Temperance. I think that is beautiful! I love Genevieve too.

Samantha Dyvig-Rothschell 6 months ago

Uhh…Coco Chanel was a pretty real name. Just sayin’.

Nikita Rachel 6 months ago

My name too over the years people have said it and spelt it wrong !

Samantha Dyvig-Rothschell 6 months ago

Really? Because they’re Southerners? That’s a reason to diss them for being JUST like Johnny Cash’s parents? Gag me with a spoon. How about this advice? Don’t be such a prick. Bless your heart.

Nikita Rachel 6 months ago

My daughter is Kianna (Ke-anna) people say kee-arna, erm no “r” or Kee-ann, erm no theres an “a” on the end. If she wants to prounounce the Ki as Ki-anna when shes older fine.. But its prounounced Ke-anna !

Sarah Guyon Gerrish 6 months ago

^I hear ya Fred. There were always at least one (usually like three to five) Sarah’s in every class/job/college floor I ever lived on. I chose not common but not weird names for my kids too.

Leigh Wahl 6 months ago


Jessica Culbertson 6 months ago

my daughter name is Nylea like ny and then Leah but I liked the spelling better with out the h and everyone pronounce her name nalla lol

Vicky Terry 6 months ago

Beautiful xxx

Rachel Michelle Riches 6 months ago

We called our daughter Esmae – I wanted it to be obvious it was pronounced ‘Es-May’ and not ‘Es-Mee’ (just my preference). And I figured people wouldn’t be able to spell it however it was so it didn’t matter. My name’s Rachel and I get ‘is it ae?’ all the time. My surname is always misheard as Richards so at work etc I have to spell it out fully…….

Sarah Guyon Gerrish 6 months ago

I ♡ nicknames, but that is probably because my name doesn’t have any.

Victoria 6 months ago

My friends daughter is Rylie, I think it’s lovely for a girl

Victoria 6 months ago

How do they pronounce that? I’ve tried various ways and one comes out like ‘obesity’ ABCDE

Helen Tesla 6 months ago

Somebody already named their kid hashtag

Victoria 6 months ago

My daughter is called Lily. Like the flower. It’s the traditional spelling… why oh why must EVERYONE change it. Lilly lillie, lilee….Wtf is wrong with people. Four letters must be really taxing….now her middle names are different. She’s Lily Anne Amani….we got our NHS health card through when she was born and they had changed it to Lily Anne Armarni like a little fashionista, I was kinda irritated. Like people in official capacity can’t read what I wrote on the forms? Saying that I must get round to changing it….it’s only been 6 years
My son is Henry and I’m really hoping nobody manages to screw that up.

Lindsey Browning 6 months ago

Yes, it’s a pain in the arse!

Paul Dayle Hilbert 6 months ago

why must people be so negative. Basically if you choose to give your child an unusual name or an unusually or uncommon spelt common name you can’t complain if someone slaughters the pronunciation of it. Do what I do, I have 6 kids and 1 is told constantly his name is spelt wrong, Nathanael, 2 that always have their names slaughtered as well as that they were given the other sex name, kaelan & rhys (pronounced kaylan & Reese) 2 with common names Gabriel & Benjamin and our youngest who we’ve been told is an old lady name Amelia and i love their names.

Sarah Guyon Gerrish 6 months ago

I always have to spell my name too, and my name was #1 the year (and for several years after) I was born. My kid’s names are not that “out there”, but I always spell them when speaking to someone who needs to type in their names. I just assume it’s easier that way and doesn’t require that much effort. That being said, no one has ever mispronounced my first name or my kid’s first names, so that is a frustration I’ve never had. I think your name is pretty though. :)

TMK 6 months ago

My first name is Tia. Yes, ‘aunt’ in Spanish/Itallian/Portugese. My parents are not Spanish. It was a family nickname for Cecelia (who was Itallian) and my parents thought it was ‘cute’ and went with Troy (older brother). I have a younger brother named Tod (one d). My nieces love to call me ‘Tia Tia’, but it is a pain in the a$$ explaining all. the. fricken. time!

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I love that name! Good choice :)

Anabelle Thibodeau 6 months ago

What about not caring about stranger opinion? My son name is Ollie and no is not a short for Olivier

Kristi Burley 6 months ago

I have a Maddison and I have an Abbigail.

Paul Dayle Hilbert 6 months ago

people told us the same thing when we named our first son, it sounded like an old man farmer, his name is nathanael, and I love it

Amy Marie 6 months ago

As a teacher, I totally understand this. Year after year I see “creative” names that a spelled strange because mom and dad invented the name. Many times the invented spelling doesn’t sound out to what the poor kid says their name is. :(

Teresa Reed 6 months ago

I have a daughter Elliot as well.

Kate Slater 6 months ago


Kate Slater 6 months ago

Basically her advice was pick a name everyone around you approves of. Great.

Laureen Ramos 6 months ago

She is beautiful like belle and magical like fairys so Izabelle Farie had to be her name it was meant to be

April Brown 6 months ago

I love your name and i love fleetwood mac. I actually suggested it to my hubby when we were naming our daughter. My name is the worst set up for stupid jokes ever but I am stuck with it and over it.

Maura Fielding 6 months ago

I love this comment. Do the parents think that their child’s name reflects how cool and original THEY are (as opposed to the child being named)? I hated my name for my whole life and STILL consider dropping the “U” to maybe make it easier to pronounce.

Maura Fielding 6 months ago

Stolen! Lol reminds me of the Seinfeld episode

Maura Fielding 6 months ago

If my kid is a girl her name will be Airwrecka (like Erica) and if it’s a boy, he will be Y’hyness (your highness). And either way, the middle name is Yesus.

Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

The real question is does he play his music in the sun?

I think people who actually say the words “shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce” because they disagree with a baby name should stfu. There are babies being abused and neglected by people that legit shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Let’s put those restrictions on them, Kay.

Jodie 6 months ago

my sons initials are VD and my daughter is F Hall so I am one of those mean parents! Hahahaha!

Melanie De Castro Pugh 6 months ago

I was pretty ill throughout my one and only pregnancy and not thinking straight at all. We planned to give our child a first name of our own, and a middle name from a grandparent on each side of our family. A girl would have been Lily Emma Helen. But I had a boy. And nobody, but NOBODY pointed out that Oscar Charles Douglas would have the initials OCD…

I should point out that I have since remarried, he isn’t saddled with this surname on top of that!

Megan Crick Posey 6 months ago

No crazy Names here, but my daughter is named Skylar, and people assume she’s a boy until they see her. That gets old fast, I hAve to constantly correct them by saying “she!” :) but we loved the name Skylar, so I don’t regret it.

Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

Lol, who cares. People who like common ass names are always coming up with rules for everyone else. Oh noes, they won’t be able to spell it without help! I’ve seen adults unable to spell fifth grade vocab words. They’ll get over it.

María Kristín Haraldsdóttir 6 months ago


Barbara Anderson 6 months ago

This is exactly, as a teacher, I have been banging on about for years! Don’t give your child a hard time over its name – life is confusing enough!

Bethany Upton 6 months ago

I have a Ryleigh and a Tenleigh! Nothing is weird now a days! Name your kid what you like! I have been Bethany my whole life and no one can get that right! I turned out okay

Maura Fielding 6 months ago

<–has weird name. I CONSTANTLY get called Laura, Lauren, Maria, Maury, Morris, Marcie, or some other name that’s not mine. Or it’s pronounced wrong. I’ve given up and just Answer to whatever name even if it’s wrong

Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

Says every person who chose/would choose a common name.

Strange name does not equal employed.

Jennie Smith 6 months ago

My middle name is rhiannon and my first name no one ever spells right as it’s spelt jenifer with just 1 n! I always hated it and jennie that I’ve always been known as and wanted rhiannon to be my first name!

Lucy Egginton 6 months ago

Aw some name :)

Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

Lmaooooo. Yesss!

Lucy Egginton 6 months ago

My friend called her twins jack and Daniel :/

Lucy Egginton 6 months ago


Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

If you care what your neighbors think of your decisions to that extent, then you might as well just name them something common.

Lucy Egginton 6 months ago

.I love old lady names! My girls are lois may and orla rose!♥

Lucy Egginton 6 months ago

I wanted this but hubby said no :(

Sarah Joel 6 months ago

My daughter is Eilah (pronounced the same as Isla) phonetically should be easier to say but people mix it up all the time! Drives me mad, it’s a modern version of Eileen who is my wonderful nana, but I’m now worried my daughter will hate it when she’s older and no one can spell it or day it!

Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

Lmao, stoppp. As if people aren’t successful with weird/unique/strange names. You just like “normal” names, which is cool, but why are you trying to convince the rest of us.

Oh, and I do have a weird name and a job… Who woulda guessed.

Kerry…a girl kerry… 6 months ago

I once heard of a woman who called her daughter meconium. She heard the word in labour and thought it so beautiful she had to name her daughter it. Must have been the drugs

Beth Ford Lewis 6 months ago

We named our daughter with 2 middle names. She is Abby Grace Medlock Lewis. Everyone assumes Medlock is part of a hyphenated last name. It’s my mother in laws maiden name and there are no other Medlocks alive.

Lindsay Leigh DeMatteo 6 months ago

We LOVE referring to them as both☺️ My husbands mother “Bernadine” passed away tragically when he was 6 years old and was only called “Bernie” her whole life. At this point in my 5 year olds life she prefers her full name but time may change that

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago


Ambrosia Lestrange 6 months ago

It’s a great name and Nala was a good character. I also loved Nova (like the character in Where the heart is- novel) or Luna (harry potter!) Or Millay (my favorite poets last name). Art is a great source of inspiration for a baby name :)

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I don’t think it’s new…there are people in every generation with names that stand out. I know someone in her late 30s named Breezy (maiden name was Jolly, poor girl)

Jessica Charterina DeLucca 6 months ago

Lol now thats a funny article. So true in many ways!

Beth Ford Lewis 6 months ago

Took the words right out of my mouth!

Beth Ford Lewis 6 months ago

I think scary mommy just says what a lot of people think. just because not all people agree with her does not make her wrong.

Deborah Carpenter 6 months ago

Personally I like traditional names but that’s mainly because they’re so rare nowadays so I’m happy for people to make up new names for their babies!

Christi Monson 6 months ago

Rhiannon is a perfectly fine, legitimate name. Don’t blame your parents for ‘Murican cultural ignorance. Especially if they chose the name after the popular song came out. It’s not like Fleetwood Mac is exactly obscure.

MyLove M. Barnett 6 months ago

I concur with my hippy soul sister here. And while I truly do appreciate the uniqueness of my name and my mom’s thoughtful composition of it, after about 7 million times of having to repeat, “Yes, that’s my real name. No, it’s not a stage name or a pen name.” Shit gets old. I laugh. And then I roll my eyes and call my Momma. And she reminds me once again that Dad wanted to name me Myrtle. So yay for Mom winning that round. Oh and I get this too, “So was your mom high, or what?” Err I’m not in the habit of discussing my family’s drug habits with random strangers, but since you ASK, I sincerely hope she was.

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Yeah Coco should be a nickname for a child, not an actual name. Oh celebrities lol

Christi Monson 6 months ago

Very true… but at the same time, try not to be a culturally illiterate douche if you encounter a name you’re not familliar with. Some names are OBVIOUS examples of parents trying to be “unique”… but other time the name is simply from a culture you’re not familliar with. Just because YOU are not immersed in Celtic culture, that does not invalidate the boys named Shannon or Kelly nor the girls named Caillean or Cerridwyn.

Stefanie 6 months ago

I’ve always liked giving boy names to girls, but within reason. I named my daughter Hunter, but I usually introduce her with her middle name included: Hunter Grace. I thought I would get a lot of flack over it, but it turned out that the maternity ward nurse who cared for us also had a daughter named Hunter. So I figured it wasn’t that unusual.

Brittani Lynn Christner 6 months ago

My son’s name is Cason. I have such a common name that I wanted him to have something different. Different but not weird or strange. He’s almost 2 and I’ve heard of 2 other boys with that name but spelled differently. I love my boys name :)

Beth Ford Lewis 6 months ago

My daughter is Abby Grace. I love older traditional names. My name is Elizabeth Ann. My sister is Kathrine Marie and brother is Thomas Nolan.

Sian Evans 6 months ago

Have never heard of that song but know lots of Rhiannons – it’s very popular here in Wales! x

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I know someone named Stormie :) I also know someone named Breezy (they aren’t related haha)

Katie Higareda Loete 6 months ago

I think it’s because I know too many dogs named Coco lol…

Beth Ford Lewis 6 months ago

I named my daughter Abby. Just plain old Abby. Omg. Everyone wants to spell it abbie, Abby or the worst, they call her Abigail. Drives me crazy.

Sarrah Menge 6 months ago

I hear you, ladies. This double R business is silly, in my opinion.

Shannon Rae-Dufour 6 months ago

Yes i hate this new name your kid some weirdass name thing too

Billie Massingham 6 months ago

As a female that has to live with a male name and a less than common spelling, it’s not cute nor is it cool to give a girl a boys name and vice versa.

Kelly Vandergouwe 6 months ago

What about your daughter best friend tequila haze! That’s the worst!

Chey Crutchfield 6 months ago

Sad but true.

Rachel Horn 6 months ago

love the names. i have a jessica anna & grace sophia

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I love Sadie!

Chey Crutchfield 6 months ago

My name is Cheyenne (Shy-Ann) If I get one more telemarketer asking for Sha-nay-nay I’m going to lose it. I would understand if it weren’t a state capital, the name of a large Indian tribe and the name of a vehicle.
My oldest daughter was named by her biological mother. She named her Sealina and pronounces it Sha-Lina. I’m so embarrassed everytime I have to explain her name. I’m down to “look, I can spell, her biological mother was on drugs, any questions”?

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

That is what we did with Elliette. :)

Amber Long 6 months ago

I love boy names on girls. My daughter’s name is Dylan and I considered Ryan or Elliott. Also love Spencer, Sawyer and Rylan

Brittney Holland 6 months ago

I could have written this myself! The most important thing to me when I named my kids was giving them something that’s not common.

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Haha yep. One of my daughters has a fairly uncommon name (Elliette) and no super extraordinary story to go with it. Watched Scrubs, heard Elliott, adjusted the spelling to our liking. We love it

Jena Lynn Lentz 6 months ago

I’ve never met a girl Michael but I do know girls named Ryan, Shawn, Cory, Jo, Tommy (Tomi), and I think they’re cute!!!!

Amber Long 6 months ago

My daughter’s name is Dylan. I considered Ryan or Elliott but she is a Dylan. Love Sawyer on a girl along with Spencer, Ryan, Rylan, Elliott, and Dylan. I’m not a fan of spelling them girly though

Meagan Raymer 6 months ago

Melissa, I love those names! They were both on our list. Atticus and Gaius are my two boys.

Melissa Boyts 6 months ago

Meagan Raymer, just wondering what Latin names you went with. My youngest 2 sons are Lucius & Marcus Aurealius.

Linda Howard 6 months ago

Fish out of water….bigger and bigger

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Haha. Funny, I have a niece named Elena (Uh-lee-nuh) and people are always pronouncing it like Uh-lay-nah

Leigh McKinnon 6 months ago

Just name your kiddo something that won’t get them beat up on the playground– ass holes but let’s not give them ammunition
& that won’t look or sound stupid as a grown up.

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Thank ladies! We got some flack for it but we love it.
We first heard it on Scrubs forever ago and we instantly thought it made way more sense as a girl name (hello, it has “Ellie” right in it haha)

Grace Porter 6 months ago

My sons are Danny David and Connor James, their middle names are after their grandads. I’m always asked if Danny is short for Daniel.. And as for Connor, the amount of different ways people spell it!? I mean Konna, Coner….!?!?

Angela Roster 6 months ago

I have a cousin named Teal. She is awesome and lovely.

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Malinda, you don’t like nicknames? My name is Jennifer, but I’ve never been called that a day in my life outside of a workplace. I like having a professional name, but being called Jenny by people who know me.

Angela Roster 6 months ago

As an Angela, nothing rhymes with it, but I always get dumb stuff like “Pangela” and people singing Angela songs and just saying Angela like Tony Danza or in exaggerated nasal ways.

Mackenzie Dawn Berry 6 months ago

My little boys name is Killian cole. Every one I meet likes the name but he does have two nicknames my papaw calls him kc and my mom calls him killicole

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

My cousin kept her daughter’s name a secret until she was born, simply because she didn’t want opinions or the “Oh I knew this terrible girl named that” stories…her name was not unusual or embarrassing (Katelyn) she just didn’t want to share it. :)

Tennie Bam 6 months ago

Yeah when I was a teen then I met a few more…all spelt differently. Still have family spell my name wrong but oh well! They add an extra ‘e’ or ‘i’ in there haha :)

Sara Sunshine 6 months ago

I tell my kids that things like names and toys and clothes and books don’t have genders. 😉

Malinda Bailey 6 months ago

Megan, my friend’s name is spelled Meghan. And, that is her middle name because her first name, Natasha, embarrassed her. She’s from Oregon, not Russia.

Angela Roster 6 months ago

I have a Maisie too. :)

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I have a daughter Elliette! (We usually call her Ellie) We thought we were being original with the spelling and then learned, after that was already her name, that the way we spelled it is actually a traditional french female name! So if anyone tells you your daughter has a boy name, you can tell them they are wrong :)

Jena Lynn Lentz 6 months ago

My name is pronounced Jenna but spelled Jena. Most people call me Gina at first. I love the unique spelling of my name and don’t mind correcting people and I DO think it’s cute 😉

Malinda Bailey 6 months ago


Mishelle Boniface-Williams 6 months ago

People make me laugh!!

Annette Young 6 months ago

I love my old lady name. :)

Sara Sunshine 6 months ago

Thanks! I love Fin! 😉

Jessica Smith 6 months ago

I can’t attest to La-ah, but I recently read an article on our local paper and the child was named ABCDE. In parentheses they had to write the pronunciation. Terrible. Just terrible. Lol

Shelly Brady 6 months ago

When I was in hospital having my little girl the nurse asked what I was naming her I told her ella rose and she said oh thank god! A normal name I thought what’s that supposed to mean till she told me the couple next door to me was naming their baby after orange Kool-Aid! No joke!!

Sara Sunshine 6 months ago

I knew someone named Spencer Spencer. His surname was not originally Spencer. His mother remarried a man with the Spencer surname and he adopted her son. I don’t think anything less of him for being called Spencer Spencer.

Claire Tkocz-Price 6 months ago

My husband wanted Gunner too! We are in the UK and if we’d named him that everyone would have thought we were Arsenal football fans. Finally managed to get him to see reason and went with Ranger.

Teresa Ramsay 6 months ago

My thoughts are, if it is a name that would sound better being shouted in the dog park than on the playground you might want to give it a miss.

Another rule would be, if it would be better to introduce a stripper than a lawyer or a judge, you might want to give it a pass as well.

Jena Lynn Lentz 6 months ago

Sure it does! I always introduced myself as Jenna with one N! I love having a unique spelling to my name :)

Amber-Lyn Laymance 6 months ago

My moms name is Robbie:)

Malinda Bailey 6 months ago

Love this. The comments are from people from most popular baby names from the 80’s – Stephanie, Jennifer, and Kimberly.
All normal names that probably allowed you to have normal lives

Amber-Lyn Laymance 6 months ago

We named our girl Oaklee.
I don’t need an article on the Internet to tell me how to name our kids. Her name is perfect.

Kaila Martinez 6 months ago

Fleetwood Mac is amazing

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

Kyla is unusual? I’ve known multiple people named Kyla, I think it’s nice!

Aubrey Pfister 6 months ago

Reid was another middle name I had picked out if I had a girl :) I love the name and the spelling!

Malinda Bailey 6 months ago

I don’t get that. If you are going to name them something, and already plan on not calling them by that name, why don’t you just name them what they’re going to be called? It’s really cute and still pays tribute to grannie :)

Aubri Woody 6 months ago

Lol not to people who only speak English I guess

Meagan Raymer 6 months ago

I’ve never once required having to give any sort of translation to explain my kids’ names. Like I said, their names aren’t weird, just uncommon. And not so uncommon that they’re unheard of. Considering I haven’t named their names, I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

Sarah Meyer 6 months ago

I LOVE Elliette! That is beautiful!

Sarah Thomas 6 months ago

Haha, we liked esmerelda for our first from terry Pratchett books! We decided it was too much :)

Jessica Smith 6 months ago

My daughters are named Maisie, Josephine and Harriet. We get a lot of comments on Harriet. People either love it or hate it. I love it though. It’s a gorgeous name. :)

Lyndsay Sims-Wade 6 months ago

Ive not met a single person who could spell my name right – Lyndsay. Even my dad has trouble. Lindsay, lynsey, linsey, linsay, linzi……… its shit to have to spell your name to everyone. So my kids are Isabella, Olivia and Harry. Traditional, timeless names that arent going to sound stupid in 20 years!

Katie Kehoe 6 months ago

Naming my daughter I wanted her to have a beautiful classic name that isn’t common. But also give her a nickname to grow up with like me, my name is Katherine nicknamed Katie. I named my daughter Madeleine and call her Maddie. Her name has actually become more common over the last couple of years. Victorian names are timeless. Very happy with her name <3

Jena Lynn Lentz 6 months ago

I disagree with a lot of this. My name is Jenna (pronunciation) but is spelled Jena and I love having a unique spelling to my name! I also know lots of girls with “boy” names that are really cute. Sounds like the person writing this article is jealous because they have a normal name that a million other people have and they’re bitter 😉

Malinda Bailey 6 months ago

I hear people’s baby’s names and I feel embarrassed

Jessica Bailey 6 months ago

I named my daughter Jenna Dale. (Dale is after her grandfather)… I think it sounds adorable, it flows, but I went through many names before picking. It’s tough to pick a good name! :)

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 6 months ago

Name them well, not “creatively”. I love my kids normal names, but got them stolen AFTER they were born left and right by friends and family. *sigh*

Rebekka Reilly 6 months ago

My girls are Abigayle, Heavan, and Madelynn. I had to spell them all a little bit different from the norm because it’s a tradition in my family. We waited until they were born to completely settle on their names. We had a small list and when they came out we said, yup that name suits them!

Sarah Damerow Stockton 6 months ago

Two mediocre stories, right here. For awesomely beautiful names.

Desi Sneddon 6 months ago

Classic and simple.
❤️Gwen Olivia
❤️Eve Penelope

January Jones Smith 6 months ago

My name is January. Born in May. I know

Kizzi Francesca Nelson 6 months ago

My son is called Eifion after his Welsh Grandfather and the ignorance I’ve encountered is astounding. Some very xenophobic and narrow minded asshats around.

Cheryl Britton 6 months ago

I HATE when people spell things in some ridiculous fashion and get all pissy when people mispronounce it!

Molly Latham Goetzman 6 months ago

Oh I can beat any story I’m sure of it. Finally got our baby boy. From the minute we found out he was a he, we agreed on Waylon. My hubs is a machine gunner in the Army. He wanted his middle name to be MACHINE GUN. That is not a joke. I wanted Mitchell. This caused many a heated argument at the Goetzman house. When Waylon arrived, we still hadn’t found common ground. We settled on Waylon M. Yes, just “M”. I tried…. at least it’s not Machine Gun.

Autumn Wilson 6 months ago

My son’s name is Cohin. I doubt we’ll ever meet another Cohin, but that’s okay. His name has significant meaning for our family in a variety of different ways. It honors his father, my father, and my grandmother, all the while being something that is original to him.

Lynn Kayster 6 months ago

Like the name Savage.

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

The thing is, when someone uses Isabella or Olivia or Carter, etc…people bitch about how trendy they are and why can’t they think of anything else…if they go old fashioned with something like Evelyn or Margaret, they’re too “old ladyish”…you can’t please everyone, so don’t bother trying

Becky Yarbrough 6 months ago

I like interesting names, but not too much of interesting names. My son’s name is Richard (we call him RJ) and he is a third. My fiancé wanted him to carry his and his father’s name. Since his father has passed away, I agreed. But if I ever had another boy I would want to name him Brantley and if I had a girl I would want to name her Rease.

Andrea Kelly Briggeman 6 months ago

My husband’s sister gave her son the middle name The Viking. I’m pretty sure they were high when they filled out the form. I’m also pretty sure we have monkeys stamping applications over at the vital stats office. The poor kids first name isn’t really much better either, it’s Zulric. I agree people can give their kid whatever name they want, but come on.

Nina Ward 6 months ago

I wanted to give my kids a name that wasn’t to popular but not a crazy name either. My daughter is Delanie Jordan and my son is Bryce James and no one else in their class shares their name. I didn’t want them to be one of the 10 Jessica’s or Matthews in there school.

Connie 6 months ago

My friend and I always joke(?) that people who give their kids stupid names should have their children and property taken away. Glad we’re not the only ones who are tired of this trend.

Chandler Korb 6 months ago

I’m all for being unique and different and having a pretty name. My name could be a boys name, and people tell me all the time they love it. My sister is Blake and she hated it growing up but it’s beautiful like her and fits and she loves it now. She gets the same compliments. My daughter is named Lilliana May. The first name is common in different cultures and her middle name is my grandmother. Yes I agree, the kid has to grow up with it, so pilot inspektor or apple or sprout are stupid. And la-dash-a is effing dumb. There is a line to cross, but just because your name isn’t john or Ashley or Britney or William doesn’t mean you have a crazy name. Name your kid whatever you want but I doubt that the kids named something kinda weird or oddly spelled aren’t being laughed at like the kids named Lyric or North are. (When I say oddly spelled, I mean letters, not punctuation marks cause that’s ridiculous like – or ‘)

Sammy Woodman 6 months ago

The only thing I think of is “what annoying nickname or taunt can asshat kids turn this into”. I grew up disliking the book green eggs and ham very much. Name your kids what you want but watch what it rhymes with or sounds like. People can be jerks at any age lol

Shannon 6 months ago

I thought I gave my kids pretty easy names. My son is Dylan and my girls are Brynn and Riley. Brynn’s name is always mispronounced as Brian and people think she is a boy. It drives her crazy! Sometimes I wish I would’ve named her something else. Some names today are just ridiculous and makes me understand why some countries require you to select a name from a list.

Cerina Ramirez 6 months ago

My first name does not follow the “traditional” spelling. I am also Hispanic therefor I have a Spanish surname (double whammy). Do people pass judgment based on this? Yes, but it is always because of my surname and not my given name that people just assume I speak Spanish (I do not). I live in the south, which the author also seems to have a prejudice against. I am from South Texas. No, I’m not from Mexico and neither are my parents. I’m fifth generation American with native roots to this region that span pre-U.S. History. Everybody’s idea of traditional varies maybe for some people it’s a name like John. For some in my family, traditional might be a name like Juan. Name your children what you want. Stop judging others based on things that are out of their control like their names, race, religion, or even region of the country they come from. If someone with a “goofy” name can be the leader of this country, then your kid’s success depends less on what you name them and more on what you’re teaching them. Teach your children to respect others no matter what their differences or names may be and then lead by example.

Stacey Endsley Thompson 6 months ago

I have 2 boys – Brody & Xander. Brody is short for Broderick. If he wants to be a CEO he can go by Broderick. If he wants to be a surfer then he can go by Brody. I heard Brody for the first time when I was 14 & watched the movie Mallrats…lol. I loved the movie, the character & the name. Xander is short for Alexander & it’s after my grandfather.

And just so the author of the article knows, not all of us southerners give our children redneck names. There aren’t any Bubba’s or Jim Bobs in my family :)

Trina Utley Cox 6 months ago

Met an attorney named Bambi. That’s a name that says “take me seriously.”

Isabella Elizabeth McHaney 6 months ago

Do parents not think of their child’s future when they name them?

Michelle Holt Finch 6 months ago

Weird names of kids my kids go to school with: Emperor, Uroyal hyness (pronounced your royal highness), Tuesday, Tomorrow, And Diamond. Yes. True story. Please be nice and name your kids at least kind of normal names. (Ok, my daughter actually loves the girl named diamonds name)

Julie 6 months ago

Not all Southerners are the way you depict. Not trying “to be a dick” but you just alienated a portion of your readers for being born in or currently residing in a certain zip code.

Wave Bonjour 6 months ago

You’re right, the kid is the one who lives with it & yet didn’t choose it. As someone who’s spent a lifetime (my lifetime!) correcting, explaining & even at times defending a name I’m not overly fond of I’ve a bit to say on the matter. However, don’t automatically assume that the negative aspects will happen or that it’s all you’ll be or people will see. I’m more than my name (which I’ve never actually been teased about), & at the same time.. I fuckin’ own it biatches! B-|
My FB surname is fictional & a little joke about my name – the husband is French so it works on a number of levels, most of them lame 😉 Ok, ALL of them lame! I was actually named after a character in a classical novel (not that it matters). I have been educated (via private schools) & have a degree (from a University no less! *gasp*); my kids have traditional names (yes spelt “correctly”!) & they all have the one father (the same awesome gent who I’m married to); I don’t live in a trailer park (nor ever have) & have indeed been gainfully employed (& not fired, not even once!); although even if these things weren’t true what does it matter? If you think it does then what does that say about you?
My point is, don’t assume you know the life of someone merely based on their name, if you think it will “hold them back” in life then you’ve got a pretty narrow world view, & that’s something a “name change” can’t fix 😉

Sara Sunshine 6 months ago

My daughter, Elliot is perfectly happy with her name. She prefers to be called Elliot at school and Elli at home. She couldn’t care less that she has male friends named Elliot. And the only reason she ever would is if some asshat told her there was something wrong with her name.

Liz McAllister 6 months ago

Aidan and Ronan. To honor my Irish heritage. What’s funny is I just read an article the other day saying sort of the opposite. That when you name your kid now, you have to remember you are naming the next generation. Not your own. So “different” names are actually the norm and a gal being named maxwell won’t be a big deal. Point being, everyone has an opinion and they’re almost never the same.

Hattie Sciacca 6 months ago

My oldest boy is a jr. Donnie Lee. Always gets asked if thats a nickname. Second son is Cameron Eli. I just loved the name. My 3rd son is Spencer Allen. Allen is for my uncle who had no children. My daughter name is Hunter Clementine. Clementine after her fathers grandmother.

Natassa Filippatou 6 months ago

here in Greece we name our children after our parents or grandparents ..that is also weird!! we have some names like Evanthia ,Efrosini,for us greeks are very old names we don’t prefer them ,but IF the grandma is called like that.. your kid will be called the same.

Avalon Lynn 6 months ago

As someone with a unique name, I thank my mom for giving me one with a pretty neat story!! Name your kid whatever you choose. By the way……changing the spelling of a traditional name does NOT make it unique.

Krystal 6 months ago

Agree 100 percent! Sometimes a name just doesn’t fit.

Jessica Lynne Zelaya 6 months ago

I just saw a birth announcement in my local newspaper for a pair of boy/girl twins Havoc and Frenzy. Their older brother? Chaos. Smdh…

Laura-adele Hinks 6 months ago

I have to admit I am guilty and agree with this article. Had Cherie-Rose and two boys Izayah and Phoenix fairly young. If I were to have another child I think I would stick to something classic and simple.

Christine Baldo Sturges 6 months ago

I love unusual names. My hub and I had a hard time naming our son since he likes the classics. Good thing Brendan Zachary fits our boy.

Whitney Day Shurtliff 6 months ago

I completely agree with naming your girls with a girl name. We had a boy and really really liked a name, but ultimately ruled it out because too many people were naming their girls that, even though it was definitely a boy name. It broke my heart. There are sooooo many beautiful girl names! Why do boys names have to be taken and used as girls?! Frustrating.

Jessica Suaza 6 months ago

I like how the ones that hate this article are the ones that have/most likely have given their kid an unusual name.

Laurie Roush 6 months ago

If it’s not something offensive then have at it. Name your kids what you want. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing the names they do and it’s exactly that…THEIR REASON. That being said all mine have unique names with their own reasons for being named that.

Ariel Loralii
Blaise Malcom
Arabella Roselani Alohi
Baxton Palani Kanaloa
Florida Leonora Ke Nani O’ Ka. Nani

Elizabeth 6 months ago

Ha! I have twin daughters. One is named Katie Scarlett after Scarlett O’Hara. The other is Caroline, but we call her Cara. For the first year of her life, a friend of the family thought I REALLLY loved the book and named them Katie Scarlett and Tara!

Laura Quinones 6 months ago

My daughter’s middle name is Farie (pronounced fairy). I will note that I was 17 when I had her and particularly fond of fairies- and my friends all thought that’s why i named her that. Truth is, what most people didn’t know is it’s a family name – both my grandpa’s sister and his grandmother had that name.

Kelley Curl 6 months ago

My great (step) aunt was married to a man named Stark Sullivan. The second I heard the name I knew I’d name my son that one day if I ever had kids. We didn’t tell his name when I was pregnant because I didn’t want anybody’s opinion on an already done deal. Then I find out Stark is my husbands grandparents last name. It was fate. Everybody asks if it was from the movie Iron Man. Nope. My husbands name is Jon and mine Kelley…sometimes unusual is better than having the same name as 10,000 other people out there!

mk 6 months ago

I would have to disagree with the boy name one. My middle daughter is named Davie Elizabeth. She’s named after my father who passed away when I was 6 months pregnant. We also agreed on that name bc it’s also the same spelling of a Cambodian name (da-vee is how you say it). Davie fits her so well. Not many girls can pull it off, but she can.

Meg 6 months ago

Thank you! I wondered if anyone else would call that out. It’s a total urban myth to tear down black Americans (same with Orangejello and Lemonjello). It’s kind of infuriating that it led to even more urban myth name examples here. There are some silly names out there, but those are well known to be made up.

Tiffany Perry 6 months ago

Alright… Two terrible name choices representing. My friend is Summer Sunshine. Out of all the kids, she the only odd named one. Once she got married, her last name became Moore. Now she’s Summer Moore (say it out loud if you need to).

My friend had a baby girl two months ago. Her name is Misty Rayne Day.

I was terrified my kids would be picked on for initials or pronunciation at first but got over it. My son is Cadaryn (ka-dare-in) and my daughter is Acacia (a-kay-sha). A lot of people get Cadaryn wrong or call him a girl but its the only boy name dad and I could agree on.

Stephanie Ann Colt 6 months ago

I wanted something pretty and less common, but not unusual in a weird way. My daughter is Evangeline Ilyse. Her name is now climbing the charts for a comeback!

Veronica Dawn 6 months ago

I want to like this a million more times!

Right 6 months ago

Sorry, I really doubt someone asked you that.

Christence Sharon Taylor Guilford 6 months ago

As someone who’s name
Is christence, which I’ve never heard anywhere else, listen to all of this. It has been a constant pain in the butt my whole life.

Melanie Batten 6 months ago

We just made sure we personally didn’t know anyone by the name we chose.
Until high school our son had never met another Zane. Until gr2 our daughter had never met another Brooke & I doubt Alani will ever meet anyone that shares her name lol

Cheryl Silen 6 months ago

I must be boring, as all of my kids have pretty traditional names -Andrew, Jessica, Conner and Katherine. And all of them have middle names after someone in thr family- Alvar, Alexander for our grandfathers, Jessica and Joan after our grandmothers (Jess got the first name too) , Joseph and Ivason after my papa and dad, and Marley after my MIL and Mom-Marlene and Shirley, cause Shirlene wasn’t really an option LOL.

Amanda Nicole 6 months ago

I was of the ‘I don’t care what anyone else thinks’ mindset until I realized how selfish that was. I care how my kids will feel about their names when they grown up. So I gave them normal names with normal spellings (Owen and Avery), although my daughter’s name is unisex apparently. I also inadvertently named them after Greys anatomy characters lol. I want them to grow up and achieve their dreams, and not be hampered by a stupid name. You’ll never hear “all rise for the Honorable Judge Raynebowe Smythe” because who the hell would take that person seriously?

Stormi Lynn Barona 6 months ago

I’ve never understood the whole “how will it look on a resume” argument (aka the “they’ll never get hired” argument). How will it look? It will look like a name. Which has exactly zero to do with the qualifications to follow on said resume. My unique name has only ever worked to my advantage, in a sea of names it stands out and is memorable. Sure, I get questions about it and it gets misspelled often, but I’ve always loved it. It’s a conversation starter :-) So when it came time to name my children, you can bet they got unique names. I’ve only ever had good feedback and am not at all concerned for their futures!

Mandy Gonzalez 6 months ago

I kept my son’s name a secret because it was a suprise to my grandpa that I was naming my son after him. So not everyone who isn’t sharing baby names is hiding shame about the name chosen.

Vicki Croisetiere 6 months ago

Both our boys are named after people in both of our families, but have nicknames. Our second son is John, but we call him Jack.

Sarah Meyer 6 months ago

Just don’t pick a ridiculously common and boring name that’s totally unoriginal. Seriously? You can do better.
Sarah? Come on. Until recently it’s been in the top 10 baby names for 200 years. Do a variant. Sarina. Sarita. But GAWD at least try to give your kid a bit of an identity.
When I go to the pharmacy I’ve actually had the pharmacist hand me the wrong Sarah Meyer’s medication…and had to rifle through another two to find mine. >.< When someone in school yelled “Sarah!” in the hall…20 of us stopped and turned to look around. That “20” meant about 10 of us were either not in the hallway or absent that day. So to add to this story…put some thought into it. Some effort. So “MoonUnit” is a bit odd but how my mother came from Sierra and landed on “Sarah” is just beyond me. I appreciate a good ‘weird’ name more then the parent who just didn’t put much thought into it at all. A super common name is just as bad as a super weird one.

Samantha Perkins 6 months ago

Movies and TV have been my biggest inspiration for naming my kiddos! I love unique but not “weird” perse.
I have a girl named Americas Rae
A boy named Forrest Dawson
A boy name Price Jeremiah
A boy named Carter Wynn
And am pregnant with my last which will either be Rafe (pronounced Rayfe) (inspired by pearl harbor) for a boy, or Esmae if it’s a girl!
Movies, TV, and my family tree gave me the inspiration I never would have come up with on my own! Thank you ‘where the heart is’, Forrest Gump, Dawson’s creek, Pearl Harbor, and twilight! Plus all of these names are actually old school and “real names” but still unique even for back in the day.

Abby Willoughby Thomas 6 months ago

We have Madilyn Elizabeth, nick name is Maddie Belle and Magnolia Blu, both called first and middle. If my girls have amazing resumes and get passed over because some douche bag doesn’t like their names because they are too southern then I wouldn’t want my girls working for douche bags like that anyways. We chose our girls names because we loved them, not because we thought they would eventually look good on a business card.

Reichel Laprise 6 months ago

I completely agree with this. My name is pronounced Rachel and my maiden name was also super unique. I joke I was always the kid the substitute teacher would have to pause at when calling out for attendance. I live my unique spelling now but hated it growing up so tried to name my kids more normally.

Samantha McMillan 6 months ago

Meh. This really just smacks of sancti-mommy. Languages and spellings change over time. So do meanings. So do common genders assigned to names–Ashley used to be a man’s name. Meredith still IS a man’s name in England. And people have been making up names since the dawn of humanity–how do you think we came up with names in the first place?

Lisa Sherman Riemenschneider 6 months ago

While I was substitute teaching, I met a Cleveland Cleveland, Champayne (yes, spelled that way) and a Chevrolet among others.

Lindsey Matta 6 months ago

I named my daughter what I thought was a pretty, feminine, not unusual but not common name. Sadie. I can’t tell you how many people in the past 19 months have told me that’s their dog’s name….

Seraphina Celeste 6 months ago

Wow…I love being unique. Having a memorable name can be an advantage. Don’t knock it. Just choose wisely.

Kensy McCarthy 6 months ago

My sons name is Audio and you can all shove it if you don’t like it! He’s the only one out there and is the cutest kid on the planet with the best personality! This article blows!

Jenny Kruschke 6 months ago

I’m kind of torn on this. There are a lot of terrible names out there and I think people should consider that their child has to live with the name for their entire life…but I also wanted zero opinions on what I was naming my kids, so I don’t figure it’s my place to tell anyone how I feel about what they’re naming their kids lol

Kaitlyn Rosa 6 months ago

I feel for the children who are saddled with stupid names.

Danielle Blough 6 months ago

Thank you!!! Number one IS my number one pet peeve. Please for the love of God just spell it normally. It’s not cute to throw extra vowels and y’s in your kids name !!!

Catherine Owens 6 months ago

I understand different names until the name looks like a cat pranced over a keyboard

Mama-Mia 6 months ago

I am that mom. My daughter’s name is Miah pronounced like “Mia” as in Mia Hamm but we had to add the “h” just to make if different. It does make it challenging for her. Especially as a shy girl who never wants to correct people when they pronounce it “My-uh” which is normally spelled Mya as in Mya Angelou.

Nicole McGinnis Hopson 6 months ago

My mom was a teacher assistant and had a child in clas named I Am Justice Devine.

Meg 6 months ago

I actually prefer your spelling, and I’m not into overdone names at all.

Tarisa Schmid 6 months ago

YES. Look at my name. It is awful. On the phone, every time: “Is it Teresa or Theresa?” “Neither. Sigh.” Thanks, mom

Letto Abraxas 6 months ago

I named my boy after my dad and one of my favorite books. So, to me, “it’s important to have that name”… get it? Hehe

Andi Piscatella 6 months ago

I had an employee named Robert Roberts. I’m sorry, while I agree in general that you can name your kid whatever you want, that just made me dislike his parents. Who does that to a poor defenseless kid?

Chris B 6 months ago

“Madeline” is my daughter’s favorite book. Honestly, before I bought and read her that book, I had never heard of the name “Madeline”. Beautiful name though. If I were able to have more kids and had a girl, that would be my first choice!

Clarissa 6 months ago

I’m not sure if DSL (like the internet) would have been any better

Megan Spano 6 months ago

I love this !!!

Kimberly Quenstedt Ketcham 6 months ago

We chose a gender neutral name but put a more feminine twist on it… Ryleigh instead of Riley. Definitely fits her! Middle name is Jane. I’m sure one day she’ll say something about it and how is spelled lol

Aubri Woody 6 months ago

My son’s father picked out his middle name. At the time I was like sure, why not. He is Samoan and wanted our sons middle name to be Keli’i. It sounded good. It wasn’t until my sons check up that I realized what we had done when the doctor came out and pronounced it Kelly. I’m not a fan and cringe when I think about it all the time.

Alyssa McGee 6 months ago

LOVE this article. It speaks what most people are thinking. Weird names can be cool. But think of your kids, not just how snazzy you want to sound. Lol. They will go through their whole life with that name.

Cecille Castillo 6 months ago

We named our 2 sons after their Viking Kings ancestor. But the first one we changed the spelling from Ivar to Aevar and the second one is Ragnar. People would always say it’s hard to pronounce both. So I would tell them Aevar is like forEVER and Ragnar is like R.Y.N.E.R.

Julia Tull 6 months ago

Our first was Maddison Lynn and our second (due in two and a half weeks) will be Charlotte Raynne (pronounced ‘rain’ – it’s a play off her daddies middle name Ray). And I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like either of those names! We love them and the people’s opinions who matter love the names too!

Sara Dolon 6 months ago

Just because you don’t want to share baby name before the child is born does not mean it’s because it’s something ridiculous!! Sorry but I’m not going to paint the name on the wall until I see the baby’s face and know in my heart that the name fits them.

Shannon Lee 6 months ago

I was reading the birth announcements in our local paper awhile back and saw a baby girl named LaSoulja LaPimp. *smh*

Ashleigh Bryant Byrnes 6 months ago

I think of naming children as being similar to fashion. You can be trendy for a minute or classic for a lifetime.

Tennie Bam 6 months ago

You just have to laugh at this article. It’s written to get a laugh. I was born “Tenille” Seriously the only Tenille in primary school and to this day people keep asking me where is my captain. Thanks mum for naming me after a 70s pop group!

Christie Looney 6 months ago

I’m really not sure what being from the South has to do with initials for a name… most d-bags with just initials that I’ve met have been yankees…

Rebecca Meinzer 6 months ago

My sister’s name is Shawn. She has a female friend named Michael. I think its differnt snd not as cringe worrhy aa other names. At least theycare names.

Pam Veach Schmidt 6 months ago

OMG. Hilarious!!

Jennifer Erkinger 6 months ago

We named our daughter Adelyn. I heard it on True Blood. I liked it, mentioned it to my husband, he liked it, so that’s her name. Will I be judged because I got her name from a mediocre vampire drama? Who cares where the name came from. If you love it, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Laura Mailman Cabrera 6 months ago

How about “hashtag ” lol

Kerrie Motta 6 months ago

Not one person has ever spelled my name correctly, which is why I went with Liam and Matthew for my two boys. Super simple to spell/pronounce, and won’t look stupid on a job application when they grow up.

patamery 6 months ago

I have a totally made up name and it was pure he’ll as a child, no one can pronounce it properly. As an adult I like it, no one else has my name… I’ve googled it lol

Danielle Wilkie 6 months ago

I thought the way to name your kids was to toss a handful of scrabble letters on the ground, make a sound out of it, and hope for the best.

Chelsea E. Moreland 6 months ago

My daughters name is Aiyana, it’s beautiful and suits her. Our second will have an unusual name also.

Michael Toledo 6 months ago

As a girl named Michael, I take offense to this!

Michellene Doug Hoey 6 months ago

When I was in grade 8 there was a girl in grade 1 whose name was Freedom Nothing…I asked her adoptive parents ( father was a police officer and my sea cadet instructor) please change her name so she didn’t grow up thinking that she was “nothing”..she deserved better than that…but they had promised her biological extended family that she would keep her name and link to together forever( her parents had passed, and extended family could not afford to raise her themselves..)

Sasha Richmond 6 months ago

My kids name is Jack. Try and mess with that kid! Hah

Barbara Fenton 6 months ago

I named my son James and I get people telling me that it is uncommon and “you don’t hear that one often anymore”

Nicole Gonzales 6 months ago

We named our twins after conquers. I believe in the power of naming things so my guys will rule the world!

Elizabeth Kane 6 months ago

As an Elizabeth, I dread ‘normal’ names. I was always given a nickname or had to use the first letter of my last name to differentiate from the other Elizabeth’s in my class. I want my children to have names that belong only to them. Also the reason I don’t share the name I’ve picked isn’t because I fear the ridicule, it’s because I don’t want them stolen. They are absolutely perfect

Meagan Stegner 6 months ago

Agree, why couldn’t I just be Megan? Lol

Samantha King 6 months ago

My third child is my only boy. My girls are Lilly and Amelia. My son was named after his great great Pepere Chevalier who passed away when I was pregnant. His name is Chevy. Say what you will but the the history behind the name means everything to my husband and myself. The name
To us is strong, bold, confident and handsome. His great great grandfather was an extremely successful man, a family man and had many friends. My Chevy will carry on his name. I get ungodly looks sometimes when people ask but i laugh at their expressions and long story short explain it is a family name and we love it in general. Some people are opposite and think it’s adorable.
I didn’t even read this damn article. What does that tell you.

Trisha R. Cunningham 6 months ago

Yes!!! Finally somebody says what everyone is thinking. I have a Lucy and a Libby…and yes they are girls lol!

Nikki Sharpe 6 months ago

I had a friend who refused her first name, “Charmonique” (spelling?) as soon as she was in second grade started going by her middle name at school, which is Dawn. When she was 19 she had her first name legally changed to something else.

Brad Cornelius 6 months ago

Richard Head is one of my favorite names. I know a Phil Good and his sister Jolly. The top name is ‘La-a’ which is ‘Ladasha’ Give your kid weird name, it will toughen them up with all the ridicule.

Cutty Ninjette 6 months ago

My daughters name is Teal, named after the pretty blue darkish green color. I love it, its unique and mysterious as a name

Anestashe Kelly 6 months ago

I don’t know what people are complaining about. I had problems with substitute teachers in school, who decided that they couldn’t say my name so they would just call me by my last name. It used to piss me off, not because they couldn’t say it, I know what my name is, I accept and have since I was a kid it’s not common, but to not try is not only ridiculous but unprofessional. I LOVE my unusual name, I’d rather be the only me then a copy of someone else. In my inner circle if friends I have 2 Nicks and 2 Michaels and 3 becs in high school I had 4 Kelly’s in my class. I’d rather someone need to be corrected when they say my name, then for them to say it and 30 other people turn around.

Carla Melissa Cotto Irizarry 6 months ago

Not of my business. My daughter’s name is Fabiola… her nick name Fabi:-) and I freakin’ love it!

Erika DeCerio Sharer 6 months ago

My daughter is Luann Grace Sharer. While it’s not a “normal” name it’s easy to pronounce, easy to spell. She was named after my great grandparents. Lou and Ann Marie. Grace is my husband’s grandma.

Our son Jack Edward Sharer got his middle name from my husband’s grandfather also my husbands middle name. The name Jack is just because we like it.

Kelsey Novacek 6 months ago

You know, my name is relatively average and even I have to spell it out all the time. Or I get called the wrong name. Chelsea? No. Kelly? No. Kathy? No. TheN once they get it, it’s the spelling. Is that a C or a K? K. Is it “EY”? EA? Just a Y? Then we get to the last name. And if I have to add my middle name (Leigh) it’s the same thing. my point is, sometimes even with an average, somewhat common(ish) name, you still have issues from time to time.

Ashleigh Reisterer 6 months ago

My son will be Colt Donald. Like the gun or the horse, either is good.

Meagan Stegner 6 months ago

At least it’s not Nevaeh

Stephani Diego Jimenez 6 months ago

I have a Calliope

Kerri Ketcham Flesch 6 months ago

Connor, Liam, and Ronan are the names we picked. I don’t get the name Abcde. I saw it in an article about the Santa who wouldn’t let a girl visit. I thought it was to keep her name out of the article. Never imagined that it was a name

Cali Stern 6 months ago

I have a very uncommon name (Cali is my nickname), don’t even think there is anyone else in the world with the name. I was made fun of in school, no one can pronounce it to this day besides family who has been practicing for 27 years. So when naming my kids I took the time to think about how people would mispronounce them, misspell them, how kids could end up bullying them with their names, and how crazy any of their future employers would think I was! My only regret is my middle sons first name, I didn’t realize Skyler would always be assumed a girl!

Angie Marie 6 months ago

My kids have classic Italian names, that aren’t very popular in the U.S. but aren’t unpronounceable or spelled weird.

Danielle Koser 6 months ago

Maddox (son) and Dharma (stepdaughter)

Julie 6 months ago

I was sort of weird. Named my daughter Page, no i. I knew it would be different but at least it isn’t pronounced different. I have a gf that I can’t even pronounce her daughters name, Eilise, is not Elise and not pronounced that way. Had a teacher friend who said there were 2 brothers in different grades named Robert and Robert, pronounced traditional Robert and french version of Robert. I swear sometimes you instead of smh I want to syh! ~ smack my head ~ smack your head

Heather Hoskins Speidel 6 months ago

My daughter’s name is Scarlett Dakota. Picked “Scarlett” out when I was 10 and watched Gone with the Wind in 5th grade. “Dakota” was the compromise with my husband for getting Scarlett but now I like it together.

Melissa Baileey 6 months ago

We honestly didn’t know what our son’s name was until we met him. People got so annoyed with us for not committing to a name as soon as we knew the gender. I absolutely can’t explain why. It was so strange how we had to meet him first. I feel I should explain that his is a very reasonable name and has been able to find it on personalized items

Sarah Fricke McAleer 6 months ago

Love my child’s name how ever I also based it on adulthood. Kendall

Jessica Chaloupka Peters 6 months ago

This is funny! But as someone who has a “normal” name (top girls name in my birth year) I despise my name. Absolutely hate it. And I don’t hate it because its common….it’s actually nice not to have to spell my first name since my maiden name always got screwed up. But I hate my name because I think it’s a great little girl name but horrible adult name. So when naming my own kids I made sure to pick names that were both good “kid” names but also would be good adult names.

Emily Beason 6 months ago

I still have to spell my name for people. And it’s one of the most common names around. People just aren’t sure with spelling names. So I spell out my name automatically now. And my children have uncommon names (taryn and preslei) because I was always Emily C growing up. Never just Emily… Didn’t want that for my kids.

Beth Chenevert 6 months ago

Agree 100% …..Especially the “creating a new spelling” thing….people are so caught up in having a “unique” name…’s not a name that makes your child unique.

Cliff N Steph Crosby 6 months ago

When we named our boys we agreed to have “old” names that weren’t as common, I still have to tell people how to pronounce them though :(
Ian (E N) Kassius (Cash Us) and Truett (True It) …. Spelled Kassius / Kash with a “K” so it wouldn’t be made fun of like $$ … My kids love their names and so do we

Melissa Jones 6 months ago

I’m thinking of naming my son “&rew” or maybe “m@” or possibly just “#”

Leanne Hamilton 6 months ago

My name is Leanne and it’s spelled wrong all the time.
Leeann, Lee – Anne, leeanne. My goodness.. my name isn’t even uncommon.

So regardless of weird name or not.. people will spell it wrong.

My two boys are Skyler and Naois. People spell my eldest son’s name Skylar. I don’t even say it SkyLAR, so I don’t know how they are getting that. And for Naois? Well, we expected people to get it wrong. It’s gaelic.. and we don’t even pronounce it how it’s supposed to be said (niishii) we say it (nay-oes). We expected people to say it wrong and spell it wrong. Sorry kid!

julia 6 months ago

My mom was a paramedic for years & once she had to deliver a baby in the ambulance. She asked the woman if she knew what she was going to name her little girl. The woman said she was going to name her after her favorite singer, Cher…but she wanted to do the French spelling “C-H-A-I-R” yup that’s right. Poor little chair.

Michellene Doug Hoey 6 months ago

No one ever spells my name correctly…and the pronouciations are down-right brutal!! lol…it’s just Michellene …like the tire “Michelin”…lol..

Amanda Benedict-Obenauer 6 months ago

I went for unique not weird. My sons name is Finnegan Reid

Shaye Boucher 6 months ago

Do whatever the hell you want. Your kid. No one else has to like it. People will laugh and judge no matter what!!!

Katie 6 months ago

I’m in TX also and I know of a set of twins with that name.

Jess Rodriguez 6 months ago

I don’t think it’s anyone’s business … A story shouldn’t be made up because no explanations should be offered.

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 6 months ago

We picked names that would minimize prejudging & discrimination when people are looking at their résumés. James Anthony, Laila Jasmine, Archer Benjamin …

Tracy Coulter 6 months ago

My daughter is Tindle and my son is Draiden. I love both names and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Angela Webber 6 months ago

I use to work in HR, I can’t tell you how often something like a stupid name gets you over looked for a job. Not by me personally but I know other people that will say “I am not even dealing with that shit” and go on to the next application.

Name your kids responsibly

Elizabeth 6 months ago

Amen!!! I am so not a fan of made up names and made up spellings. Of course, with children named Thomas, John, Dennis, Kathryn and Caroline, I don’t think anyone is surprised by that! I know that people are thinking I am the least imaginative mother ever, but I’m good with that! I will admit that Kathryn’s middle name is Scarlett and it’s because of a fictional literary character, but Katie Scarlett is a pretty great name on it’s own! Love this post!!!

Sarah with an H 6 months ago

A friend once told me she sat in a waiting room with a mom whose daughter’s name was “Knaledge” (knowledge…oh the irony). She knew the spelling because the mom had her daughter’s name tattooed on her leg. Knaledge…still smh

Marsci Beach Dye 6 months ago

This is a great article. When naming my kids I always think…How will this name sound if they become the president of a large company? People always misspell my name and truly after 30 + years of spelling it for people, it gets old. Mommy to Tyler, Harper and baby boy due in 3 weeks! Yes I am keeping his name a secret.

Tracy Arsenault 6 months ago

Loved this. Attempting to name my third child.

Jaime Lee Ezell 6 months ago

Yes, regular and most common spelling please! Nobody spells my name correctly! It’s a big pain with no benefits.

Sheena Bartlett 6 months ago

I have a River and a Keelin I love their unique names!!!

Jennifer Thiele 6 months ago

Bradley. I named him after my uncle, I liked how normal and manly it sounded, but it ranked really low on the popular name list, therefore there wasn’t going to be 5 other Bradleys in his grade. Like me. Jennifer.

Kerry Thurlow 6 months ago

The absolute best piece of advise I got about naming my children came from a little old lady in west Texas. She said, “before you slap a handle kid….open up your back door and scream the first middle and last name at the top of your lungs. If the other folk in the neighborhood look at you like you are a damn crazy fool–then think LONG and hard about giving that name to your child. IF they look around the cul de sac like they were looking for a new kid that needed to get home for dinner–then you may want to add that name to the list.”

Just my two cents as the mother of a Katelyn, Kori-ann, and Kyle–no raising grandkids Hayden and Nathan.

Carrie Osman 6 months ago

I decided to name my daughter Valerie (spelled just that way, traditionally), and you wouldn’t believe the reactions I’m getting – positive ones, luckily, but also incredulous – “I’ve never heard that one before!” Which shocks me – it was much more common in the 70’s, I guess.

Nickeita Trejo 6 months ago

Knew a kid named Dusty Balls…. Needless to say his parents decided to home school him after some pretty hard core treatment at school…

Emily Nogler Stanford 6 months ago

When I was on hospital bedrest I got to know the lady who cleaned my room. She used to clean in the NICU. She told me about a baby who was named Holden(cute) except his last name was HISCOCK! I didn’t fully believe her, but years later a co worker mentioned she had a relative who did a job placement in the NICU while the baby was there. Shouldn’t have been allowed by the gov’t. No reason to provide a reason for your child to be picked on. My maiden name is spelt unusually and it was always a pain to spell it every time, and often they would still spell it wrong.

Jennifer Klebsch 6 months ago

Alexander. Classic, has a choice of nicknames, and will look strong on a resume. No funny looks or raised eyebrows when he introduces himself to anyone.

Stephanie Wilson Vassar 6 months ago

My kids are Rachel and Isaac. People misspell them both frequently, especially Isaac.

Karina Rodriguez Wilson 6 months ago

I have a different name and I wanted my kids to have different names too.

Stacy Cherry 6 months ago

I completely agree with this article. Silly or dumb names make my eyes roll.

However, people are going to say their names wrong half the time no matter what you name them. I have a son named Dominic but everyone calls his Da-ma-neek and a girl named Alaina that everyone calls Ah-lee-na.

Janet Jordan 6 months ago

I know of a couple who, being musical, called their son Latidoh. Break it up. La. Ti. Doh. I kid you not. Also have come across a boy called Ryott. He has just been suspended from preschool…..

Lizette Alvarado Stradford 6 months ago

U have the right to name your kid whatever the hell u want…just don’t get mad that some can’t pronounce it or spell it like u do…I have accepted introducing myself as Liz cause most can’t pro my name right and it doesn’t offend me!!!

Jessica Moeller 6 months ago

Ryonosuke and kenshiro my youngest two. In this country they are unusual names but they are Japanese names. They are not Japanese though. Just liked the names

Wendy 6 months ago

Guilty, right here, of keeping the name a secret! (It’s Radley, by the way…unique but not weird) We just wanted something to keep to ourselves, plus there were eleventy-three other babies due in our small community around the same time, and we didn’t want to chance committing to a name someone else used and our kids be forever known by their last initials. (Do you, John S. take this woman…)

Angela 6 months ago

My husband and I joked about naming our son Kuba(Lucas in polish) and giving him the middle name Sawyer and then we could call him Kubasaw lol. We went with James and we’re still asked by a Hospital employee how we spelt his name???

On a side note my husband went to elementary school with a girl who was named Anita Hoe.

Regina 6 months ago

I worked with a guy named Aaron. His initials were A.S.S. and we worked in a nursing home. He had a field day every time we had to initial off on someone’s vitals, wheel chair cleaning, etc… being completed.
They didn’t even reprimand him. I thought it was pretty funny.

mom-of3 6 months ago

So I probably fall into the “that girl” who gives her kids weird names

Austyn mykenzie
Cali trinity
Paisley raye
Now granted austyn is after a song, ans raye is after her dad. But i didnt want my kids to be in school with 5-10 others with the same name. And i wouldn’t change their names for anything because it fits their personalities. I can’t think of names that would be better fitting for my kids. Note all are girls.

Dana 6 months ago

when I was pregnant with my first, there was a woman on my online baby group who was going to name her daughter Catherine. Spelled Kaeythyearyn

Leigh Perrino 6 months ago

Perfectly stated!

Michelle Stoner Powell 6 months ago

Completely agree. First child’s name is Hunter, not my first choice, but I went with it and love it now. When I was prego with #2 and hubby says if it’s a boy he wants gunner. Umm, no. Hunter and Gunner? You may want to find a new family! Luckily it was a girl. Lol!

Mommy Means It 6 months ago

YES! Thank you, Jen. And the story is always told as a slam against black people.

This whole list smacks of criticism against foreign and typically ethnic names. So where do we get our kids’ names? My youngest is named after my favorite author. Is that allowed?

If we can learn to say names like Puxatawny Phil and Kim Kardashian, we can learn to say unique names parents give their kids.

(I do wonder if the author is so vehement about this because her last name is Cappuccino).

Courtney Toti 6 months ago

My daughter is named Charli, she is 9. When ppl tell her she has a boy name, she asks them what her name is, when they reply Charli, she says hmm well I’m a girl, that’s my name, so yeah that’s a girls name lol

Sunshine Medina 6 months ago


110% agree with this article.

Colleen O’Keefe Garske 6 months ago

I was also careful about what their initial would spell. Kids pick up on that. I knew kids who’s initials spelled ASS, WAR, etc.

Marnie 6 months ago

My friend just didn’t listen. I begged her not to go with a goofy spelling in the name of being “unique.” She went with Jakeb anyway. Everyone in the history of ever is going to “misspell” his name the normal way as Jacob. SMH

Andrea Kuenzel 6 months ago

We named out daughter Amelia, but Vaida was also on our list. My sister in laws name is Rhiannon, also after the song :)

Lisa 6 months ago

August is an awesome name! Don’t let anyone call him anything other than August and it will stick.

Lindsay Leigh DeMatteo 6 months ago

My daughters are named after grandmother and great grandmother. People actually couldn’t hide their dislike for the names that I had chosen while I was pregnant! It’s funny now that they are here we get nothing but compliments and I couldn’t imagine them having other names! Bernadine (Bernie) and Annetta (Netty)❤️.

Heather 6 months ago

Xander… Generally a shorter form of Alexander. I’ve always loved that name!

Natalie Callahan Koppenhaver 6 months ago

I think people forget that kids grow up to be adults and have to apply for jobs. So then the names that were once cute or unique become silly

Lindsay Nell 6 months ago

I met a little boy who’s name *i kid you not* was Midnight Toker.

Victoria Padgett 6 months ago

We will be giving our kids names that were popular in the south in the 1800s. But none of them will be unusual and they will all be spelled the classic way.

Rebekah McClain 6 months ago

My son is William, and even though it’s normal, there is a sweet story behind it.

Name your kids what you want, just remember that they’ll have to get a job with that name in the future…

Heather 6 months ago

There are legitimate reasons some of us choose to spell our children’s names differently. I loved the name Carson Jacob but cringed at the thought of people calling my son CJ. So I spelled my son’s name Karson Jakob (embracing the Scandinavian spelling). Some people roll their eyes, my mother included, but that’s their issue. As someone who grew up as one of 8 girls with the same name in the same class, I hated the idea of embracing the same boring popular run of the mill names.

Jessica Harris 6 months ago

We named out son Lennox Michael. Fits him to a T!

Lisa 6 months ago

I love your name too! It is beautiful!

Tausha Cram 6 months ago

1st Adrianna Maria
2nd Leticia Itzel
3rd Leonel Abel
4th Chelsea Marie
5th Azaria Annaie

My kids all love there names except for my son he goes by L.J. Because he doesn’t like having the same 1st name as his dad

Amanda Martins 6 months ago

Wow to each their own… no one’s gonna tell me what to name my kid or how to spell it….

Lana Marshall Coleman 6 months ago

When we named our kids, we thought about what their names would look like on a resume.

Jenny DeHart 6 months ago

I have a Zachary and Logan.
If they had been girls they would have been Zoe and Lilith

Rebecca Saner 6 months ago

What I hate is when you pick a completely normal name, like Ross, and we always hear why did you name him after the guy on friends? Umm I didnt! He’s named after his great grandpa.

Ashley Velazco 6 months ago

We named our daughter Vaida. After the movie “my girl”.

shelly 6 months ago

I tried to name my kuds pretty normal. The only one i have a hard time with is my daughters. We named her after my dad whos middle name is leon, we named her leona, pronounced lee-on-ah, not lee-own-ah, but everyone still thinks its a pretty but unique name. Our other kuds are nathan, eli, and larson…after my papaw who passed away recently. I have a relative with a boy named xander. I still wonder where that came from.

Robbi Brown-Chaffin 6 months ago

After what my parents saddled me with, I turned around and did it to my girls, Aryka, Kadence, and Karyssa…….they too will know how it feels to not find personalized items :)

Debbie Ng 6 months ago

I laughed way too hard at this. From a mom of: Nicholas, Zachary, and Robbie.

Annie Hillin McCormick 6 months ago

I actually like weird names but my husband pointed out to me that resume are all done online now. And some employers may not take it seriously and move on to the next one.

Lauren Bates Wilson 6 months ago

I enjoyed this article even if my kids have different names… Sparks (he’s a second and it was my mother in laws maiden name) and Hank yes…Hank not Henry and called Hank. I do hate the “dumb southerner” reference though.

Anna Kathe Wilson 6 months ago

We have “unusual” names for all our children, but there is a strong reason for each one. The biggest thing I keep in mind is…no one else needs to explain why they picked the names they did.

Katie Higareda Loete 6 months ago

I think celebrities should read this. Especially the ones who named their kids Coco, Apple, North, and words that go together like “Pilot Inspektor.”

Lacey 6 months ago

Can i just say it’s completely ignorant of you to group together “southerners”.

Olivia Carstairs 6 months ago

We will be naming our girl Sawyer. We love it and don’t care if people think it’s too boyish

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 6 months ago

Naming your kid after a celebrity.

Joy Rudy 6 months ago

I had the opportunity about 13 years ago to help with what not to name a co-worker’s son. He said they were torn between Dax and Dirk. I told him that Dirk made me think of Boogie Nights….his son is named Dax.

Tausha Cram 6 months ago

My youngest first name is Azaria her middle is Annaie I pick something out there because people butchers all my kids names anyway since when is Chelsea pernounces chelsia it not so I went with something I liked this time

Amanda Parker 6 months ago

My sons have average names that aren’t used often. I got matchy with their middle names, lol. Leon, Lee, and Leo.

Rhiannon Reynolds 6 months ago

As someone who has lived their whole life with an unusual name, I agree with this 100%.
No one ever says or spells my name right the first time unless they are a Fleetwood Mac fan like my mother (yes, I’m named after the song). It took me 25 years to be okay with my name. Over that time, I’ve had more nicknames than I can count, just to be called something else.
Added note: I’m eternally grateful to the creators of AHS: Coven for their use of the song I’m named after because it ups the odds of someone getting my name right.

Ren Pond 6 months ago

Or don’t worry about what other people name their children? Just a thought…

Stephanie Paterson 6 months ago


Renee Gish 6 months ago

We have Xavier, Braxton, Maddison, and Sarah. 2 if which are my step children….

Jo Tweit 6 months ago

Love this!

Kaytee Postma 6 months ago

I totally rocked the masculine sounding names for my three girls! My husband and I researched the meanings and gave them a feminine spelling and now I couldn’t imagine them being anyone else but who they are!

Tiffany Thompson 6 months ago

Who cares?! As long as it’s not Apple or North….

Kameron Moreau 6 months ago

My daughters name is Nahla. We got it off the Lion King. It doesn’t have to have a great story behind it. We just really love the name.

Jill Irving 6 months ago

Call me boring but my kids are Daniel
Julie Richard and Abigail. -_- no dumb ass names for us.

Shanel Gahagen 6 months ago

My kids have old lady names and I’m totally cool with that (since they’re named after their great-grandmothers).

Tina Thiele-Blecher 6 months ago

Love it

KarenB 7 months ago

I know a lot of Karen’s, there is enough around that its common, but not enough that everyone in my class had the same. I did share a class with another Karen in elementary and was called “Karen Ruth” for the longest time, but it wasn’t so bad! I’ve met a Karyn and Karrin as well. K’s look pretty in handwriting so I’m a fan ;). My husbands name is Robin but people constantly spell it Robyn (which drives him nuts).

Sarah 7 months ago

I saw a family where I work who had children named King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and Patrick. I felt sorry for poor Patrick. Couldn’t he at least have been Duke, or Count, or Marquis, or Baron? :)

Carrie 7 months ago

I go through this a lot with my daughter because her name is Aislin, and when we tell people its pronounced like Ashlyn they assume we just spelled it ‘weird’ to be different. Truth is my husbands family is from Ireland and it is the traditional Gaelic spelling.

Nicky 8 months ago

We named our son Daemion. We agreed on the name after only a few weeks of dating…. I picked the spelling with the extra “e”, which I’ve been questioned about on MANY occasions. My reasoning- it’s a throw-back to my Gaelic heritage for a Grandfather I didn’t get to know nearly as well as I should have. And I’ve spelt it that way since I was a little girl. My hubby and mother fought me on it, and I won. Why? I’m the one who writes his name on EVERYTHING (ultrasound pics, birth certificate and social insurance number paperwork, bank account paperwork, etc.). Yes, I’ve second-guessed myself, but then I remember why I chose that spelling and that, within about 2 months of finding out we were having a boy & buying our house, I found out about 2 other Damian’s in our area. So fuck everybody else.

Amanda 8 months ago

I taught for six years in both an urban and affluent high school. I’ve seen some awful names from every spectrum. I could open up my roster from day one and know both the economic status, race and education level of the parents of almost half of my students ( and this is as true with a girl named Dabricka as it is Neveah or Sadie). The other half (with more traditional names and spellings) came in with a clean slate. Beyond my impressions, I found most students with unusual names hated their own names often rolling their eyes and outright mocking their parents.

When I chose a name for my my daughter, I chose one that was traditional and left me out of it. These unusual names are not about the kids, they are about the parents’ own self-importance. Teen years are hard enough without having to make excuses for your parents’ choices from day one.

Nicole 8 months ago

I totally agree with every single thing in the article EXCEPT the very end. We didn’t share the names we were considering for our kids until after they were born, and not because they were weird or inappropriate (they are called Olivia and Tristan which is one step off from the most standard names in the universe [I’m talking about you, Mary and John]) but because my family are all SO OPINIONATED they would have immediately chosen their favourite and told us all the reasons why our other choices were not as good. We just wanted to look at our children before we picked their names with finality! Not only did I not want to be talked out of something, but I also didn’t want to hear a stupid story of how my aunt thinks “Olivia” is beautiful but “Lydia” (really practically sounds exactly the same) was terrible because she knew a girl named Lydia once and didn’t like her. This sort of information is not helpful or productive! Once the choice was made, nobody dared to say anything nasty about my kids’ names and that’s the way I prefer it, haha!

Erica 9 months ago

I’m somewhat on the fence where traditional names are concerned. I’m attracted to unconventional names, but only when they have a simple or classical sound and spelling. For instance, I named my daughter Arden. It’s a strong name (and whimsically romantic, if you like Shakespeare) which isn’t common among American girls, but it sounds like it easily could be.

That said, I know people who have burdened their babies with intentionally misspelled variations of perfectly good names (or just plain bad made up ones). I avoid mentioning their kids in text messages because I can’t stand seeing them in print.

Jason Iaquilino 9 months ago

My wife and I were kind of “Those Parents” … We named our son Bishop Tyler… Some people gave us crap for it in the beginning because it is a rather unique sounding name… but we found out the word actually translated to “Leader” which we liked… that and we’ve heard several characters with that name in movies before and always thought it sounded cool. So.. we went with it… stuck to our guns as you said and stood tall whenever someone questioned it before he was born. Now whenever we tell someone his name they instantly love it. I think we did good. :)

Soon to be Mommy 9 months ago

I would pronounce it as Erica. I don’t understand the emphasis on the RIC to become REEK.

Danni 9 months ago

Hebrew. Aaron is Hebrew.

Danni 9 months ago

Favorite name story: I taught seventh grade for two years and got some interesting names, but my all time favorite name was Te’Lar. Pronounced “Taylor.” The girl got very upset the first of class when I pronounced her name the way it was spelled, and she quickly corrected me. Not being one to rock the boat as far as names are concerned, I apologized and called her “Taylor” for that day forward. Fast forward about six months into the school year, when her father came for a parent conference. He says “I’m here to speak about ‘Te’Lar.'” It took me a minute, and then I said “Oh, TAYLOR!” And he said “Is that what they’re calling her now? Her mama is always changing the pronunciation of that kid’s name. I just can’t keep up. It was ‘Te’Lar’ last I heard.” It took everything in me not to burst out laughing. Seriously.

Danni 9 months ago

I don’t share the name for two reasons 1) I don’t know it until I’ve seen baby’s face (ultrasounds, no matter how hi-def, do not count). 2) When the hubby and I came up with a “short list,” we excitedly told it to his parents only to have his mother tell us why she hated every single name on that list. In great detail. And then re-hash it for the next three months every time she saw us, including at the baby shower she threw me where she made me stand up, announce the names out loud to the entire company, and then proceeded to give all of her reasons for why she hated each name. Talk about embarrassing. And she made me good and mad too. The only thing that saved me from being rude was that my mother was there and she loudly announced “I love those names and here’s why!” and proceeded to list a whole bunch of positive things about each name. That helped some. So from now on, nobody gets to know. I’ll keep between hubby and I because nobody is going to tell me how much they hate it after the baby is born, not even my MIL. And also: people where I live are monogram crazy. If I even hinted that I liked a certain name I’d have a nursery full of monogrammed stuff before I knew it. And then I’d be stuck with the name.

Nancy 10 months ago

I live in Detroit and don’t get me started with all the made up blacks ghetto names! How about Tyquesha, DeLa Quintihishia and Shi Thead? These poor kids have to grow up with these awful names that haunt their whole lives!

Jhaylin 10 months ago

I see no problem with a name being spelled unique as long as it’s not over the top. Nor do I have a problem with a girl having a common “boys” name. I have a “boys” name and it’s spelled differently and I never hated my name. (Jhaylin – jaylen) And my daughter also has a “boys” name that spelled differently. (Jhaydin – jayden) only once has some on completely butchered my name. When people ask mine or my daughter’s name or spelling they love it.

imgur 11 months ago

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Meghan 11 months ago

My mother wanted to name me Aisling (Gaelic, pronounced Ash-lyn), ever since I found that out at 6 I wished she had named me Aisling. I briefly considered changing it when I turned 18 but anyone I mentioned it to was like “YOU’RE GOING TO GET CALLED ASS-LING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. And no one will ever spell it right. Plus, you look like a Meghan.” Though, no one can spell my name now. I also considered asking to go by my middle name, Elisabeth but didn’t follow through. Fun fact, my mom thought Elizabeth looked ugly so she changed it to Elisabeth instead.

My mom and stepdad wanted a Becca but didn’t want to name her that because “Rebecca sounded better than Becca when you yelled it” and my mom also wanted Becca to be a nickname because she likes nicknames (I’m Nutmeg). And they insisted that she will absolutely not be called Becky. Well, Becca is in middle school and is trying to get her friends to call her Bekkii (This is why teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to name anything).
As for my future kids, my husband and I are fans of Gideon, Alastair, Cordelia (Delia), and Millicent. Though we’re not sure we’d actually give Millicent (Millie) to a child. As I teen I loved cre8tive names (And also thought Star was the most beautful name I had ever seen), thank GOD I wasn’t a teen mom. It would have been horrific for all involved.

Jeanne 11 months ago

I changed my name from Jean to Jeanne at 12 because I was sick to death of being surrounded by Wendys, Bonnies and Jennys. I hated the harsh, masculine sound of Jean. Caught a lot of flack from my parents, but they accepted it when I wouldn’t answer to ‘the ugly name’. I broke my own rule about one syllable names for girls when I chose Wren Eleanor for my girl. She loves it. There’s a generational reaction to it. Old people think of the bird-Jenny Wren. Middle-aged people think of Ren in Footloose. Younger people think of Ren & Stimpy or Wren on Even Steven.

Amber 1 year ago

Sorry, named my kids wrong =P We fall in love with fictional characters and my kids are named Ilia (Star Wars, Zelda, Star Trek) and Tyrian (GoT, WoW). We did alter the spelling, another nono! Their names suit them so well, I honestly can’t see them any other way. If they hate their names later for whatever reason, nicknames are as easy as Lia and Ian (or Ty, but I hate the name Ty lol)

I know some Uniquas and Rainbows and Storm, Dash, Infinity etc. I honestly prefer some unique names rather than boring biblical names when we aren’t even Christian.

Agora 1 year ago

Seriously, the rules of English language, phonics, AND yes, spelling allll apply to names just like with anything else. If you insist on making up your own said rules in naming your child, don’t get huffy when people respond accordingly.

Second- studies have been done about prejudice associated with names- as to a person’s level of education, sophistication, economic status, and other factors. In several, resumes were tested on various Fortune 1000 companies with multiple names but similar qualifications. In every case, persons with a name which sounded undesirable due to the above never got called for interviews.

I am not saying it’s right, but I am saying that if you give your kid an obviously made-up name (or made-up spelling, made-up pronunciation, etc.) the assumption WILL often be made that you are illiterate and that your child is of less than desirable intelligence.

Most of the time, people are unconscious of this prejudice, other times they are fully aware of it and don’t care one bit to adjust themselves or their priorities just to suit your precious baby bumpkin’s ill-chosen name.

– See more at:

Agora 1 year ago

OMG finally, someone said it! (I submitted a similar article to SM and it got declined, IDK why…) Seriously, the rules of English language, phonics, AND yes, spelling allll apply to names just like with anything else. If you insist on making up your own said rules in naming your child, don’t get huffy when people respond accordingly.

Second- studies have been done about prejudice associated with names- as to a person’s level of education, sophistication, economic status, and other factors. In several, resumes were tested on various Fortune 1000 companies with multiple names but similar qualifications. In every case, persons with a name which sounded undesirable due to the above never got called for interviews.

I am not saying it’s right, but I am saying that if you give your kid an obviously made-up name (or made-up spelling, made-up pronunciation, etc.) the assumption WILL often be made that you are illiterate and that your child is of less than desirable intelligence.

Most of the time, people are unconscious of this prejudice, other times they are fully aware of it and don’t care one bit to adjust themselves or their priorities just to suit your precious baby bumpkin’s ill-chosen name.

Kaitlyn 1 year ago

My brother is named Jack Daniel. Dad’s name is Daniel. Grandpa’s name was Jack. We call him JD…..

Lisa cross 1 year ago

There is a family in Muskegon that has the unfortunate problem with having the last name of Piggy. Mom decided to have fun with it and named one of her many children Ima and one of them Ura. Not the best choice, but boy would it be hard to deal with a last name that itself is opening the kids up to problems. My husband wanted to name our first child Chris but all I could think of was “Chris Cross Applesauce” being sang on a playground.

BuckyG 1 year ago

As a person with an effed up name myself, I would never give one to my child. My birthparents named me Cannabis Starbuck Gomez. I was named after coffee and weed. Suffice to say that when I was adopted, I began to go by Bucky.

Stephanie 1 year ago

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Jennifer 1 year ago

Another Jennifer born in the eighties here. I actually don’t mind having a common name, but I hate, hate, hate when people call me Jenny. Jen is okay, but not Jenny. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one.

Jenifer, I work in a bilingual school, people spell my name with one ‘n’ all the time because the name became popular in Latin America shortly after it was popular here and that’s the spelling most Spanish speakers use.

Belladonna 1 year ago

They only put Daintae on her first birthday card by the way. We changed it at 1 month.

Belladonna 1 year ago

Oh by the way my husband and I eventually gave up and called her Caitlin. I prefer Caitlin anyway but my husband wanted Dante. It’s her middle name now.

Belladonna 1 year ago

God, parents can be so invasive. I wanted to name my daughter Dante. ( pronounced Dan-tay I think it suits a girl, but not as Don-Tay) and my parents say the name is for boys and always spell it Daintae (I know right! ) on her birthday cards because it’s more ‘feminine’. I drew a very firm line when my mum started pronouncing it ‘dainty’. At school I got so fed up with people saying I was a poisonous plant and running away I went by Donna at my second school.

Google 1 year ago

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ScaryDaddy 1 year ago

Names used to have a meaning. In todays America, not so much. You have mangled traditional meaningful names from all over Europe almost beyond recognition, and made up a whole lot of nonsensical bullshit names. Some nigger even named his niglet “Preziden”, and got upset when his father in law didn’t like it. Really? God damn nigger shit and the white trash that’s mixing with them has destroyed America.

Krista 1 year ago

My kids have made up first names, but I think they are relatively tasteful, and aren’t a play on other names or a combination(although I guess my daughter’s could be).

My daughter’s name is Casdia Lynn(Kaz dee uh) and goes by Cazzie, and my son’s name is Kevadi Christopher(Keh vah dee). They are both names from characters in my stories. I made sure to give them normal middle names so they’ll have something else to go by if they don’t like them.

Lo 1 year ago

I have come across many men with feminine names – Kelly, Linda, Dana, Ashley. It’s really sad but all the men are very bitter & grumpy people.

Lo 1 year ago

Oh my god! ahahahahahah XD Those are so bad!

Lo 1 year ago

I can’t get over how many kids are being named Jax. After a show about rapist bikers! This drives me nuts. “I was named after the main character from the show Sons of Anarchy.” How lame!
Also the Kayden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden names. Holy don’t people read the paper or articles about the most common names? I would try to avoid them. Lately it’s Noah, Sophia, Olivia, Liam. I read an article that said, if you had 4 Michaels, Steve’s & Crystals in your class (yes I did) then get ready for Aiden’s, Charlotte’s & Grayson’s.

Daniel 1 year ago

Aaron is nowhere near the boy’s version of Erin. In fact, Erin isn’t the right name, it’s Éirinn. It’s an Irish name. Aaron is Egyptian I believe. Erin is both a male and female name, although poets used to use it as a romantic name for Ireland itself, and tended to refer to it as female, but as a name, both are spelt ‘Erin’.

Daniel 1 year ago

Braden is an Irish name, and considering we’re a people known from throwing in WAY to many letters.. i mean have you ever SEEN Gaelic words? they’re ridiculously confusing.. and even within the word Gaelic, you have the ae combination, so im assuming it may have been a normal way to spell it at some point or another. you just went back to the roots, you didnt ADD a vowel 😛

Daniel 1 year ago

I don’t know a single male, ANYWHERE, that wouldn’t INSIST on being called Tornado.

Chelsey 1 year ago

For one I agree with everything you said except for when people don’t share their baby names you “assume” its because they don’t want to hear negative feedback. I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first child and I’m having a girl. Unfortunately I live in a very small town where everybody copies everyone and there’s a lot of noisy people who gossip and spread rumors and are pregnant with their first child as well and went to school with me and are having girls as well. For instance theres a girl I went to school with and she just had her little girl but while she was pregnant she asked me if i had picked out any baby names and at that time the name my fiance and I were thinking about was lily so I told her so far that would be the name we were giving our daughter well guess what she just named her daughter thats right LILY!! So the new name I chose I haven’t told anyone because I don’t want them to copy my name and use it. Its a name that has alot of meaning to myself and family and I don’t know anyone with this name and I could give a damn if anyone thinks its silly or doesnt like it all that matters is my fiance and I like it.

Amanda 1 year ago

My sister named her daughter Lexi Fern Farmer.
I weep for her future.

I always joked about naming my first son Bif Clancy because I hated telling people. His name is Damien, lol. According to my grandma, it isn’t a “good, strong name”, but whatever!

Anastasia 1 year ago

I was born on Easter sunday too and I was named Anastasia because it means “resurrection”. It helped that it was also my moms favorite name since she was 7.

WDJ 1 year ago

My kids have normal names… Although people tend to screw up spelling my oldest’s name, Keith… It’s I before E… except in Keith.

Katie may never be spelled with a C…
Or have a Y at the end.
That is all. Carry on.

Teresa 1 year ago

Ok, I work in the childcare field and I have had some doozeys (that is not one of them!). Here we go:
Jasmine Tea Garden, Cedar Breeze, Justin Case, Spiral, Surreal, Ultra Violet, Friday, Marina and her brother Harbor, Sixten, Grignon, Arayah, Alayah, Seedrah, Tiger Lily, Cud, Truck and his brother Steele, Misty Dawn, Rainy Day, Yse, Yno, Winter, Summer, Sonshine, Sonnett, Granger, Danger, Chance, Destiny, Tamarind, Banyon, Canyon, Cannon,..

liss 1 year ago

Are you in TX or Arkansas? My coworker’s mom is a teacher in Texarkana, and she had twin students named Orangejello and Lemonjello. There just can’t be that much of a coincidence.

Sam 1 year ago

@ Denise: I like old regal like name too, you might able to get him to settle with a name from history that still works today, many of the Kings have names that still work today, sure look at Prince George.
Alexander is a great name, its sound sort of upper class but not snotty. There so many historical figures that have that name.

N.B sorry people for the typos ok previous post, only realised now. Stupid Autotext :-(

Sam 1 year ago

Since when is “Kelly” okay as a Boys name. Maybe its because I’m Ireland and its a very common surname, but I’ve never heard as a boys name and here at least you would just give your kid a cursed childhood if you named him Kelly. What I can stand what Americans (sometimes Austrailans or in Ireland / UK the New-money types will do) is make a First name out of a surname espically an Irish surname which usually has a prefix so please stop calling your kids “Harrison” or “Mckensy” ect its god dam awful, these names are surnames and will always be surnames. Its not like Connor or Kelly ect as the above names have some sort of prefix built in like Mc or O or end with son. Other mostly tacky American names are as you said gender-bending names, even if your daughter is a massive tom boy and you are a strong femist (which are good to break old social boxes) calling your daughter Billie-Ray is still awful. Oh yeah hyphen names espically of made up names are the worst, its only nice if its the older ones like Mary-Kate or Anne-Marie ect

Miss Nancy 1 year ago

Ghetto made up names! La Ron, Jaquiri, Quintishia, De La Hari, J’Wan, Shante, and Tinishia!

K 1 year ago

I don’t care for the crazy spellings and pronunciations either but refusing to call children by their intended names is arrogant and rude. Showing disrespect to someone because of your opinion doesn’t make them look stupid, it makes you look like a snob. When you do it to children, you’re just being a jerk.

Denise 1 year ago

I need opinions, and where better to go than the internet… My husband and I are looking to start our family. He is a HUGE history lover. Loves everything about it. Since he was old enough to even think of having his own children, he wanted to name is first born son, Caesar Augustus. Yes, really. I personally feel that my child will get picked on each and every day of his life until he’s old enough to own his name…….or possibly change it. I don’t want to name him this….AT ALL!!! So this is where your opinions are appreciated…. Since this has been a dream of his, do I roll with it, and teach my child to own this name? Or plead and beg for my husband to reconsider? HELP!!

Lisilka 2 years ago

Our “Aidan Christopher” only gets both names when he’s in deep $%!#, and his surname comes right afterwards.

NativeFosterMom 2 years ago

I think you are blowing it a little out of proportion as well as labeling the writer as a “piece of crap”. Truth hurts sometimes and being a southerner myself – I found it quite funny.
I also personally know people by the name of Johnny Bob, Chumlee, Rope, Kactus, and Country. I REALLY wish I was kidding.

Joslyn 2 years ago

We made up our daughter’s name. Greylen *smiles sheepishly* I loved the name Grey as a girl’s name but wanted to “pretty it up”. My name ends in -lyn I didn’t like the way Greylyn looked with the Ys surrounding the L so we went with Greylen. Which we love and it is now who she is.

Meagan R 2 years ago

Please Dont give your kid a “special” spelling name, I have never loved the spelling of my name. I get tired of telling people that their is a second A in there, or that my name is not pronounced ME-gan. I have had medical records screwed up over it, and have lost potential jobs because my name is confusing.

Now I did give my daughter a unique name, Luna Elizabeth. NO it is not from Harry Potter even though I think Luna Lovegood is an amazing character. It is not from Sailor Moon either. I have always loved the name Luna ever since I found out that it was the last name of my childhood best friend, It was also great that she was born the night of a new moon. Elizabeth is a generational family middle name, she is the first born of the 5th generation to have it. The name has been running for 5 generations now, so it is pretty traditional.

Tara 2 years ago

I’m still trying to have kids but I have my top name for a girl and boy picked out. Liliana for the girl and Jaxon for a boy. I love them. The only problem I ever had with my name was when kids spelled it backwards and called me “a rat” but my dad says he knew twin girls in high school who’s last name was Crust and their parents named them Cookie and Candy. Those poor girls must have been teased so badly.

Alexandria 2 years ago

I’ve always liked my name, but since I found it a bit too long to say all the time:
Hey Alexandria, want a smoothie?

I go by Lexi.

Hey Lexi, want a smoothie?

I find that much easier. When I’m older I’ll probably pick a new nickname, maybe Alexis or maybe stick with Lexi. I haven’t decided yet. But for now, telling people my name is Lexi and telling them my real name later on is easier than saying
‘My name is Alexandria, but you can call me Lexi.’

Jennifer @ grimmricksen 2 years ago

As a Jennifer born in the 1980s, having a normal name can be just as annoying as a “weird” one.

Nobody likes being one of six other girls with the same name in a 20 person classroom.

Allison 2 years ago

I just wish more people would pick names that will sound good AFTER the kids get out of Kindergarten. Trinley? Braxley? Remember your children are going to need serious careers later in life…..they are not going to be 3 forever. A

Allison 2 years ago

Oh my Lord I could hug you right now!!! I think that same thing! I can’t stand the “Aiden” rhyme names. I am also sick (and I apologize if this applies, but I have seen it way too much) of the middle name Grace. EVERYONE is Grace….Abby Grace, Jenna Grace, Cailey Grace, and I know literally 6 Emma Graces. I went to a birthday party and about 4 moms said “Oh I have a Grace too”. Really?

Melinda Reidinger 2 years ago

Why don’t you come over to Eastern Europe – where we live – and try to convince all the (millions) of males who are named Andrej/Andrei/Andrey to change their names to Andrew or something else “sturdy” enough to suit your American prejudices? That’d be fun, right? I’m sure my son’s great uncle Andrej would think you’re a riot. But this isn’t just about you, you’d be doing all these poor benighted souls such a HUGE favor. After fixing all the Andrej/i/y men you you could then reach out to the Krystynas, Barboras, Lucies, Petrs, Pavels, and others who do not spell their names the way your friends and relatives do.

Just imagine…you could entirely reform the rules of Slavic orthography and replace Cyril and Methodius and Amos Komensky in the textbooks as a patron saint of language. God, I envy you!

Zmijka 2 years ago

I think she meant that i the South it is popular to use two names simultaneously, this name calling part of the educated South?

Rebecca 2 years ago

I agree with a lot of what you say, but did you have to be such a dick saying it? We didn’t share their names before our kids were born mostly because we didn’t want other family members endlessly weighing in.

Ellen 2 years ago

Maeve is my oldest daughter’s name. I love it and she gets lots of compliments on it. I am big into Celtic mythology and husband has an Irish last name, so it was a perfect fit. :)

J 2 years ago

Also, new parents, for the love of god, stop naming your children things that rhyme with ‘Aiden’. This whole ‘Cayden/Brayden/Jaidyn/Zaiden/Tayden’ thing has got to stop. It’s just embarrassing.

YouToStupid 2 years ago

Really? It’s “too”. Maybe double check your spelling and grammar before calling so wine stupid. Also, you’re too stupid to understand that this is tongue-in-cheek.

Zoë 2 years ago

I agree with all of these, although I think sometimes traditionally “male” names can sound neat for a female child. I met a girl named Theo once. Not short for Theodore, just Theo. I thought it sounded quite nice.

Jilissa 2 years ago

Don’t change how you are spelling your baby’s name to accommodate the stupidity of others. I read Ares the same as I’d read Aries and any other intelligent person will do the same. Plus, if your child asks you 10 years from now why it’s Aries and not Ares, do you really want to tell him you altered his verbal identity to accommodate the general population’s decline in IQ?

angel 2 years ago

My little babys name is ares. its after the greek god of war and is spelled correctly. the father thinks it should be aries because other people can read it . interesting fact . ares was his idea and he knows spellings wrong but just thinks when

people mispronounce
It will suck for ares.what should i do

Deborah 2 years ago

A coworker named his daughter Artemis and I think it is lovely.

Jude’s Mom 2 years ago

I once had and acquaintance with the last name Renz. Naturally her parents named her Mercedee. That’s right, MERCEDEE RENZ! Awful.

Kel 2 years ago

My name is Kelli, I have been called Kayley and Keelee my entire life due to this. I even started going by Keelee until my cousin named her daughter that. It’s Kelly, with an I. Yet it’s impossible for people to wrap their heads around.

I have seen some great BAD ones in my life.

Tripper Enfell was a guy I knew growing up, his parents owned the laundry mat near our house. Trip En-fell. My dad got yrs of enjoyment at that poor kids expense.

My principle in grade school was, Harold Dick. Harry Dick. My parents used to tell that and laugh and I didn’t get in until I was older.

I knew twins named Star and Sky and they had a sister Heaven Lee. This was 20 something yrs ago so I heard that for yrs before I saw celebrities doing it.

My step moms brother named his sons Miller and Bud. True. Story.

Last but not least, my dads bff since high school is Constanance Bonner, also referred to a Constant Boner. My whole life, that’s what they have called her.

Me and my honey want to name our son Indiana James or Atticus Finn. If it’s a girl Rinoah West. My dad promises me if I do he will make fun of them until he dies.

Alyssa Parrish 2 years ago

The "he's a Southerner" quote just turned me off to this article by this ridiculous, hypenated "writer."

Stephanie 2 years ago

All through school, there were never less than 2 other Stephanie’s in my class (I was born in the mid 80’s), so I wanted to avoid doing that to my kids.. With my first child, I went with Liam because I read it in a book, and I really liked it. It wasn’t a name I heard often, it was easy to spell and difficult to make fun of – 2 very important things to keep in mind when naming children, as far as I’m concerned. That one kind of blew up on me though, because it ended up being very popular.
My other son, however, I named Seth (same reasons as above) and it’s been a hit, except with some of my fathers family because they butcher the pronunciation. Not quite sure where the came up with ‘Seeth’ or ‘Set’ but it can be quite aggravating having to constantly correct them. They’ve taken to calling him Jimmy because he looks so much like my uncle

Alia 2 years ago

Ummmm…. no its not… I am Indian.. very much so.. We do have names like Kshitij, Surnames like Dixit, but no Shitheads.. sorry!! And we pretty much spell our names phonetically.. so Shithead would be pronounced Shit-head, nothing silent..

Shahid, Shaheed are different names altogether, of arabic/persian origin…
Speaking of arabic names.. There is a common name Anas its pronounced like the english “an” and “us”… My very wannabe friends decided that the traditional spelling was too boring and bland.. and decided to chage is from Anas to… you guessed it.. ANUS!!! I smfh furiously!!!

Amanda L. Richards 2 years ago

We come up with code names, like Boris or Nehemiah. The first time was by accident, though. Everyone really thought that we were naming our first daughter "Delfina." My mom knew the name we'd chosen was Polish and started with a D. She found this one and told everyone that was it (with a sly remark to me about how clever she was). We just let them go on thinking it ("Yep. You sure guessed it. I just love dolphins that much!").

Her name is actually Danica.

We like to keep our baby names a secret, mostly because my family is filled with people who will "just die" if we use that name. I can let a lot of comments roll off of my back, but why bother? No one has the balls to say anything once they're already here.

Shannon NayNay Gray 2 years ago

LOL those were my initials before I married. My parents insisted they were not referred to as STDs in the late 70s but instead by what they were (i.e., herpes, chlamydia, etc)

Sue 2 years ago

We have a Jolie, too! Love it!

C.j. North 2 years ago

I've seen L-a, Le-ah, and Le-a. One of them actually got mad for me pronouncing the dash and corrected to Lee ah (Le-a).

Amy 2 years ago

Lily Potter nee Evans sister is named Petunia. So both plant names.

Brittani Jorgensen 2 years ago

I have 2 girls Briston (Brittani+Weston) and Oaklie (male name turned female) and you can just soak in it if you'd like >=]

Joseph Bailey 2 years ago


Benjamin Collins 2 years ago

To all the people in this thread who think they're the exception: stop it. You're not the exception. If your child has to spend the rest of his life correcting people, then you lose.

gazebo 2 years ago

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Lacy Anderson 2 years ago

I noticed that too. I'm not sure what the author meant by the "no further comment necessary" bit. The rest of the article was on point, but I found that rather insulting and uncalled for.

Michaela 2 years ago

Hey I’m a Michaela. I was named after my dad Michael. My cousin’s step-daughter is named Makayla and it makes me mad.

Gina Amann 2 years ago

It's supposed to be funny, I'm sure she wasn't trying to offend. It is funny, and it is annoying when people do that to their kids.

Dryden Stradivarius 2 years ago

My ex used to work with a man named Squirrel who decided to carry on the anger of his terrible name by naming his daughter Critter. (Which to be honest, I am one of those terrible patents and I think that is adorable, but I'd give her a normal middle name or something to choose from… Because I am sane and quirky.)

nikki 2 years ago

I knew a woman that named her son homerun. No bs, we all thought it was silly. It was his dads CB handle (he was a trucker). I like unique names but that one was crazy.

Taylor Lindsey Bankston-Steeger 2 years ago

My son is named Jakson, we dropped the c I couldn't get into naming him Jackson and have his nickname be Jax bc the spellings are so off and I hate the name Jack so we went with Jakson and call him Jaks. I love it.

Sarah Marie 2 years ago

I have two little girls with beautiful names that fit them both. My 4 year old’s name is Caileigh(pronounced Kylee) Elizabeth. My 2 year old is Taryn Skye. And with my oldest, yes we looked in to that spelling to make sure the pronunciation was correct. We rarely have to correct people on it

Annette Harvey Young 2 years ago

This is a humor blog. 😉

Kim Cherry Meeks Siefke 2 years ago

Stacia Searcy Scofero that is so funny – I know he drives for UPS or did as one of our friends also knew him as his delivery driver… I figured they were still around town but must have landed at a different school after preschool :) that story is priceless though.

Celeste MacLeod Barlow 2 years ago

I have often come across the name Faghme – my spelling is off but when it is pronounced out loud it sounds like Fuk-Me. Which can be incredibly disturbing if you are standing on a factory floor calling Fuk-Me at the top off your lungs.

Issa 2 years ago

Good, I have an ally! Our last name is Glasscock. Not kidding. Hubby wants to name our first girl Anya. Anya Glasscock? Not happening. He went through school with a lot of ‘Cox.’ Maycox, Willcox, ect. Still, while I like Anya as a name, it’s not for us.

Stephanie Conner 2 years ago

At 6 mos pregnant we decided on our son's name: Harrison Butterfield. One night, shortly after that decision, I woke up and sat straight up, woke up my husband and informed him we were naming our child Harry Butt! We kept the name. He is 12 and still none of his friends have caught on. I have called him Harry Butt all along just to get him used to it and hopefully not be so bothered by it. It's really become a 'pet' name.

Heidi Herlihy Alger 2 years ago

Al'ai Alvarez , You look like a guy who has lived up to and earned the apostrophe, originality, status you have been given. Your life looks so unique as your name that your friends/family will probably name their sons after you, apostrophe and all. But at least then it will then have an origin as well.

Daina Anise Reynolds 2 years ago

Not once did the article mention names from a different language origin than English (or that are commonly used in North America or other primarily English-speaking countries), and I don't believe that was the intent of the article. It's more like, instead of naming your kid "Amadea," you named her "Ahmahdayuh," or something to that effect (hope I'm getting the pronunciation right). Or worse yet, something like "Gandalf Jedi."

Speaking of which, my name is actually an example. The usual spelling is "Dana," although I've seen some "Dayna"s and fewer "Daina"s.

Anonymous 2 years ago

He was Southern, so no further comment is necessary? Really? Do you realize that most of the current top-10 public universities are in the South? We're just as likely to be educated as someone from above the Mason-Dixon line, and I firmly believe that a Northerner would be just as likely as anyone else to choose an idiotic name. The prejudices that come through in your writing are revolting. Regardless of what I name my child, I hope he or she will not grow up to be an idiotic piece of crap like you.

Jazmyn Anderson 2 years ago

Nor can i find stuff with my spelling of my name on it, but now i cant for my daughter who's name is "Presley" unless its for Elvis Presley. lol

Stacia Searcy Scofero 2 years ago

LOL…..we know them well. The dad, Don, is one of the funniest people I have ever met. If you knew him, you would understand that Bridgette, the mom, couldnt win this one and had to go along with it!!!

Kim Cherry Meeks Siefke 2 years ago

my daughter went to a birthday party for a boy named beck stout….I thought it a bit odd but ok whatever….till I met his brothers guiness and killian….letting your husband pick the names without power of veto = bad move….

Samantha McMillan 2 years ago

We made up a name for our daughter–Starren. We wanted something beautiful but unusual, something original but not ridiculous. Something she could live with and enjoy, and that anyone with a passing acquaintance with English could pronounce and spell. We did, however, have to re-evaluate the middle name were were going to give her, when we realized she would end up with the initials STD…um, no.

Liz 2 years ago

This article really rings true with those of us watching our friends naming their children things like “London” and “Paisley” (yes, after the fabric pattern). One subject that was not covered, but that I find equally annoying is double names that are way too long or are a mouthful to say. “Margaret Allyson” and “Aiden Christopher” will never be called both names by anyone other than family members who feel obligated because your insistence on this comes with a temper tantrum, and I don’t mean one from the kid. Every Mary-something I’ve ever known is eventually called Mary by her adult friends and co-workers, and the same holds true for most John-somethings. Sometimes a double name CAN roll off the tongue nicely and end up being your child’s official moniker, but even then, chances are that Ava Grace will simply be “Ava”.

Cynthia 2 years ago

It sounds very Arabic. I don’t know if it is. You might like to try something that goes with Jenkins. I like Kym’s suggestion of Zander. My friend’s son is Alexander and they call him Xander. No problems with that around here. My children have legal names that everyone calls them, but I have so many nicknames for my kids and I am pretty much the only one to call them that! Dad has his own name for each of them also.

Cynthia 2 years ago

I get them not liking Dalilah. I had named my ornery cat that a few years ago. Yes, she would be teased unmercifully.

Cynthia 2 years ago

In my time I have heard: Izuniquike (I is unique), Hemi with last name Dodge, Annfernee ( a boy, “Anthony” which I thought was a girl, “Ann”), Shenneekkeewaa, Lestat (king of the vampires), and Jihad. And, of course, there are more.

Cynthia 2 years ago

My Evelyn Rose is 8!

Cynthia 2 years ago


Cynthia 2 years ago

Elaina and Augustus are wonderful names. No eye rolling needed. I named my oldest daughter Sarah… knowing she might be mad at me later, but it is so beautiful. She loves being the “Princess”, which is what it means. Of my eight children, the only “off” one is Jethro, which I really thought would have become popular by now because of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. We were not naming him for that, but we both just like the name.

Mitch 2 years ago

Thanks for this article. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who hated fad names. The parents of these kids need to think ahead to how their children are going to feel with these silly names by the time they reach old age. I shudder to think how someone with a silly name will feel if they go into a nursing home. ” OK, Rainbeaux-Sunshyne. Time for your meds ! ” UGH !

Addison 2 years ago

I know a boy named Aiden Tornado. When the mom was in labor, the hospital had tornado threats and moved all of the patients into the hallway, where she ended up having to give birth. o.O
At least it’s his middle name and he doesn’t have to go by it.

BW 2 years ago

In my restaurant I once heard a mother call for her daughter… Jambalaya. I couldn’t believe my ears.

BW 2 years ago

The problem I have with Navaeh, other than I personally think it’s silly, is that every time I’ve ever heard it used it’s not pronounced the way it’s spelled. Navaeh, Heaven spelled backwards, does not spell NUH-VAY-UH, it spells NUH-VAH-AYE. If it is pronounced the latter I have little issue with it really.

Jon Thomas-Mackerelle 2 years ago

As a woman named Jon who was named after another woman named Jon, It's not my problem you are to damn stupid.

phinch 2 years ago

Being a victim of parents who wanted to break gender roles, I was given a very masculine name. After 25 years of people asking “Did your parents want a boy?” and thousands of mispronounciations, I decided to use my middle name when introducing myself. Don’t punish your kids with a bad name people!

Steve 2 years ago

Went to middle school with a Candice Kane. Yeah, sounds like a porn alias: Candy Kane.

Elizabeth 2 years ago

My cousin spells her name “Karin” and one of my sister’s friends growing up spells her name “Caryn”. I ALWAYS ask!

Nina 2 years ago

Me and most of my cousins are all first generation Italian-Americans. My brothers and I were given super-Italian names that were often mispronounced/spelled, but we love it. My cousins whose parents went with more Americanized names are jealous and all us girls are planning to name our kids Italian names, mini-license plates and tourist mugs be damned.

Shannon Lin 2 years ago

Kevan is actually an acceptable spelling, at least in fandoms. There's a character named Kevan Lannister in Game of THrones.

Hannah Crull-Sher 2 years ago

Just a sidenote, it's L-a (I know because my brother in law treated her mother at a local hospital). I see a lot of those snowflake names. Some of them just make me shake my head and sigh, M'Kaziana, Vanija (I can the nicknames she'll have in high school), Ma'Nija (pronounced like menage a trois without the trois), Zy-Sherion, Chinya (which of course is an alternate spelling for Shania), Najah (pronounced nausea), the list goes on…

Arriya Davis 2 years ago

I love the name Mariska. It's beautiful, and the woman that I would be naming her after is a crusader against sexual abuse and domestic violence. I was named after a movie myself, The Fifth Element, after the 'aria' that the blue alien was singing. I love my name, so ignore the judgement people. A name is just a name.

Lara Thisisridiculous Shirar 2 years ago

My name comes from a "trendy fictional character" of my mother's time. Lara is a beautiful name from Dr. Zhivago, but, I have spent most of my life getting irritated that NO ONE can pronounce it as it is intended. Not even other Laras pronounce it correctly! Anyhoo, I also named my daughter after a fictional character. Her name is Siona, and it's beautiful. I appreciate unique names, but I agree, some of them go way over the line. Le-ah…wtf.

Rosie 2 years ago

I’ve got a winner here. A girl at my son’s middle school is named Abcde. It is pronounced Ab-sa-dee. I’m serious.

I Has A Normal Name 2 years ago

My parents gave me a normal name. Amy. I wish it was spelled differently only because my middle name is also three letters long. But oh well… I finally grew to like my name…somewhat.

Chloey Jameson 2 years ago

My first son has a classic name I picked for his first name, his middle name is my dad's first name, his last name is my dad's last name. My second son's first name is my dad's first name with "son" added to the end of it, he also has my dad's middle and last name. I have my dad's last name as well because I am keeping my maiden name forever. I'm not very traditional in some ways (I had my children 16 years apart and two different fathers – we did the "best friends having a kid together" bit because I 99% am not attracted to men nor see myself having a future with one.. although things are starting to pick up with new baby's dad.. aww :') But I'm traditional in that I don't want my kids to have to spell out their names! And I like to carry down the family name – my sibling is not having children. So I, the girl, am carrying down my dad's name. There is a lot of love in our family and my dad is proud <3

Sam McCarney Michael 2 years ago

I think Cordelia is a kick-ass name!

Sam McCarney Michael 2 years ago

My friend's cousin had a "Le-ah" in school. The mom said to her "the dash isn't silent" wtf, man. My daughter's name is Alicyn Catherine. I got a lot of slack for it, but I don't care. My grandmothers were Alice and Catherine, but I've never been a big fan of Alice, so I named her Alicyn, so it would still have Alice involved, but be more verbally appealing to my ears. My friend told me that I was going to ruin her life and I told him that I would do plenty of other things to ruin her life and when he births a 10.5 pound person, he can do whatever he wants with it.

Jeanne 2 years ago

I go by my middle name Jeanne. I have always been called Jean knee. I get strange pronunciations like you. I would rather be called my first name, Laura.

It is hard when a woman is called by a middle name – what do you go by, first name, then middle name or first name, maiden name, or any combination.

Karen 2 years ago

I am a teacher, and this year I have a boy just named Dash. :-) No need to pronounce the hyphen. I imagine it is after the Incredibles character. Funny thing is, he is the slooooowest kid in my Kindergarten class (not intellectually, but physically.)
After spending my whole life wishing I had a nickname, my girls are named classic names that have easy (and multiple choices of) nicknames: Margaret (Maggie) Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Rebekah (Beka). Though Beka gets a bit of grief about spelling. To me, it makes no sense to spell her nickname Becca when she has no c’s in her name. We decided it was cuter looking without the h on the end.
To the Karin above– in my preteen angst, I changed the spelling of my name briefly to Karin (since I had no nickname) but it just didn’t stick.

Mae Etta Jensen 2 years ago

My husband and I couldn't agree on our one and only late in life baby's name. 6 months in it got to the point we weren't speaking. After seeing an article on Gracie Allen, the comedian, we both offhandedly said Gracie isn't so bad. Then we quit all talk about names again. Three weeks later we realized we were both mentally referring to our little one as Gracie. And then promptly started arguing over a middle name (since neither were crazy about Gracie). Our solution was to split the name. Grace Zea. We travel to New Zealand on occasion so it was familiar sounding. It translates to Graceful Sea. Upon entering kindergarten and finding herself in a sea of Graces and Gracies our Gracie Zea promptly asked the teachers to refer to her as Zea and for her classmates to call her Zea-Zea and family to continue calling her Grace Zea. It is good to have Aliases I guess. She is rocking the name and is never confused with anyone else. When asked were her parents came up with such a weird name she tells people, "I gave it to them". At age 9 she is now one of the best known kids is school, not due to her stoic nature but, her crazy name. She is a trip

Libby 2 years ago

There is an announcer at a radio station who spells HIS name Erin…really confuses me because that is the traditional spelling for a girl. Aaron is the boy’s version.
An “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash moment.

nikkala 2 years ago

My name is said as ni-cola but a lot of people say it as ni-kay-la lol… daughter’s name is Milei said as miley but everyone says millie…. I’m pregnant with my 2nd and we have gone with Reahgan…. So all 3 of us have strange spelling names lol xx

Kacey 2 years ago

My name is just unique enough, I think. I am 35 and could care less if someone spells my name wrong, which they always do, unless it’s on a legal document. Pet peeve is when they shorten my name to Kac.

Britanie K 2 years ago

Oh my… I go through that all the time! Very annoying!

Jaimie 2 years ago

Weird! Our daughter is Lily, like the flower. Not short for Lillian, just Lily. So many people spell it Lilly and it drives us nuts. We have seen it spelled both ways on thr gift shop trinkets, though. The woman who said Lilly is wrong us actually in the wrong, if you ask me. If her full name is Lillian, then Lilly should be acceptable as a nickname. Being Jaimie with two i’s, this post cracks me up. Talk about never getting gift shop trinkets forever having your name spelled wrong. I would even get tax refunds with my name misspelled. We’re due with Baby #2 this Christmas and have already decided on James since we’re having a boy, Jamie as a nickname. No oddball spellings, but we’ve gotten flack for Jamie not being a nickname for James. Apparently, to some morons, only Jim or Jimmy. But we’re not fans of Jim or Jimmy, so Jamie he will be. Also, someone said it was cruel to name our kids after Harry Potter’s parents. Neither my husband or I ever got into the HP craze, so we had no idea. And only ONE person pointed this out to us. So we’re sticking with it.

Angela Rosin 2 years ago

We kept our baby names a secret because we wanted it to be surprise that we name our kid a normal name. Then when I named him people asked me were I got the name from. Its Tommy need I say more its a cute name for a kid any age and when hes older he can go by Tom if he wants. Oh and we liked the name.

Nichole 2 years ago

My name is Nichole Maree and for 33 years, or possibly 30 since I didn’t realize the uniqueness until then, I’ve constantly let my mother know how much I don’t appreciate what she deems “makes me special”. Do you know what I would have preferred? Being able to find my name on a personalized pencil for school like everyone else. Or not having to correct everyone. Or not just hating life and accepting that someone who just glances at my name is going to call me Michelle so why not just go with it.
One thing you didn’t touch on that I always council my pregnant friends on is not giving a child 4 names. Pick two and go with it. My best friend was given the name Erin Tammy Colleen Smith. Yup, her initials are etc Smith. She goes by Tammy but has always had problems with such things as the DMV, her SATs, her college ID, and credit cards. It really ruins the night when in Vegas she has to pull out 3 forms of ID to prove her name when paying the tab. Your child won’t be more special with more names. It’ll only breed more resentment.
Thank you! Great article.

Skyler Harvey 2 years ago

When I was picking out a name for my first born I used to try invisioning that name in print directly following the worlds, "Supreme Court Justice". It probably saved my daughter from being branded with a moniker like "Bambi"! :-O

Meg Bergeron 2 years ago

How about actually teaching them to define themselves instead of expecting a name to do it for them? More likely it will just frustrate the crap out of them later in life. Even my name is annoying as hell because there are too many ways to spell it and it's not even weird.

Teresa 2 years ago

We gave each of our sons a unique first name, then two middle names so they could go by something else if they just hated theirs. Now several girls have the same name as my middle son, and my youngest goes by his initial, “Z”. Unique names can go either way, but I’m sure there are limits. :)

For instance, I met a girl named Crystal Ball. Really. Crystal Ball. My husband (not always known for tact) burst out laughing when he read her name from a list. She just rolled her eyes and sighed. At least she can change her last name when she marries.

Beki 2 years ago

I named my youngest after people in books I read while I was pregnant with him… D’Artagnan Mercutio Zayn Kole… yup, 3 middle names and not a lot is ordinary… we call him Kole or D’Art… He loves his name and so do we :)

Non-typical names add spice to the world just as non-typical people do 😀

KylerRomo 2 years ago

My name is Kyler I’m a girl ^^ everyone is saying kyler is a boys name T.T idk what my name represents like archery wood or a church I LOVE my name BUt seriously people I read comments about my name and one once said if your a girl with the name kyler you should just go kill yourself by now makes me sad reading comments like that

Justine Barnes 2 years ago

I've always loved that my name was uncommon but always sucked when nothing ever had my name on it lol

Janeen Richardson 2 years ago

Kim Bowes – really?? that surprises me… it's become so common. i guess because people spell it so many different ways?

Kim Bowes 2 years ago

We can't find anything for Brayden either its not cool !!

Janeen Richardson 2 years ago

Loved it :) My name is on the 'less common' side.. I always have to spell it (though I think phonetically it makes more sense than Janine, Jeannine, or Genean) and have never had a personalized pen/keychain/mug bought off the shelf at a store. My parents combined their mothers' names (Irene and Josephine), but my sisters got normal names (Jessica and Tiffanie.. she has to correct everyone with the "ie"). I hated it when I was younger, but love it now. My husband (Tom) and I named our son Ryder. Surprisingly, no one has misspelled it yet!

Megan Fennell 2 years ago

Your name is unique in that there aren't very many Cordelias running around but the point above circles more around jacked-up unique, like if your parents had called you Kordeeleya. Cordelia is one of those names that while not many people have it, everyone knows how to spell it and say it. (It's also quite lovely!)

Patty Bell ODonnell 2 years ago

sounds like it was meant to be!

Rachel Powlas 2 years ago

I named my son Evan which is very normal. It turns out he wad early and ended up being born on my grandmother Eva's birthday. We had already decided on the name but it was a fun coincidence that his name has her's in it.

Jenn 2 years ago

You can call it “claptrap” all that you like, but the names Quintana, Amadea and Andrej are pretentious as hell. I’m laughing out loud that I’m supposedly “snooty” for thinking so. I’m a 1975-born Jennifer and I made sure that I named my kids good, sturdy names that no one will ever ask them to spell.

Margaret 2 years ago

Wow, that won’t scar the child for life- being reminded by her very identity that she was unwanted. Sickening.

Margaret 2 years ago

I have a friend in America who is of Polish descent. His name (and his father’s) are spelled like yours. Of course, no Americans ever pronounce it right the first try. So many Polish words seem to have “extra, useless letters” in them. All those z’s and j’s all over the place, that are silent, hehehe! And for those wondering- it’s pronounced like the more common in America, “Andre'” (ON-dray)

Margaret 2 years ago

Makes me think of “Militia,” which isn’t all that appealling to me as a name, but my opinion mean bupkiss, so rock on, sister!

Dawniel Thorn 2 years ago

I have an usual name pronounced simply Dawn-Yell with sisters named Ashley and Abigayle. I can feel for the last part of the blog… the child LIVES with the name… but I believe a child can be taught to be proud of the name no matter how common or crazy. I chose common names with a twist for my children. Demitrious and Danika (The first letter being a D was an accident).

Melinda Reidinger 2 years ago

So judgmental. What about ethnic versions of names, such as Krystyna, which is the Czech way to spell Christina? There are many others, but you get the point. As for the "well established for the opposite sex" names, the example you selected (Maxwell) is usually a surname. The trend for giving WASP surnames to girls (oddly, no one names their daughter Goldfarb or Papadopoulous) was established decades if not centuries ago by what used to be called the preppy class, and it spread to the rest of the USA in the 1980s. As for Esmerelda Ireland, it's pretty goofy, but certainly better than the Jennifers who were born in 1973 and sometimes made up half the female members of a class.

As the mother of Quintana, Amadea, and Andrej I really don't give a fig for U.S. naming conventions or snooty folk who think that something different is something less.

Kassa 2 years ago

I am named Wendy and always hated being called ‘Windy’. Many times I threatened to change the spelling to ‘Whendy’ so it wouldn’t be mispronounced, lol. Kassa is short for Kassabelia, an internet gaming name I used for years. I was very tempted to give the name to my daughter, but my husband vetoed it.

Kassa 2 years ago

My daughter is named Minerva, I confess I received a good deal of skepticism about it from my coworkers, but the name just fits her. My biggest concern is keeping people from calling her ‘Minnie’ as our last name is ‘Newdick’.

Elizabeth Baron McEachron 2 years ago

When we were picking names (before we knew gender) we both liked Declan, then we said it out loud with out last name and the rhyme was so bad that we burned the paper that we wrote the name on. Additionally, we have three nephews with names that are so "unique" we can't even spell them! And the parents did that "all of our kids names will start with the same letter" crap. I'm pretty certain that when they grow up they will all be going by their middle names (which are normal, like Thomas).

Lina Al Hudhud 2 years ago

My sister in Law went to school with two sisters, Swiss and Cheddar.

Tracie Petroski 2 years ago

I love unique names.My girls are Riannon and Jolie. I am pretty sure that this a different league than la-sha, but middle names honor both Grandmothers. Sure, they aren't going to find personalized keychains with their names at a theme park, but they also won't find their names in social media for being "out there"! :)

L. Gordon 2 years ago

I read a research study a couple of years ago that reported that people with misspelled (or non-traditionally spelled) names were judged to be less intelligent than those with traditionally spelled names. So “Krystofer” and “S’mantha,” will be thought to be less smart than “Christopher” and Samantha.” The sad part about this is that the inference may not be completely irrational in some cases; some parents misspell their kids’ names simply because they don’t know any better (due to low literacy levels)—and low literacy levels are correlated to lower IQ—and (this doesn’t sound nice, but it’s true) lower IQ parents have a tendency to have lower IQ children. I also read another study showing that when identical fake resumes (with different names at the top) were mailed out to companies, that applicants with bizarre, ethnic, or mispelled names were far less likely to contacted for interviews. People respond better to standard spellings and mainstream, smart-sounding names. Of course, some folks come from cultures that value distinctive names and parents intentionally get “creative” with spelling. Those parents and kids may be super smart, but they should know that many people will be biased against the kid simply because of the unusual name with which the parents burdened the kid. It’s a free country here in the US. As a teacher, though, I feel sorry for kids with strange, created/invented, or misspelled names. To me, misspelled names just look dumb and invented names often seem low-class and foolish. Parents should try to give each kid a leg up in the world with a properly spelled, dignified, fairly mainstream name. If you’re considering a weird name, ask yourself, would a high-powered Wall Street law firm be likely to hire somebody with this goofy name?

Alex 2 years ago

My mom named me for Alexander Hamilton, which I suspect came from her babymoon trip to Barbados. I love my name apart from being asked if I’m named for the president (he wasn’t ever president) and always having my name misspelled as Alexander (it should be Alexandra). My favorite name joke is the one where they ask if I’ve ever run into Erin Burr. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Alex 2 years ago

King James Bible spelling:

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Matthew 24:7

Kayla Boyce 2 years ago

PS I have personally met all of these children except for Shithead, who was in the Headstart class that my mother teaches.

Kayla Boyce 2 years ago

Don't forget little A-a ("Adasha"), La-la ("Ladashla") J-e ("Jadashy") Shithead ("Shih- theed") and R'aryana. Pronounced "Ah-ree-an-nah" but insists the R isn't silent. smdh.

Kathy Wilson 2 years ago

Is the poor kid's middle name Dallas or San Antonio? Wow…

Lisa Tullis Williams 2 years ago

I have a former co worker with Houston as her last name. Her son is named Austin. His nick name is little tex. Austin Houston.

Lisa Tullis Williams 2 years ago

I have a former co worker with Houston as her last name. Her son is named Austin. His nick name is little tex. Austin Houston.

Gabby 2 years ago

I have a normally spelled name, but grew up my entire life with my mother correcting it’s pronunciation. My name is Gabrielle. Most folks would read that as Gaah-brielle. But because I was supposed to be a boy, to-be-named Gabriel, my mother made it her mission in life to tell people it is pronounced Gay-brielle. And I couldn’t stand it. So when I started going to school and kids & teachers called my Gabby, she had a freak-out and told them they cannot call me Gabby because my name is Gay-brielle, not Gaah-brielle. So she pulled ‘Brie’ out of the middle and went with that. I grew up my whole life having to correct people when they assumed my name was Brienne/Brianna or some variation thereof. I mean, couldn’t she have at least went with ‘Elle’? I could have lived with that.

Once I became an adult, I started going by Gabby, and now pronounce my name the normal way, instead of as Gay-brielle. She hates it and I don’t really care. The only downside is that I’ve stayed in touch with a lot of folks I grew up with and they struggle with making the transition from ‘Brie’ to ‘Gabby’. Including my own husband, whom I met in high school when I still went by that name, and it drives me batshit crazy. He says I will always be Brie, and I had cried my eyes out before he had finally begin to take it seriously. I know he thinks it’s stupid to change your name after living with it for so long, but the only reason I put up with it was because my idiot mother wouldn’t hear my thoughts on the matter as a child. If I have to screech at every person until the day I die to respect my choice to go by Gabby, so be it.

Lauren 2 years ago

Before I found out I was having a girl I had picked the name August for a boy. My dad ruined this for me by telling everyone my child would be named Gus. I think Gus is one of the worst names to ever exist. Its only a 6 letter name in the first place. There is no reason to destroy a beautiful name with your own crappy version. I’m so excited I’m having a girl so my dad can’t ruin my child’s name.

Kami 2 years ago

We named our hamster Jenafur strictly for the pun… would NEVER have done that to a child however. :)

Kami 2 years ago

This made me laugh… my name is Kami and several ladies at work call me Kami-Cakes because of the bakery Cami Cakes, lol. :)

As far as my name goes, though… bleh… I hate it. :( It is constantly misheard, misspelled, misread… everything about it is a miss.

People always hear it as Kimmy or Tammy… or Amy, Sandy, Cindy, Becky (what?), etc. and I’ve been over it for years. I have said, “Like Tammy with a K” more times in my life than anyone ever should have to. Plus it is just Kami… I wish it was short for Camille or something more substantial that I could go by instead. I’ve considered going by my middle name, Michelle, but never have. I’ve also strongly considered changing my name, but can’t really decide what to change it to. :(

Jen 2 years ago

I was in the hospital the other day trying to get contractions to stop. She told me people named their kids NASCAR. Wtf???
And another guy had 3 kids named Harley, Davidson, and some other bike name. I’m like…it sounds like dog names to me.

I’m guilty of supercilious punctuation in my youngest daughters middle name. But she will really be the only one who ever has to know that.

I’ve also heard of names like Candy Apple and Female (pronounced Fem-ah-lay) because the lady didn’t know what to name her so she let the hospital do it.
Just…wow. Being a little creative is one thing…but there is such a thing as crossing the line. My sister named her son Lucas Aleczander. I think.

Alisen Dawn Aubert 2 years ago

I disagree with a lot of those suggestions. I like boys names for girls and I would like to create a combo name for my child.

Cordelia Taylor Cayten 2 years ago

I have a "unique" name and I've only ever hated my middle name – which is normal! honestly this whole post reeks of prescriptivism/classism. the only point I can remotely agree with is the second to last. I plan on giving my future children non-gendered names (like colors or fruits) because I want them to be able to define themselves instead of pushing gender on them with traditional names.

Lauren Y 2 years ago

There were 5 Laurens in my 3rd grade class. I begged to go by my middle name, but my parents wouldn’t have it.

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Nams 2 years ago

I have named my daughter Diva which means Devine in Latin and light in Hindi but we didn’t realize that it is used in a different slang in US. Sometimes names have more cultural history then we can imagine. I just hope my kiddo is confident enough to fight for her name when she grows up.

Nams 2 years ago

Shithead is definitely NOT Indian name but Shaheed is, infact it’s more a Muslim name as it is derived from Urdu language.

Tonya 2 years ago

I once taught two brothers named Reno and Vegas. They wanted to name their baby sister Casino, but their step-mom went with the plain and lovely Heather instead.

Tonya 2 years ago

“Yan” is the Polish pronunciation of the name Ian, spelled the same as English. Very traditional; I have known males (with the name) who range in age from 90+ to infants.

Angelica Hurley-Kirk 2 years ago

Shut up Meg.

No seriously, your answer is pure gold, my friend once asked me why I didn't spell my daughter's name as Jessika, I said it was because I knew how to spell.

Catherine 2 years ago

I have a niece named Katriel (Kate) (Hebrew for “My Crown is God” Ashtarowth (Hebrew for Star).
I have a nephew named Gates Solomon.
I have a 6 year old named Liat Nava,
My name is Sarah Catherine.
My sister is Carniela Beth.

We are a Jewish family, and have all Hebrew names, except for Gates, but his middle name is Solomon.

Carniela is expecting a girl (baby #3), and likes the name Asherah Avagail.

C.R 2 years ago

Ah I bet! She should have come to Ireland :v No one would have thought her name weird! My name is Corinne (Ko Rin) and no one can ever pronounce it. I’ve gotten legal letters delivered to me addressed as “Catherine” and “Caroline” and I’ve even been called “Lorraine” It’s not a difficult name I swear! My poor son, his name is Evan and he gets “Eh Vann” in the doctors surgery. I couldnt have picked an easier name and they still butcher it. Morons!

Shannon 2 years ago

That is exactly how we say it :) That is a pet peeve of mine, as well. Her middle name is Aisling, none of this Ashlyn mess lol!! Traditionally it has a stress mark, but we chose to leave it off. She will be 13 in about two weeks, and most everyone in her school says it correctly now–we live in a smaller town & she has stayed in the same schools since kindergarten, so all of her peers say it correctly. Its only adults that get it wrong–We get Aine (like pain), Aine-y, Ahnay, Annie, Anna, Anne, or Aimee. She is use to it now. Her nickname is Awn or Awnie, and people always look at me weird when I call her that. Except for once when a Scandinavian lady in Walmart overheard us and got all excited because her name was Anne, pronounced Awn, and she had never heard it in this country. There are no other kids in her who school with Aine, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. :) Although, people do ask me all the time if I made it up. Aine felt vindicated when Mattel released a Legends of Ireland special edition Barbie doll named Aine.

C.R 2 years ago

Here Hehr! 😛

C.R 2 years ago

I hope you pronounce it Awn Ya, because its pretty annoying when people call their kids Irish names and say or spell them wrong :v Connor anyone? That’s a last name in Ireland. 😛

C.R 2 years ago

I watched a show called secretly pregnant and the woman who was “Secretly pregnant” had a child to a low life who she named A’King and when she gave birth to the second child to the same lowlife she named it A’Knight.
I thought she was saying
Ahkeen, yknow? or Ahnight. But nope. A’King and A’Knight

C.R 2 years ago

Braeden is most definitely not Irish spelling. If it were Irish it would probably be Braden, but being Irish I have NEVER come across anyone called Braden in my entire life. Brendan? Yep. Never Braden.

Stephanie 2 years ago

I can sympathize! My family changed my 1st babies name for me & my sister-in-law gave birth to my nephew 6 weeks earlier than me. She STOLE my name & made it my nephew’s middle name. Now I’m pregnant w/ baby boy #2. My lips are sealed!

Stephanie 2 years ago

I have a 19 month old son named Hank (not Henry) & I love it!! Now I’m pregnant with another little boy & I can not thing of a good manly name. I don’t want common or a name that sounds made up. Hank…. It’s perfect. How do I follow that up? I do love Waylon. However, my mother thinks they would get teased because of Hank Williams JR & Waylon Jennings. I said they may want to start a band! LOL HEEEELP!

friss hírek 2 years ago

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Jen 2 years ago

My friend named her baby GIRL Elliott. And dresses her baby girl in gender-neutral colors. It’s like she wants everyone to assume the baby is a boy.

Sarah Engel Skilling 2 years ago

I named my daughter Natasja because it is a unique historical European spelling of Natasha. I liked the uniqueness of it. She likes it too.

Hannah Maddy 2 years ago

My sons name is Trevan (Trev – an… NOT Trey – von!). It was supposed to be "Trevor", but there was a typo. While I was in labor trying to pack my bag for the hospital, I remembered that I still hadn't picked out a name yet! So I jumped on my computer and in between contractions, I typed up all the names I liked, "Trevor" was on of those names. When I was comfortably drugged and settled into my hospital bed awaiting my little one (now 6 and crazy as can be!), my sister asked me what name I had picked. I told her that I hadn't and told her where to find the paper I had typed up. She read through the list of names out-loud and came to the last one on the list… "Trevon". "What in the world?" She said. I liked it!

My father's name is Kevan (Kevin), he was named after his Uncle Evan who passed away… SO…. I named my son Trevan, because of a typo on my part and because it quickly became clear to me how I could name my son after my father and still allow my child his own identity.

That is my son's "baby naming" story! :-)

Theresa Boothe 2 years ago

Conceived my son on the river Nile….a little on the TMI side of history but NILES is actually a very deep old man kind of kid.

Nicole Murdock 2 years ago

My sons name is Krystopher, I love it.

Malana 2 years ago

My mom was a teacher in the early 70’s and had a student named Placenta – the girls mother heard it in delivery and thought it was beautiful! E-Gawds!!!!!
I also used to work with a woman who had a brother named Chip (as in chip off the old block). As an adult, she legally changed her name to Splinter (as in splinter off the old block?) Never heard that name before or since.
I also went to school with a Sonny Noon, middle name of After. Yes- Sonny After Noon.

Sandy 2 years ago

I went to school with a Shirley Temple and Leslie Meredith, both male (different schools, so they couldn’t form a support group).

I do argue strongly AGAINST telling anyone your child’s name in advance. Aside from the unwanted opinions, you need to un-tell everyone you told if you change your mind after the baby is born. I wanted to name my first child Gillian, but my sister had a strong hatred of the name, based upon her X-Files viewing (she thought Gillian Anderson was really mean to David Duchovny). She whined about it every time I spoke with her. I finally gave up and Gillian became Emma, but I never forgot. When I became pregnant with baby number two and my sister asked what names we were considering, I sweetly told her Bean Blossom if it was a girl and Possum Trot if it was a boy. She shut up, and I had peace for the entire pregnancy. (Both Bean Blossom and Possom Trot are real places, btw.) I love my sister, but not her all of her opinions.

Aaliyah 2 years ago

Everyone’s comments had me LOLing.
Having gone through life with Aaliyah (and having a rather odd sense of humor) I absolutely LOVED the way subs would mispronounce my name (I got Elizabeth once … made my day) as well as the long pause while they looked at the roll sheet to try to figure it out.
When I was born (1977), Aaliyah wasn’t a common name at all and people would never know how to spell it. After many years working in call centers, I started to go by Liyah (“is that spelled Lea/Leah/Lia?” … “Yeah, sure, whatever”) or Liy (which is a spelling my BFF chose, and I would agree to Lee or Leigh). Come to think of it, most of my family has unusual names (my mother is Gertrude or Trudy, my aunt was Geraldine or Jeri, my grandmother was Vincenta, my cousin (male) is Landro, my female cousins are Renee, Bryce, Shay) and even my friends have unusual names (my BFF is Azure, I have friends named Karline, Dannette, Benkei, etc.).
Honestly, if I ever have kids, I don’t want them to have a super common name. I truly *was* the only Aaliyah in my classes at school (preschool through college, and massage therapy school as well, lol), I’m usually the only Aaliyah in the entire company I work for, it makes things easier.
And Stori, I absolutely LOVE your name!

Willa J 2 years ago

I have a friend that named her son Connor, only it was spelt Konar….seriously. Luckily, I was in the shower when they called with the news and my husband told me afterwards. It would have been awkward if I actually laughed out loud to her face.

Al’ai Alvarez 2 years ago

hey, i thought the apostrophe made me special 0:)

Meg Griffin 2 years ago

Yup, someone actually asked me why I picked Samantha instead of S'mantha. I told them because I love my kid.

Hannah 2 years ago

I used to work in admissions in a local ER… I actually SAW with my own eyes, and checked in a little girl named “Le-ah”. She was about 5 or so at the time (this was almost 7 years ago) and her mother was VERY pregnant with twins. The mother said that she was naming her twins “lemon-jello” (pronounced lem-an-gel-o) and “orange-jello” (pronounced or-an-gel-o).


Ginger 2 years ago

I’m loving this thread. Growing up with the legal name Ginger (not a nickname), I chose to name my kids very simple names. I chose Sarah for my daughter because I think it’s beautiful. I was so jealous of all of the Sarahs and Jennifers growing up!

Wendy 2 years ago

I believe both spellings are fairly common – Lily and Lilly.

Rachel Farrar 2 years ago

Met a family one time with a daughter named Margil — it was a combination of mom's name (Margaret) and dad's name (Gilbert).

Reba 2 years ago

We named my daughter Atheya (Ah Thee Ya) because we were arguing between Athena and Thea for over a month. Quite a few people didn’t like it. One kept pushing Althea but I didn’t like that. Today pretty much everyone likes it =)

The Mean Mama 2 years ago

A friend of mine believes you should have to stand on the front porch just before dinner, when all the neighbor kids are still playing stickball in the street, and shout the name you are considering for your child. If they snicker, its a no go… which is interesting considering she named her daughter a traditionally male name.
Best made up spelling I have ever seen is Jeweleah….it took me a few tries to get it right.

Tara 2 years ago

When my Aunt was pregnant with her youngest, her oldest daughter joked she should name her Moonstar. My aunt LOVED it but saved her a bit of teasing by using it as her middle name.

MandaLynne 2 years ago

I used to work in a hospital and one of my duties was to register eligible newborns for welfare. Part of that was going to the mother’s room and asking her for the name of her new baby. I cannot tell you how many made up names with a gazillion extra vowels and random apostrophes I had to deal with. No lie – one baby’s name had 4 apostrophes.

Then there was this classic:

Me: Ma’am, I need the name of your baby for this form.
Mother: His name is (I am writing was she said phonetically) Dee-on-zee-us.
Me: Could you spell that for me, please?
Mother: Hold on, I have it written on a paper in my purse. (rummages around and pulls out a sticky note)
Okay, it’ spelled D-i-o-n-y-s-u-s.
Me: Um….okay. Ma’am, you might like to know that that is the name of a Greek god and it is pronounced “Die-oh-nie-sus”.
Mother: Really? Well I like Dee-on-zee-us.

*shaking my head*

Meg 2 years ago

I seriously considered naming my daughter Echo. I sat on it for a LONG time. But, I backed out. I was too worried about the ridicule she would get. I kind of regret it now. I really love that as a name.

Meg 2 years ago

I used to work with a woman whos last name was Salt, so her parents decided to name her Pepper Ann. Yep, Pepper Ann Salt. Thats just cruel right there.

misanthropope 2 years ago

or how bout this: don’t approve of the name some stranger gave his or her kid? pour yourself a great big mug of STFU. christ what a perfect hobby for a professional asshole.

Kay 2 years ago

When i was nannying in London some rich folk called their fifth daughter Blueday because the father said it was a blue day when she was born (she wasn’t a longed for boy). On the other hand met a woman there called Loveday, I kinda liked it.

Echo 2 years ago

My name is Echo.

I absolutely love my name.
I love the Greek Mythology behind it.
I love the story of how my father decided that name.
I love the reactions i get to my name, even the constant “echo, echo echo… Do i hear an Echo?”
I love that I’ve never met anyone with my name.

So I guess I’m one of the lucky ones with the weird/awesome name.

Karin 2 years ago

I think it’s an important people skill to learn to pronounce someone’s name they way they pronounce it as best you can, but also feel very strongly that it should be ethnically correct & not just made up to be different. Kids with made up names have it tough if there are odd spellings, or people with regular names that are spelled differently just to be different. Most people are very attached to their names & their names are important. If you make an effort they appreciate, and if they really don’t care they’ll let you know.

My husband has a name not often seen in English but that is very easy to say (won’t write it as I don’t know if there are any other couples with our first names), and we can say from experience that even with different-from-usual English spellings that are normal (Karin is as old as Karen at least, and one source I saw said older) it’s tough, but at least his is phonetic & mine is easy to read & spell. I met someone named Karen who changed it to Kairiin, but still said it the same. At least she chose that herself, but to give that to a child just to be different is tough.

Karin 2 years ago

I have a daughter named Lydia, and discovered afterward that there are 2 spellings for this; in some languages it’s Lidia. It was my husband’s suggestion, but I love the name. The only problem we’ve encountered is that with the rise in popularity of the name Olivia that many people hear Olivia instead of Lydia.

Karin 2 years ago

Well, I’m glad people have asked you how to spell Karen, because I can’t tell you how annoying it is that people ALWAYS spell my name Karen unless I tell them. It got so bad that I no longer say my name first if it has to be spelled, but spell it.

My parents chose this spelling, and the spelling is at least as old as yours is, just less common in English. I also HATE it when people want to pronuonce it like Corrine! I have never seen Kar said like cor (as in incorrigble), but I accept ethnically correct variations in pronunciation such as the Scandinavian ways.



Jackie 2 years ago

My sisters worked on the maternity ward years ago in our community hospital. They told the story of a woman who decided to name her child “Vagina” because she had “heard it somewhere and liked it”. They diplomatically explained the meaning and saved a child from a lifetime of misery.

Shannon 2 years ago

My daughter’s name is Aine, which is a goddess’ name in Ireland.

Sally 2 years ago

Please don’t do what my parents did to me:

Give your child a certain name when you fully intend to call him/her something else.

My legal name is “Sarah,” but my parents called me “Sally.” “Sally” is an official nickname for “Sarah” and if you look it up in a book of baby names, it’ll show you that “Sally” is derived from “Sarah.” But most people don’t know this, and I’ve grown quite weary of explaining ad nauseam that “Sarah” is my “real” name or, alternatively, that “Sally” is what I go by.

It’s especially annoying when someone writes me a check and I can’t deposit it because it’s not made payable to the name on my account.

Michelle 2 years ago

Eowyn is a beautiful name! On a trip to the St. Louis Zoo last summer, I met a girl named Galadriel. Tolkien is timeless & the names he gave his admirable characters are unforgettable!

Michelle 2 years ago

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, my now-ex-husband (a car nut) wanted to name the baby Camaro if it was a girl. I refused because it sounds like a boy’s name (well it DOES), so he suggested Camara, but thought people would pronounce it Ca-mar-a instead of Ca-mer-a. To prevent mispronunciation, he then suggested spelling it Camera. Yes, Camera. Needless to say, I revoked his baby-name-suggestion privileges.

Michelle 2 years ago

I bet it’s fun signing your name fast: Michelelee! Even better than mine when I write too fast & end up with Michelllee :)

Michelle 2 years ago

Darla, You DO realize that you have deliberately subjected your poor children to lives filled with ridicule, don’t you? You shouldn’t be allowed to name a hamster, let alone a human being. IF your horribly-named kids really exist (which I highly doubt), you owe them each an apology.

Michelle 2 years ago

Nobody could ever pronounce my maiden name either. It was Rohde- pronounced road-ee. It got mispronounced so often that when someone would get it right (which was very, very seldom) I would actually congratulate them.

Michelle 2 years ago

My poor first grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Raper. She was such a sweet lady; I would have kept my maiden name. :(

Kay 2 years ago

Some of the names I’ve seen in my job just make me sad. Secret Whispers. (Saves her from having to pick out a stripper name, I guess.) Crystal Lollipop. Beautiful Cherish. Seems like the girls get the worst of it, although the deliberate misspelling of already-unusual boy names is rife, too – Exzayvier, for instance. Because Xavier wasn’t already an uncommon name. I feel bad for the kids who will have to spend a lifetime either defending their stupid name or telling people how to spell it. My mother’s name was Charlotte, which apparently nobody outside of North Carolina can spell correctly, and we have an unusual last name too, so she gave all of us kids very basic, easy names. I think she scored a good one with me because Kay is supposed to be a nickname for Catherine, but my name is just Kay (my father insisted they not name me Catherine if they were never going to call me that) – it’s easy to spell, impossible to mispronounce, but also pretty uncommon – I’ve only met one other in my life.

CJC-1293 Modified GRF (1-29) 2 years ago

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miss behaving 2 years ago

Julian is a good name, just hope he isn’t as illiterate as you are. Your post makes absolutely no sense. I’m glad I have a 2nd and 6th grader to help me to decipher what you were trying to say.

AoC 2 years ago

By the way, I wasn’t arguing, I was offering constructive criticism. There is a difference between the two.

AoC 2 years ago

How can I put this simply?
Learn how to spell and construct simple sentences.
Unless you’re from another world, proper spelling and punctuation is preferred.
Profanity isn’t necessary.
I was trying to be helpful by pointing out your simple mistake so it could be corrected in the future.
I’m a guy and the comic geek.

In other-words, stop acting like a 13 yr old illiterate whiner and grow up.

miss behaving 2 years ago

Wow, Carissa, you are the idiot here. If your husband is a comic geek and he spells it like you do, then he is an even bigger idiot here. Also, by you calling AoC an idiot for “arguing with somebody u don’t know over something so fucking stupid,” makes you an even BIGGER idiot because you are arguing with him (using your words).

Also, before you go posting trying to look all bad-ass, why don’t you at least pass first grade spelling and grammar before making yourself look like a complete moron. Your first lesson should be learning how to differentiate between “their, there and they’re” and your second lesson is, don’t use a contraction and then use the second part of said contraction as the next word (as in ” u don’t not say the dash”).

Look in the mirror before you start calling someone an idiot next time because you just made yourself look like an even bigger one.

Carissa 2 years ago

Ur an idiot for one ur arguing with somebody u don’t know over something so fucking stupid really an it doesn’t matter how its spelled once again u missed the point straight over ur head oh an my husband is a comic geek to an that’s how he spells it I don’t care how the spelling goes an I wasn’t even talking to u in the ducking first place so don’t reply back I’m sick of the emails all I’m saying is u don’t say dash in the name or whatever u want to call it its pathetic thank u

AoC 2 years ago

You are an idiot, I got the point way before I even read your asinine post .
In referring to DC Comics, Kal-El (Superman) has ALWAYS been spelled with a ‘K’, never with a ‘C’. If you’re going to try and correct anyone then get all the facts right. (comic geek speaking)
And with that said, it is not a ‘dash’, it is a hyphen.

Carissa 2 years ago

For one honey u missed the f’n point! Their is no sound in dash u don’t not say the dash. His name is a actually cal an its the house of El. So there for Cal/El….

AoC 2 years ago

It’s Kal-El with a ‘K’ and by the way, Nicolas Cage named his son that

AoC 2 years ago

What I hate is when I’m assumed to be ‘senior’ then my oldest was named after me. I would not allow him to have ‘junior’ tacked on. He is II, I am the first….:P
I named my daughter Rachael Evangeline because I think it’s very pretty and with a six letter last name, the word ‘Angel’ is right in the middle.

AoC 2 years ago

For a great laugh, look up Shitheadra Jones on YouTube

Mandi 2 years ago

Maybe its just me, but I am bugged by names that have a specific gender meaning but it becomes popular of another gender. For example, (and I apologize to whoever I offend cause it is really popular now, my personal opinion) the name Addison for a girl. it does have a feminine ring to it but it means “son of Addison”. Or Rowen for a boy, Its Gaelic for beautiful. while I guess a boy can be beautiful its typically is a feminine descriptor.
sorry rant over.

Mandi 2 years ago

BWWAAAhahaha I feel horrible for laughing at that….no, no I don’t.

Helen 2 years ago

Do you mean Delilah? She was the woman who got Samson to cut off his hair in the Old Testament.
I think Dahlia is pretty, but it also reminds me of The Black Dahlia.
I hope you come up with a name you and your husband love :)

Helen 2 years ago

Devon is a place on the South coast of England :)

Helen 2 years ago

I LOVE those names!!!
People in the U.S.A. Can’t deal with my name at all. I saw it on a old lady list and it was brought up again later, that it would take a rave parent to use it! Lol I’m English and its completely normal there :)
I chose unusual names for my kids, that I love, but other people find them difficult.
I like the rules, is it a proper name, not two others sandwiched together, it can’t be an STD and a proper spelling of it, not a made up spelling.
I know too many doctors and nurses in the US, who have had patients with names like La-a and Chlamydia… Though I’m fairly certain the mother didn’t use that spelling. I think that’s when the nurses should be obliged to say something! No child should be called an STD :(

Destiny 2 years ago

I’ve always liked my name and have never had an issue with it while growing up except for the occasional “You are my destiny” line or the “You are my density” line from Back To The The Future. Now that I am in the process of becoming a professional I am finding it to be an unexpected barrier. While we all want to believe that the world isn’t prejudice, numerous studies have shown that unusual or ethnic sounding names can reflect poorly on those seeking employment. Here is an article about one such study by the National Bureau of Economic Research:

Do your kid a favor and give them an average name.

Andrzej 2 years ago

I have just read your post and I totally agree. Happily, at Poland we’ve got something like “catalogue”. It is larger and larger every year but still there is not many weird names. But there are. And it’s really sad when parents give name like that to their child because they think their social status will be higher thanks to that. Everything is harder with weird name…

Ronda 2 years ago

Try being a Ronda with no “H”. People can spell Susquandra but Ronda!

Susan 2 years ago

At this year’s high school graduation, there was a girl named Lyx’sus. Yup, pronounced like the car.

Paul Sawtell 2 years ago

My initials are P. M. S., I was born way before the Pre Menstrual Syndrome was conceived of. My mother gave me a monogrammed briefcase, which I had to discard. Everyone would point at the PMS monogram and laugh. My parents always joked that they should have made my middle name Irving, maybe they should have.

Jen 2 years ago

Love your articles, however, one more way to look at the not sharing a name could be superstitious. Many people I know think it is just bad luck to tell a name before the baby is born alive and healthy.

Ambria 2 years ago

Lol! Anekin and Leah are traditional Jewish names, so you never know…however, chances are the parents were just nerds.

Ambria 2 years ago

I’m torn about the whole pronunciation thing. I also think it’s obnoxious when people purposefully alter names, but what about names that were foreign to begin with?

A lot of names in the Jewish culture are also used a lot in the U.S., but the American pronunciations are different, yet if you use the actual Hebrew pronunciation, people look at you like you’re the asshole.

Kayla 2 years ago

Oh wait! I almost forgot little Shithead! Pronounced “Shih-theed”

Kayla 2 years ago

please excuse the typos. My excuse is that it’s late at night :)

Kayla 2 years ago

I am a substitute teacher and here sooo many names that make me cringe. Let’s see… there were the twins, Lemonjello and Orangejello (pron. “luhm-on-jullo” and “or-on-jullo”), There was little Temie (pron. “Tammy” we went back and forth over whether or not her name was phonectic) and A-a (Adasha) and La-la (ladashla)

I wish I was kidding. I have personally met all of these people except the twins; they were students of my boyfriend’s sister who teaches 5th grade.

Isabella 2 years ago

The worst one I’ve ever heard (I work with kids) was Arson. Yeah, just like that. Like the crime. I kind of couldn’t get over it, when I met the dad I just wanted to ask him what the heck he was thinking. And yeah, we had a “A-a” too (pronounced “adasha”).

Devon 2 years ago

When I was little I disliked my name (Devon) because people always asked (and still do sometimes) “Isn’t that a boy’s name?”. But I must say I love it now, it is unusual but not overly weird and makes me feel unique :) Not sure how I ended up with the name, since my brothers all got good traditional Bible names (David, James and Daniel). I’m sure in 1983 my parents were pretty cutting-edge to choose a name like Devon for a girl!

Jennie 2 years ago

I know that, but we’re not a typical family either.There are a lot of boys out there with the spelling of ‘Beau’, I don’t think there are any in my town named ‘Beau’ anyway. My kids’ ENT doctor is Greek-French, French is 1st language, and he loves the spelling because it is not typical.

Leah 2 years ago

Maybe “Maggie-Jean” would have sounded better? Either way, ugh.

Leah 2 years ago

I think it still matters, because there is a traditional way to spell it, even if many people don’t understand it. For one thing, people with unusually spelled names will often be at a disadvantage when applying for jobs.

Leah 2 years ago

You don’t have to not believe in heaven to dislike the name Nevaeh. I don’t know why I hate it so much… maybe it’s because you say “eh” at the end?

Leah 2 years ago

With the Lemonjello and Orangello names, I heard that the parents had just moved here and didn’t know any English names, so they picked what they saw written on a box.

Leah 2 years ago

Having lived in the North all my life, I can vouch for the fact that there is a ton of idiocy here, too. You can’t escape it, no matter where you go.

Leah 2 years ago

If you’re French, do you need to spell it Fennouic? 😉

Leah 2 years ago

My initials don’t spell anything, but when my husband and I got an album for our wedding pictures, they put a monogram of our initials on the cover. Our last initial is S, and while I might normally be pleased that they put my initial first, it ended up spelling LSD. :

Leah 2 years ago

My grandfather used to call my sister Emily “Imogene.” :)

Leah 2 years ago

I hope the **** isn’t part of the name 😉

Leah 2 years ago

“Beaux” does mean “handsome” (masculine) in French, but only if you’re describing multiple subjects. The typical way of spelling the name is Beau.

Leah 2 years ago

That’s funny, because my name is spelled Leah, but some people pronounce it Leia! I accept both pronunciations (it helps that I’m a Star Wars fan, but really I just think it’s a lovely name). Ledashah, though… ugh.

Tricia 2 years ago

Karen, pronounced Car-in (sometimes spelled Karin) is actually the Danish pronunciation. It’s my sisters middle name (Karin), and I also know a woman with this name (Karen). It’s a beautiful name though!

Sunny 2 years ago

I don’t mind my name too much, because believe it or not there was another Sunny in my graduating class. I did get irritated with people constantly asking if my parents were hippies. My mom wanted to name my sister Wendy but then thought about it and wisely named her Cheyenne instead. I like unique names but don’t want anything too out there. My daughter is Evelyn but on the list was Gracelynn, Willow, Waverly, and Nora. I’m pregnant with my second and we’ve chosed Gideon for a boy and for a girl either Charlotte Jolene or Guinevere.

Carla 2 years ago

Ewan is quite popular in England and Scotland. I’m sure you can reference the Moulin Rouge actor Ewan McGregor when people mispronounce it!

Carla 2 years ago

I agree that children should be given “real” names, but I disagree that to keep a name a secret means you’re ashamed. We kept Eva a secret because we wanted it to be a surprise when she arrived!

chantel 2 years ago

I had two aunts born in the ’60’s named Running Fawn and Morning Flower. By the time their little sister was born, their mom was out of the hippie phase and managed to come up with Aleisha.

Ravinder Tulsiani Learning & Development Manager 2 years ago

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Isabel 2 years ago

I love Alistair. Alistair Reyonlds is a great sci-fi author, and i’ve liked the name since I first saw it on the cover of the first of his books I read.

Sandy 2 years ago

I was never the only Sandy in any of my elementary school classes, and it never bothered me. What did bother me was my last name, which no one could ever pronounce. On the first day of school I would sit there and wait for the long pause while the teacher struggled with it, and I’d spend months helping them with it. My conclusion was that duplication was a small price to pay for avoiding a lifetime of confusion and correction. Both my kids have names that can withstand a spell check. If they want something unique, they can come up with their own nickname, which will have more meaning to them than anything I could devise.

Brianna 2 years ago

My sister-in-law has the same problem, though only “skin deep.” She really is half black, but looks fully white. Her name is Tesha (pronounce Teesha, not Teh-sha)!

Brianna 2 years ago

I named my son Ewan (pronounced Yew-en/Yew-n). It’s not very popular in the United States (though I managed to find a Scottish man at a farmer’s market whose son is also named Ewan!) but it’s within the top 100 in Scotland …so I feel less “weird” about it and just more “unique.” It just irritates me (and I know it’ll irritate my son) that EVERYBODY pronounces “E-Wahn.” 😐

Melissa 2 years ago

I arrested a mom whose daughters’ name was Diva and oh boy did the brat act like it!

This is the thing with unusual names…. the parents are selfish. They do not at all think of the effect it will have on the child later on in life. What kind of road are you sending little Diva down by giving her a stripper name right off the bat? Like said too, you set them up for redicule and torment from their peers. All because YOU think its a cool name.

Same with the overly used names, how many Aidens, Caidens, Jaydens can there be in one frigg’n classroom?!!?? Get out of the “den” and think of different names!

Megan 2 years ago

I kind of like it when parents name their kids from a movie, book, or show they love. It’s probably the geek in me. I don’t really see anything wrong with Anakin or Neo, even though the connections are obvious. Better than naming your kid after a fruit if you ask me!

I met a family once that had three kids… Anakin, Padme, and Luke (or was it Leia?). I figured they were the coolest people ever. My only complaint is that the siblings shouldn’t be named after a married couple and their kid, hahaha.

Tara Jean 2 years ago

My nephew’s daughter is Lillyann… Lilly for short.

Tara Jean 2 years ago

My sister’s name was Tami. I grew up thinking “Tammy” was a crazy-weird spelling. 😛

Lishelle 2 years ago

I named my two sons Jet Grail and Asher Lionheart, our last name is Gabriel. I Love my boys names! Almost did Grail as a first name. If we have another boy I’m going with Wolf, for a girl I love Nova. My name is Lishelle and people always meet me and say “Oh, you’re not black!” because apparently they think I should be black. When I would apply for jobs, or apartment viewings I would use my middle name, Nicole, because other wise I wouldn’t get call backs! :/ Despite that I have always really liked my name! My brother is named Kendon, Kenneth and Gordon combined after my mothers father and uncle. His family nick name is Ken Doll, because he looks like a Ken doll from Barbie. My good friend named her son Emilianus. That’s right. ANUS. She apparently didn’t notice the spelling in her drugged post delivery. We just call him Emilio, and he is an adorable little sweet heart. I love unusual names, and I respect the parents right to choose! A child can always change it when they are adults, and I think as long as you are a good parent that is far more important than anything else.

Christie 2 years ago

ooh I love the name Vivienne! Go for it!

Christie 2 years ago

I guess I should start by saying that in my family, unusual names are pretty common until the more recent generations. I had a great great uncle C.D. (it didn’t stand for anything, much to the confusion of the military) on one side and have a great uncle J.C. on the other (it doesn’t stand for anything either). I have a great uncle literally named Billy Bob, and his son is Billy Bob, Jr (everyone calls him Peanut though). Rednecks? Yep.
I was named after the supermodel Christie Brinkley. In my grade there were lots of Chrissy’s, Kristin’s, Chris’s, Christy’s, Crystal’s, etc, and I am very hard of hearing, so I was always answering when it wasn’t my turn. Also, because of the way my name was spelled, even my own grandparents didn’t learn to spell it correctly. I have had my relatively normal name spelled every way imaginable and some ways no sane person would imagine (Crusteee, anyone?). Despite filling in the information electronically myself, my college never could stop addressing me as “Christine.” If I ever manage to graduate from there my diploma will probably be misspelled!

My husband was given a first name that was a tradition in his family despite the fact that it is considered a girl’s name today and no one in the family even likes or uses it. He goes by his middle name, as his dad does. This seems crazy to us.

So when my husband and I chose to have a child, we knew we wanted to go with a name we both loved and a name that was uncommon. We decided that it did need to be gender-specific to avoid the embarrassment my husband went through but that we weren’t going to worry as much about the spelling issues of an odd name because people apparently can’t even spell a “normal” name correctly. We wanted a name with a story, a name that would provide a role model for our child. And so our little girl is named Eowyn Lucia. Eowyn, obviously, comes from the Old English and is used by Tolkien for his amazing heroine in The Lord of the Rings. Lucia, which means light, we got from two sources. First, I have been a huge fan of a series of books set in 30s England about a strong, scheming woman who calls herself Lucia for years (E.F. Benson is the author if you’re curious). But mostly, we got the idea when I played the old movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir for my husband and Rex Harrison’s character tells Mrs. Muir that she should no longer be called Lucy because she has become so strong she deserves to be called Lucia. I think it’s a reference to my book series, which would have been well-known at the time, but anyway, my husband watched that and said Lucia would make such a good middle name for a daughter if we ever had one. I was so surprised but I agreed. And so our little girl was named. I have worried that the unconventionality of her name will be a problem, and some people act like it is impossible to pronounce, even her middle name! but it suits her so well I can’t imagine calling her anything else. She IS an Eowyn! That is all there is to it.

Her name is really no harder to say or spell than names we are more used to–take Eileen for instance! And at least I can congratulate myself on not giving her a political name. While I will still be studying the works of Tolkien when I am old and grey, I have a feeling many parents will be wishing they had not named their daughters Palyn after their favourite trendy “rogue” politician. So basically, yes, I am one of those people, and I do worry about the consequences a bit, but I still love the name we chose and I think it is the right choice. And hey, if you think that “Eowyn” is going to drive the teachers crazy every year, just think if I’d found my current favourite girl’s name and somehow convinced my husband to let me use it on our daughter: Myfanwy. 😉

Wendy 2 years ago

Yeah, more than anything, I hate the weird spellings! I went through a phase of Wendie, Wyndi, and Wendi…but I was 10.

Wendy 2 years ago

Haha! The baby naming debacle continues! My former college roommate has Athan and Atticus. I never knew Athan was a Greek god. I thought Atticus was cute, even in the book. I also have a friend named Amber whose youngest son is Sawyer! These are in direct response to some of the above posts, if it doesn’t seem to fit. I find it funny that I’m posting right after another Wendy, too! I tried to convince people I was Gwendolyn for awhile. I was going to be another Jennifer in the 70s, now I’m glad my dad came up with my name. But I got a lot of “where’s Peter?”s from people. I absolutely HATE when people call me “Windy” or spell it that way, though. Good thing I wasn’t close friends with the girl named Breezy with whom I went to school. My cousin is named Freedom and for a long time she went by her middle name, Rebecca, because she hated it. Now she likes it. And my mom is a Cynthia and picked Cyndee herself because she didn’t want to be just plain Cindy.

I must admit, I do hate the name Nevaeh, but to each his/her own. The other crazy names, yeah, I just hope the parents are ready to be yelled at by their kids. When I was picking my son’s name, we went with family tradition for his middle name and I wanted a first name that wouldn’t likely be turned to a girl’s name, wasn’t over-the-top and wasn’t excessively popular. I love his name, Andrew Stuart. Pretty traditional and easy, I think. We call him Drew for short, which I know doubles as a girl’s name but I hate Andy.

I know you can never please everybody, but I agree with the article. If you’re going to pick a name because you love it, own it! If you act like you’re doing something wrong, people will treat it that way. But don’t get too defensive. It’s easier to roll with it. And I’m sure there’s someone out there who hates the name I gave my son. Oh well! :)

Wendy 2 years ago

My name is totally made up. By JM Barrie. And boy am I glad my mother read ‘Peter Pan’ – I would have been an Olivia otherwise. It doesn’t have an origin, it is not ethnically relevant anywhere. People tell me it is short for Gwendolen. I say that’s stretching it. It never existed until the book and only because Mr Barrie had a little friend who couldn’t say the word and it became “fwendy-wendy”. My kids, both girls, are half Asian/Polynesian/Portuguese (that would be me) and Irish-English (that would be him). They are Morgan Elizabeth and Taylor Kathleen. Gender neutral first names so they would never be judged by their names on resumes (relying rather on ability and skill), and named after great-grandmothers on both side, with distinguishable female names if they ever want to have business cards befitting powerful CEOs.

Jax 2 years ago

My daughter’s middle name is Adele and her first name is Cora. I liked them because they are unique but classic names. Of course, everyone thinks I must be a big Adele, the singer, fan but I actually picked that name before she became famous. Originally was going to name her Adele Rose but I kept hearing the joke, “dude, you’re getting a dell” so I changed it.

kandle 2 years ago

Kandle, yep, that’s what my mom named me. 2 other kids, 2 normal names, and then Kandle. Old people say “Candle in the wind” and young people just assume they heard wrong. I have a few in-laws who still think I am named Kindle. Then I married a man with a weird last name, so I’m pretty sure I never win any giveaways because they assume I made up the name Kandle Ynostrosa.

Melisha 2 years ago

My sister’s name is Shanda but her middle or last name isn’t lear. Lol Her middle name is Jewell after our great grandma. People butcher my name and always have but I guess I’m weird because I’ve always liked my name. I understand people thinking it’s Melissa misspelled but once someone called me Marcia and I still wonder where they got the R from!

Alex 2 years ago

I guess I’m a sucker for unique names, well My little girl was named Ashlyn, because it derives from the gaylic name Azylin which meanse dream. I thought Ashlyn was simple and cute so I choose it from the choices of what came from the name Azylin. However I couldn’t stop there, I always loved unique names, so I choose to use her middle name, since not a lot of people usually know a middle name. And from the begging even before her first name I knew what I wanted so I did it. And that being her middle name of Star. So Ashlyn Star, now I bet your thinking what my friends said…it sounds like a tripper name. Well if she will be a dame stripper shell be a dame pretty one at that! lol besides I really think my middle name is worse……..Irene……sounds like something you would hear from a dairy farm but that is just me.

Megan 2 years ago

I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I think upon hearing it, I would drive myself a little crazy trying to figure out how it is spelled. I’m assuming it’s pronounced BO-DEE? On the other hand, because it is an unusual name, some who see it spelled might think it is pronounced BOD-EE.

But hey, if you love it, I say go for it. He may have to explain it a little, but I don’t think it’s particularly strange.

Megan 2 years ago

Hmmm… I seem to be guilty of three of these offenses, haha!

Hubby and I were in love with the name Valentine, but not pronounced like the holiday, but like val-en-teen. We don’t celebrate the holiday, and feared that if we spelled it that way she would be CONSTANTLY correcting people on the pronunciation as she grew older. So we considered Valentin – this is a primarily Russian name, and it is also masculine. Every time I look at it, it looks like val-en-tinn. So what did we do? We spelled it Valenteen. I’m still unsure how I feel about the spelling. It’s an awful lot of e’s. But at least when her teachers read her name for the first time, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll screw it up.

So yeah, we gave our daughter an usual name, spelled oddly, that is typically for the opposite sex.
She gets called Valentina a lot, and I hate that. 😛 We don’t look Latino or exotic at all, so it just doesn’t work. Still, I love the name we gave her, and I think it suits her wonderfully. If she ever has a sister, I want to name her Vivienne.

Hannah 2 years ago

My teacher named her daughter ;
” Penelope Pickles Octavier Smart”

Sure am glad that’s not my name lolol.

windy 2 years ago

I grew up with an Athena and Aurora, Aurora is goddess of the dawn, and the “real” name of Sleeping Beauty in the Disney version.

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Kohisaint 2 years ago

I know a Korean-American couple whose surname is Me. He is called Robert, and she is Susan. So they are Rob Me and Sue Me.

When I worked in childcare, the worst one I came across was Anakin. Although I do know a little boy called Neo. I blame TV.

Jessica 2 years ago

It really isn’t, I know someone with it. poor girl.

Ion 2 years ago

I know a young man who is named Ion, because his parents were discussing Owen or Ian and the nurse ended up just writing down ‘Ion.’ It’s on his birth certificate and everything but he doesn’t go by it.

Siobhan 2 years ago

My first name is Siobhan and I have always loved it. People struggle with the pronunciation the first ( and maybe second) time, then they get it and life goes on- but still people comment that ‘it must be very hard for me’ and ask if my parents made it up. It was actually NEVER hard for me, not in school, not at work, etc.

I think it’s important that people realize that some of these names are ethnic/cultural names and not everyone has an all-american English or Hebrew name. It doesn’t mean it’s not a ‘good’ name. No one even blinks when I introduce myself in Ireland.

Ada 2 years ago

One thing I kept in mind with my child was picking a name they would be able to spell and/or write in elementary school. Since more and more early education evolves around qualifying your child’s genius by the ability to know their name, it seemed fair to make the name reasonable. Of course, it was one of many characteristics I wanted in the name. But we all have our reasons for selecting the name we do with the best intentions for our children. I don’t really think it is fair to judge others for that decision and for wanting something unique for their child.

Grace 2 years ago

I know twins named Sunshine and Moonshine. they are around 23 now. I bet they will name their kids something off the top names for the year. I know I will.

Carissa 2 years ago

It’s not f’n ledasha it’s le-ah the f’n dash is silent grow up an stop believing everything u hear out people’s mouths like I said supermans alien name is cal-el not caldashel grow up people

Carissa 2 years ago

Omg I think all u r f’n acting childish an I can that all u people do nothing all day but tease people. Especially u Sara like didn’t u say u was a teacher an ur making fun of how people spell there name u know what if ur opinion is not helpful keep it to yourself an grow up its nobody’s business what they name their kids or even spell it an for those u all make fun of with the – dash in the name …. – is silent superman! His Alien name is cal- el not cal dash el. A lot if people do pick dumb names like marihuana Pepsi really but hey all u can do is give a nice not offensive opion an leav at that no need for grown people to sit here an fight about this crap this is not school an out kids learn to act this way from us… Stop showing them how to bully!!!! An I’m naming my son Julian so what about that

Tania 2 years ago

I’m thinking of naming my son Bodhi. Does anyone think that’s a weird/dumb name and will cause trouble for him throughout his life??

Jen 2 years ago

Another Jennifer here… There were 6 Jennifer’s in my graduating class (class of 121 kids). I HATED when people assumed that I went by Jenny! Not only did I get “Jenny, I got your number…”, but some very clever middle schoolers came up with “Jenny’s got a gun…” (Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerosmith). My mother claims that no one she knew had a kid named Jennifer when I was born. Sure, I’m sure that wasn’t true as a child of the early 80’s…My own mother thought is was hilarious to watch me get so upset when she called me “Jenny Penny.” Thanks mom.
In college, I worked at a medical office and one of our patient’s names was Skysun. Get it? Sky…sun. He was a boy. Now as the Director of HR for my company, here are a few employees (or former employees) names: Jessaeca, Niki-full name, not short for anything, Nittaya, DeLhondrae, Orvettalyn (I always want to call her Loretta Lynn for some reason), Brycin, Kimmi, Aristotle (who went by Ari), and countless others. I don’t get why people do that to their kids, always makes me think they will either turn out to be a celebrity or in special ed. Some people like a good gamble I guess!

Allie 2 years ago

Sade is one thing. No less weird to me than Sean or Seamus. But Chloe and Shiloh are two completely different names, no other way to slice it.

Rachel 2 years ago

I girl I went to highschool with named her 3 girls Lilly Snow White, Aurora Rose White, and Cindy-Ella Queen White. A bit over kill if you ask me

Rachel 2 years ago

I am glad my mom went with the simple Rachel but I hated it as a kid. I thought it was boring. Now I will take “boring” over ledashah any day. I named my daughters classic names as well. Audrey Avery and Cara. Although hated taking the twins around in public and people sayin, “Audrey and Avery a boy and a girl?” my response yes the one in the yellow sundress is the boy because the pink dress is to girly for my SON Avery. I guess I was meaner to my boys. Fletcher Finnley and Collin. I had a problem with Collin and cara (they are twins and are now 2) when I would go out and people asked if Collin was a girl? I was unaware it was unisex. I also have unisex Finnley but I call him Finn so it works out. Fletcher is the hardest though people always stare at me and ask me how I could do that to him. I once had a mom of a boy Lucky tough go do you hate him?? NO you named your kid lucky. I guess I didn’t realize that these names had been shunned until I used them

Allie 2 years ago

My grandmother, who was born in 1921, was named Billie after a famous actress named Billie Burke (her father was a fan). My grandmother disliked the name because she thought it was undignified and sounded like a nickname. In later years she went by her middle name, Evelyn, but she told me that when she was in high school she had a teacher who insisted on calling her Wilhelmina (being German, he decided that must be what Billie was short for).

Allie 2 years ago

My doctor named his son Diamond because he said he wanted him to have the properties of a diamond. All those ass whoopings will no doubt harden him up : )

Allie 2 years ago

Honor is pretty for a girl, but poor little Bravery is going to get his ass kicked.

Allie 2 years ago

Regardless of its venerable history as a symbol of good luck, it has been irrevocably tarnished by its association with the Nazi party, as has the name Adolph. Not something you want to saddle your kid with unless you happen to be grand poobah of the KKK.

Allie 2 years ago

Oops, that should be snorkel

Allie 2 years ago

As long as they can at least snorker : )

Allie 2 years ago

No it doesn’t (that would sound like Athicus or Athicuth, not Asskiss). I love this character in To Kill a Mockingbird. Although the book overall is a bit depressing, it is a modern American classic.

porn 2 years ago

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Squiggles 2 years ago

Salazar may have started out as a last name, but Harry Potter has changed all that! (Salazar Slytherin)

Kate 2 years ago

My parents went with all the same endings for the girls. Kathryn, Karalyn, Jaclyn, Taryn, Emilyn, and Brittyn. I think they said it was an accident at first, but then they decided to continue it. I’m really glad they didn’t continue with all K names. that would have gotten rough with 6 girls.

It’s more subtle and less confusing, especially since most of us go by nick names. I’m trying to think of a more subtle theme like that for my kids names.

Kate 2 years ago

I’m really glad that my daughter won’t be able to find anything with her name on it. My little siblings and I were constantly whining and asking mom for tacky trinkets because they had our names on it. I’m looking forward to not having to deal with that.

Crys 2 years ago

I think Braeden looks great with the extra “e”. I wouldn’t second-guess yourself.

Amy 2 years ago

I LOVE the name D’Artagnan!! I always wanted to name a son D’artagnan, but my husband was not on board with that.
….And I say, some kids need 2 middle names, because they are just too awesome to be identified in 3 names.

Amy 2 years ago

I grew up disliking my name, just because I could never just be “Amy” there were ALWAYS at least 2 of us in any given class, so we had to be stuck with first name, last initial…. and there was the year where there were TWO Amys. BOTH with the same initial. Thus there was Amy Bo and Amy Bu. Yeah, B-O doesn’t get kids to snicker AT ALL. So I was always adamant that my kids would have names they wouldn’t have to “share” in a classroom. My husband grew up with a VERY unique name and so he always wanted to name his kids VERY basic names (Ann, John, Jane…..) Our daughter wound up with a name I invented (though I’ve since seen it elsewhere) and a nickname that sounds more traditional and basic. -And we all are very happy with it.

Amy 2 years ago

Don’t feel bad! My Nephew is named Braeden (exactly that spelling) I’m told it’s the Irish spelling…

Anne 2 years ago

I just met a baby named Briar Rose. I’m guessing she’s going to like her name starting at about 3 when she sees the movie, and then once she hits school age and Disney princesses aren’t cool anymore, she’s going to hate it!

Ilene 2 years ago

Normal names can go oh so wrong sometimes too. Went to school with a kid named Michael. Last name was Hunt. Think about that one….

Alicia 2 years ago

My brother’s name is Gerry R. Gerry… his first name is pronounced Jerry and last name like Gary… poor dear. What was my father thinking when he named him!

Andi 2 years ago

Um…yes. And please keep away from inserting a “y” just to make a perfectly good name more special. Please avoid the following as a start: Maddylyn. Maddyssyn. Emmytt. Kamryn. Etc.

Shiloh 2 years ago

I think some of the problems come from people asking stupid questions too. I personally love my name. It is Hebrew meaning “peace”. It’s always been different, but not so different that it drives me crazy. The biggest problem is that people always ask me “So, are you named after the dog?” from the book “Shiloh”. I nearly lose it every time. Seriously? No, my parents did NOT name me after a beagle! Ugh. Plus, when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their daughter Shiloh, everyone freaked out saying it was so weird. I had been named Shiloh for 15 years before that kid came around, and no one had thought my name was weird! But seriously, uncommon names are nice, just don’t overdo it, I think is the main point. Personally, I named my daughter Lydia because I have loved it since I was little. Old fashioned and not too common, but not uncommon enough for people to think it’s weird…

kristin 2 years ago

my german friend (hope she never reads this), once had a boyfriend called “brain”. i got to know about him through a text message, and later on told a friend that we had in common, of this funny mistake, where our friend accidentally had written her boyfriend’s name as “brain” (and not brian).
she then goes silent, and says “… no, it wasn’t a mistake..” (so glad i didn’t point this out to the girlfriend!)

apparently, it was considered very cool in the former east-germany to give your child a western name… (too bad the appropriate english skills didn’t follow the fascination..;) )

Marianne Roberts 2 years ago

I have always loved the names Natalie, Brooke and Lily. Elizabeth is my all time favorite.

Marianne Roberts 2 years ago

This is absolutely true. My uncle was a school teacher. He had a student named Female (rhymes with Tamale). When he asked her why her parents named her Female, she replied that her parents had intended to name her something else but when the nurse wheeled the baby into the room, her parents realized that the hospital had already named her – Female!

Marianne Roberts 2 years ago

I absolutely Love the name Riley Paige!

Just Plain Peggy 2 years ago

In the ’80’s I had a job where I processed every name in the school district. We kept a list of unusual names. There was a girl named Abcde. Another memorable one was ‘Heherson’. Yes, He-Her-Son! I wish I could remember them all. I wanted to name my daughter after my grandmother Violet, but my sister nixed that idea as our last name is Holstine….yes, she would have been ‘Purple Cow’! So it’s her middle name.
I am always asked if it’s short for Margaret, but I was named after Peggy’s Bar and Grill, a cafe my folks always drove past as I was incubating. So, I tell them my middle name is Barandgrill! (It’s not; lighten up!)

Mercy 2 years ago

I agree that using weird spellings or odd names for your baby is setting the child up for teasing and stress the rest of their life. It just isn’t worth it.
My husband is a Marvel comics fan, so our son is named Logan (after Wolverine), but I drew the line when he wanted to name our daughter Jean Grey (Phoenix).
My mom gave almost all of us kids Bible names. I’m Mercy Ruth, and I have brothers Joshua Joseph, Steven Paul, and Ezekiel John. My sisters thankfully ended up with other names. So with my kids I wanted to find something not Bible related.
I have Logan Gregory, Lila Chanelle, and Scarlett Kate.

Oh, and for all you wondering about names like Shithead and Dickshit, these are real Hindi names and are not pronounced the way they are spelled. I live in India, and many times have had to force myself to not laugh at how funny the names looked in English.

Mercy 2 years ago

I knew someone who’s name really was Misty Morning, because of the mist the day she was born.

Yana 2 years ago

I spent way more time reading the comments than I had originally intended but I found it fascinating that there are so many people who are so interested in this topic. First of all, I’ve never in my life disliked my name. I have never met another Yana but have heard rumors of their existence. I was named after my grandmother’s first daughter who was a premie & passed at 3 months old.
I was never upset that I couldn’t find a trinket with my name on it, I never cared. I just thought it was pretty & have had people ask me if I minded that they name their daughter Yana. Don’t see why I would? Its not like I can stop them if I wanted to. My brother – who was given the very common name of Robert- actually prefers to go by his middle name Guido. Seriously. Our dad was Costa Rican & Italian and Guido is a family name. Our dad hated his name (Fabio) so decided not to carry on that tradition & went with (what he felt) a very American name for his son. The only slight annoyance with my name is when people call me Yani (or Donna – easy mistake) but it’s usually because they just met me & can’t remember my name so I help now by saying there is a trick “it’s Yaw-na” & I’ll pretend to yawn. Works every time.
My BF & I are having boy #3 & we are at a loss for a name. I’m pretty adamant about Lincoln but I think he has doubts. We named our first son after his great-grandfather (Damon Siris) & let our family help name our 2nd son (Jayden) I like to call him Jay. I had no idea Jayden was such a popular name but it’s ok. He is stuck with the family middle name Guido, hopefully he’ll grow up & appreciate the family tradition & not be concerned with silly television stereotypes etc. I won’t be hurt if he decides not to continue that if he has children one day – totally on him. Lastly- I do agree with your list – there are some really crazy names out there but the great thing is people can change their name to something more “normal” if they want to. Or they could be looney-tunes like a family friend who decided Tim was too normal & legally changed his name to Timinator. Not joking. He’s crazy but we love him.

LA_Guy 2 years ago

My grandfather and several others in my family have/had 2 letter names. Mississippi has something in the water….

Alleah 2 years ago

Yeah, we have the A-team here! Adam, Alleah, Ava, Adrianna. Sometimes I regret it, but not often. :)

Sarah 2 years ago

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I told a friend that I was naming her “Hayley Siobhan” which, I think, is a pretty mainstream name. Her response was a very loud, aghast “Sha-Voooooon? Why would you DO that to her?” A few weeks later, the next season of American Idol started up with Siobhan Magnus as one of the competitors, and I knew that my friend was an avid AI watcher, so I felt some satisfaction from that. I think she had no idea that Siobhan is a very common Irish and Scottish name.

Sarah 2 years ago

I am laughing so hard right now!!

Daettia 2 years ago

I can understand, as I’m one of those folks going through life with an unusual name… but in my case, it’s a very much old family name (named after my maternal grandmother who was named after a great aunt who had no kids). Even then, it’s sometimes frustrating to correct the pronunciation – it is in NO WAY pronounced how it’s spelled – as Day-EH-tah almost every day. I tend to let Day-Eh-tee-ah and Day-EE-sha slide at my office, but I got some whoppers in school:

and amusingly, Day-TREE-na

If anyone can find the “r” and the “n” please let me know…?

Even funnier for me: I’m very much of Irish-Germanic descent with the last name of Butler. There were a lot of teachers surprised when I raised my hand when they called my name (incorrectly).

rebecca 2 years ago

When naming our second son, my husband fell into wanting a unique name. I told him that if we chose a normal name and spelled it correctly that he would be the only one in the class. Even into the 8th grade, there have been VERY few other boys named Matthew. He is a Matthew, not Matt, it makes me crazy.

Beatrice 2 years ago

I’m a bit old for this site, not being at an age to have or name a child anymore, but couldn’t stop reading once I got started. I have a name I never liked, “Beatrice”, and shortened to “Bea” by the time I got to Jr. High. We named our oldest daughter for my grandmother, whose name I thought the prettiest I’d ever heard, “Brita”. I am still amazed at the number of people who pronounce it “Britta” with a short i sound. When you see “Rita” you don’t say “Ritta”, same with Anita and so on. This follows English spelling and pronounciation standards as some others have discussed. She had some problems with the name such as the first day of high school when a typo showed her name on the class lists as “Brito”. The positive on that is she needed to speak up right from the start to correct the error and a bit of self-confidence was added each time.

The biggest problem I have had reading these posts is the mistakes in spelling and grammar of the writers. How can anyone expect children’s names to be spelled traditionally or what we consider “correctly” when both the traditional and non-traditional writers ignore their spelling errors and don’t bother to run through a spell-check program before posting. Again, it may be my age, but it is also difficult to read and try to understand the shorthand texting abbreviations. I realize that texting is affecting everyday writing and I find that a bit sad. And I do wish I would have known what some of you were saying, but not being fluent in texting dialect limited my understanding.
But this has been a fun read and provoked some out-loud laughter!

Butter 2 years ago

My name is Butter.
No, I am not joking.
Our last name is Green, so my parents thought it was ‘quirky’ to call us things that are typically other colours. There’s me, my sister Rainbow (we call her Bowie – I get called Butt a lot) and my brother Salt. Rainbow, Butter and Salt. WHY WHY WHY.

Me and Bowie called out kids ‘normal’ names, but Salt took it upon himself to call his kids Henny and Boomer Green. I swear there must be a defective gene that just makes people in our family give their kids names that get them bullied at school (‘Hey! Butt! I’ll be the cup to your butter if you want!’).

Kat 2 years ago

I totally agree with you naming DON’Ts! I cringe when I hear about people naming their kid something dumb. I’m glad I have a pretty normal name, Kathleen, that can be shortened in several ways.
My brother’s name is Talon (wtf, mom? The rest of us have normal names) My husband’s name is Zed (nope, it’s not short for anything.

We just had our first baby, and named him Elijah. People kept telling us to spell it in a “youneeque” way. Um, no.

I had a friend in middle school named La-ena and I know someone who named their kid Maverick.

Deborah 2 years ago

My son in Pre-K goes to school with a little girl named Karen. But she pronounces it CAR-in. She is such a cute kid. But I just know she is going to spend her life having to correct people’s pronunciation.

Elya 2 years ago

While I don’t have any children, a lot of my friends do and one put a link to this page for something-or-other and I got way sidetracked and ended up here reading all your comments about names and I’m sitting in my office at work laughing out loud.
I’m 29, female and my name is Elya-Jon. Yup, Jon. My mom claims putting it together means “the highest of God’s gracious gifts”. Personally if I could lose the Jon altogether, that would be awesome but I would also feel bad because it means something to her. Anyway, Elya is pronounced Ee-lee-yah but after 12+ years of new teachers and new friends, as long as it’s in the ballpark I will respond and probably not correct you. My mom corrects people like it’s going out of style…still! I like my name but yes, unique names while being cool are difficult to explain sometimes…and you’ll never find it on ANYTHING. I’ve checked.
I also have a friends who choose odd names. Here are some examples (not all the same woman, obviously): Lemuel, Esias, Procorus, Epic, Adi, Britta, Vitali —- just to name a few!! I love my friends but if one more tells me they’re naming their kid something odd, I’m going to gently say something and there had better be a really good reason for it.
Keep the laughs coming ladies :)

Alicia 2 years ago

i know of a few men named shanon and a couple named francis

Alicia 2 years ago

you guys kill me. all names are “made up”… that’s how names come about. people make them up… like language lol. if no one had ever invented new names god only knows what our names would be today.

also, i do hate my name. not because of it’s popularity or uniqueness, i hate my name because of the way it’s pronounced. i generally go by “leesha” because no one ever says my whole name, and if they have i feel like i must be in trouble somehow. no one ever got my name right in school. i was never alicia. infact, most of the time i was ashley (go ahead, try and figure that one out….). it was always either alisha or alissa or aleecia. my name isn’t a new name, it’s german name.

my son’s names are kye and asher. i chose the name kye because it has various meanings, mostly all good. the particular meaning i liked the most is “keeper of the keys” which is germanic in origin. and not by any means a “new” or “made up” name. just spelled differently from the traditional “kai” to make it easier for others to pronounce. his nickname by the way is kyper.

asher is also a very old name meaning “happy” or “blessing” and it’s hebrew in origin.

Shannon 2 years ago

I’m a new mom and we decided on an odd name for our son: Dracen (pronounced “Dray sun”). Its an olde english form of Dragon and considering we’re both fantasy-loving nerds and our heritage includes irish and japanese (both dragon-loving countries), it felt right for us. The most common dissent we’ve received has been “he’s going to have to explain the spelling etc all the time.” Well, my husband’s name is Timothy but goes by Tim. EVERY TIME we order something and they take a name, the conversation goes like this “And your name?” “Tim” “Jim?!” “No, Tim, as in Timothy.” A 3 letter name and my husband has to spell it out. I say, might as well have a cool name if you have to do the work anyway! Plus, Dracen has a “normal” middle name (William, after my grandfather) so if he really hates his name, he has options.

However, we also acknowledge that there will naturally be misspellings and mispronunciations of his name (and the upcoming nicknames… just waiting for the “Dr. Dre” to be tossed around soon). What i hate is when parents give their kid an unique name, then get pissed off that its mispronounced/misspelled. Ugh. Did you really not see that coming? *rolls eyes*

Jessie 2 years ago

Fun list. Aura is pretty, it means goddess of the morning breeze.

Anna 2 years ago

My grandfather was Roy, and his siblings were all, poor things, named the following: Gussie, Gertie, Edith, Parnell, Gordon, and Porter. Some of those are fine, but Gussie and Gertie get me every time, not nicknames for anything. Gotta love Kentucky.

Anna 2 years ago

We vowed all our kids would be named for our family/loved ones. Our daughter is named after our maternal grandmothers. If it was a boy, it would have been named after our dads. We owned the names from the beginning – stops anyone from saying anything when you say you’re naming after family.

If we have a second girl, it will be named after our moms. If that doesn’t work out and we have two boys next, we will have to change the plan and name our second boy the male version of my mom’s name and my MIL’s maiden name as the middle name. We’re trying our best to keep everything normal, meaning we will not use the “awful” names as first names – but it’s not out of the question for middle names, because really, who cares what your middle name is?

We have plenty of names to work with and lots of great people in our lives to honor like that, so we’re very lucky/blessed.

On a funnier note, I always wanted to name my first girl by my maiden name, Macy. Then I married a Gray and the plan had to change because I’m not cruel. Oh well, maybe my girl can name HER daughter “Macy”.

“Best” names I remember where from summer camp in Michigan. One of the girls in my cabin went by “Erin” and her sister went by “Day”. Then I saw their real names on a sign in sheet: Erin was “Air-N-Sea” and Day was “Day-By-Day”.

Bottom line, if the name passes the Business Card Test, I think you’re good. Just make sure your baby’s name can look like an adult name on a business card. Would YOU take them seriously if they handed you their business card with their given name on it? If yes, I think you’re good. If not, rethink! Yes, it may be a cute name to use for a baby, but at least give them another name they can use professionally in the future. Since, you know, they will be an adult for 80% of their life, NOT a baby forever! That’s my only argument against naming a baby a cutesy nickname – because they might need/want that professional name in the future.

Dawn 2 years ago

I am so tired of reading articles or posts where people think it is fine to insult 1/4 of the nation. I am southern. My children have traditional names. I can read, write (have an MFA to prove it) and find my way home in the dark. I have seen the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Really, there is no room to point fingers. Thanks for ruining what would have been an entertaining article by insulting me, all my friends, and family (except for my husband, who is a New Yorker).

Shawn-Marie Doyle 2 years ago

growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s i was the only girl i ever met named Shawn. at home i was Shawn-Marie which i HATED. My father was irish (John Michael) and my mother was french canadian. not bad enough having a “boy” name but when the whole thing WAS used i had to explain the hyphen…and argue with people that i really was spelling MY name correctly. on the brighter side(for me) my sister got saddled with Michaelanne, which no one ever spelled properly and at home was dubbed Mike. yeah…no issues for us lol. after all that you would think that we would cut our kids a break but NOPE i named my daughter Alexis and called her Alex, and Mike named her daughter Danielle…who now calls herself Dani. my daughters friends started calling her Lexi all the way back in kindergarten and at 27 she is now Lexi…..and neither she nor i really like it. oh well. our youngest sister was named Tamara with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable which again no one ever pronounces right.

Leah B 2 years ago

I’m a Leah forever being called Lee or Leia.

For our baby yet to be born we’ve decided on Liam Ray for a boy; and Gemma Rose or Isadora Mae for a girl. Nothing crazy.

Jojo 2 years ago

I feel bad for their teachers. Out of 25 kids in my little girls class there are only about 5 traditional names. The rest are very different. Even my daughter’s name isn’t traditional but it is spelled exactly like it sounds – Janaya.

Kristen 2 years ago

I wanted my kids to have names that hardly anyone else would have, but that were also real names with real meanings, because I couldn’t stoop so low as to make shit up and call it a name. I also wanted my son to have a bit of beauty in his name, and my daughter’s name to have some toughness and spark in it. So we chose Caspian and Zinnia. We get the eye roll now and then, but I’d say 90% of the time people commend us on the names we chose. And the kids themselves love their names, which is a relief.

Kristen 2 years ago

My husband has a brother named Clay, and… his name is Plato. Say it aloud.

Casey 2 years ago

I really like it! I think of the lady on the radio who I usually listen to during Christmas music time. But she is always so sweet and has a great energy and optimism. The name is feminine yet not overly common (that I’ve heard so far, I only know a hand full and don’t know them personally)

Casey 2 years ago

Loved this article! I agree with the comment that this should be handed out at birth classes or delivery rooms 😉 we could notcome tto an agreement after 9 months sadly. He wanted Abel, from the Bible for as long as I’ve known him, ironically his sis named her boy Kane and that would have just been weird. We still didn’t have anything chosen the day I went in to have him, he was born on a Friday (11/11/11) veterans day and wasn’t named until Sunday. We decided on Levin Bennett Lynn B***. I was reluctant at first hut began to love the sound of Levin, and the story of his birthday was fitting. I was comforted by that fact that it isn’t uncommon as a last name. It is also pronounced the way it is spelled, not Leveeen. I do worry how it will be received when he is older, but at this point it seems perfect for him. Most of the family will say, yeah he was born 11/11/11 and is named Levin. But I don’t usually explain that to people because they tend to think we named him Eleven unless you emphasize it. So if there is ever any confusion I say it is like Devin or Kevin with an L. Hopefully we don’t live to regret it!

Fiona Mackenzie 2 years ago

Regrettably, the same does not apply to boys with traditional girls’ names. Still a bunch of sexists, aren’t we?

Fiona Mackenzie 2 years ago

I disagree with you in one regard. Psychometric research over quite a few years has shown that girls with “crossover’ (traditionally boys’) names are more successful, on average, in school and careers. We don’t know why, but it may be that teachers and employers are subconsciously conditioned to be more positive toward males, and it translates to male names on applications and papers.

My youngest daughter, age 18, is named Ethan. She likes it, her teachers like it, her friends like it, and she certainly gets her share and more of positive attitude when she applies for colleges or jobs.

Ronnie Bruens 2 years ago

Mouhahahahah– That’s even better!
My daughter’s name is a completely made up: somewhat Japanese, close relative of a Cosmos flower, also close to meaning red or Dawn! lol
I’ll stick to: “Her brothers named her from a cartoon”!

LeahPlus2 2 years ago

My name is Leah (pronounced Lee-ah), and I never got any flak about it until I met the woman who is now my sons’ stepmother-the first thing she said to me was “So were your parents big fans of Star Wars?” Um, no…. LOL

When my brother was born my dad desperately wanted to name him Byron, but my mom refused to let him saddle an innocent child with such a horrible name. Fast forward about 25 years, and I meet the man of my dreams and marry him… his name is Byron!

I named my twins Cole and Mason, wanted them to have nice, normal, obviously-these-kids-are-boys but not matchy-matchy obviously-these-kids-are-twins names. Now they go to school with a girl named Mayson. Sigh.

They also go to school with a girl named Julylah… and went to summer day camp once with a girl named Shellsea.

Lynzee 2 years ago

If it makes you feel any better “Akizakura” is the name for the Cosmos flower in Japanese.

Lynzee 2 years ago

It’s the “dub” name for the English version of the show. The character in the English version is “Akiza Izinski,” not a Japanese name. The character’s name in the Japanese version “Aki Izayoi.” Aki is a very common Japanese name, as it means “red” or “dawn.” Akiza is entirely made up.

Ronnie Bruens 2 years ago

Lynzee, if you know where the name is from, I’d like to hear it… So far, I can only trace it to a Japanese cartoon, Yu-gi-ho 5D, in which a girl has that name.

Lynzee 2 years ago

Akiza might sound Japanese but it is not, by any means, a Japanese girl’s name.

MG 2 years ago

What I can’t understand is when people name their child Analise, Analynne, Analee, etc. People, how you not see the word ANAL?!

Not to mention they’re all shitty (no pun intended) misspelled names in the first place!

MG 2 years ago

“Michaela” is the correct spelling of the name. Makayla, Mikayla, McKayla, etc. are all, um, “creative” ways of spelling Michaela.

Rebecca 2 years ago

I am a nurse and as a student spent a lot of time assiting with deliveries. Often to kill time you’d chat with the couple about what names they had picked out. One couple were Mr and Mrs Russell and they were having a boy. They said they wanted to use the name ‘Ben’ but the next door neighbours just named their dog ‘Ben’ so they thought they’d name their son ‘Jack’. I looked at their faces to see if it were a joke but no, straight faces. They were naming their son after a breed of dog (Jack Russell). Scary!

Geraldine 2 years ago

Here in France Renault – as in the make of car – is a surname. Monsieur et Madame Renault tried to call their daughter Megane Renault. Now, Megane is a perfectly traditional first name here, but really, naming your daughter after a car???

Geraldine 2 years ago

There’s Roders Trotter, son of Del Boy, too in Only Fools and Horses 😉
(A British institution for those on the other side of the Big Pond)

We gave ours short easy to spell names that work in English and
French, their nationalities. Some people have managed to shorten my sons, in the same way the French shorten Geraldine to Gégé …

Gabrielle 2 years ago

That is awesome!!

Gabrielle 2 years ago

I knew a Jehsickah once, that poor girl…

Jim 2 years ago

I went to school with a guy named Antjuan. He was not of hispanic decent. I live in WI, and I knew him long enough to know he was born here.

On a quirkier note, my name is James, and I go by “Jim”, and have been questioned at least 10 times on how you get an “I” in Jim from an”A” in James. I gave up by the time I was in college, and explained simply that I didnt name myself, nor did I create the most common nickname for James, and perhaps the internet could help them with their connundrum. I am still wiping the moisture from my eyes over Le-ah, Shithead and Asshole.

Thanks for the fun

Amanda 2 years ago

My aunt that I always looked up to couldn’t stand our son’s middle name “Monty” when I told her about it while I was still pregnant, she said no way, thats a horrible name and my child would hate me, but the only explination she gave when asked why, was that her ex husband’s name is Monty.
Even after I let her know it was extremely important to my husband, being the nickname of his beloved grandfather that had pasted, she still asked several times if we “came to our senses”.
It really upset me that she was acting so childish since I had held so much love and respect for her my whole life!

Jess 2 years ago

Lacey Jane . . . No, I don’t see it either.

Jess 2 years ago

What, really? I would have guessed Lilly too.

Jess 2 years ago

Sawyer is a boy name. JMO.

Jess 2 years ago

Loved the name Atticus until someone pointed it out that it sounds like someone with a lisp saying “ass kiss”. That ruined it for me.

Kat 2 years ago

My nickname in Polish is Kasia – pronounced Ka-sha. I’ve got a couple aunts named Stasia – short for Stanislawa.

kaitlyne 2 years ago

as a kaitlyne i have to say i hate my name spelling and everything it gets worse when i say my sisters name is kirstyne. i mean what was my mom thinking? i have however followed the path of weird names calling my son Alistair and my sister with a little one called Moara like more-a.

Kelly 2 years ago

My daughter’s name is Michaela. My husband and I were both adamant that we spell it the traditional way instead of what we call the “ghetto” phonetic ways (MaKayla, McKayla, etc.). I know we made the right decision by keeping with the traditional spelling, but I still feel bad that everyone tries to spell it the “wrong” way and when we explain how to spell it their first question is if we named her after someone named Michael. No, we just like the name. What really got me, though, was when my mother in law scoffed at the name saying that our daughter will never be able to spell it because it’s so long. I looked her in the eye and said “How many Michael’s never learned to spell their name? It’s just one extra letter.”

Julie 2 years ago

Oh. My. Gosh. I literally had the EXACT same thought!! Glad to know there are more like me out there!

Tina 2 years ago

I named my daughter Erin. I think it’s a beautiful, feminine name, without being too fru-fru. And, yes, when i was pregnant, people asked (A LOT) if I was going to spell it A-a-r-o-n! stupid and annoying.

Maelie 2 years ago

The German is Herr, Dutch is heer. In German the ‘e’ is as in ‘fern’, Dutch the ‘ee’ is as in ‘in’ but long. It does not mean lord. God, why don’t people at least google the name they choose for their poor children?
Also, 90 procent sure Darla is a troll.

S 2 years ago

Well, ISN’T it pronounced Cam-ber-lee? That’s what I took it to be – I thought the mom explained it so you would know the way the last syllable was pronounced…?

S 2 years ago

Sawyer Elizabeth is beautiful and sounds classic, even if it’s not. And Dane is wonderfully masculine. Good choices both IMHO.

S 2 years ago

No – not that hard of a name – just one with a few different ways of being spelled. If people are at all like me, they’re simply asking so they can give you the props (the respect) of spelling it correctly for YOU, and not just assume that the way they spell it is the way you do so. If you look at it in that light, it gives a much more positive spin to the situation, right? :)

Kym 2 years ago

I think it’s beautiful! Your in-laws can call her Lila for short (or even Lily) but you have to be the one who names, and lives with, the name you choose. :)

Kym 2 years ago

It’s unusual and kind of neat, although you may want to consider Zander as it’s close to Zahmar and will be easier to pronounce!

Kym 2 years ago

I just posted about this! Not so much the internet BS, but the pronunciation – and the article writer is wrong about it.

Kym 2 years ago

No, the pronunciation IS Lee-Uhh (Leah). That is my mother’s name, so I’m confident that’s the correct pronunciation!
So, it could be said like “Lee” but more than likely, it’s NOT unless spelled “Lea”. So there you have it! :)

Amber 2 years ago

My son’s name is Nathaniel Xavier-Glenn.. my ex wanted it to be Xavier but i couldnt do it lol…and no one calls him Nathan or Nate.. its Nathaniel*

Katrina 2 years ago

My name is Katrina. People often ask if it’s with a C or a K, but that’s not really a big deal to me. However, I have literally had people pronounce is “Cat Reena”. WTAF? You would think after the famous Hurricane Katrina people would know what’s up.

I also knew someone in school with the middle name Hamilton. She was a girl…

Youarefullofit 2 years ago

This article is terrible. Just rehashed BS from the internet. What tipped me off? The lie about Lee-dash-ah. Anyone who “has a friend” who knew a La-dash-a or Lee-dash-a is full of it. That is an urban legend that I wish would die already. Seriously, anyone that didn’t roll their eyes while reading this either has a BS claim that they “had a friend who knew a La-dash-ah” themselves or is a gullible idiot. That also goes for all the idiots that also know a “Female”, pronounced Fee-mall-ee.

Trish 2 years ago

Here is the best trick for choosing a name. Ask yourself “Would I go to and trust a doctor named ______________?” If you wouldn’t be comfortable going to see Dr. Moonunit Zappa, then don’t saddle your child with it. Names are a powerful thing, people will judge you just by reading your name. Someone introduces herself to me as Kandy? She’s a stripper. I don’t care what she does in life or how much schooling she has, she will forever be a stripper in other peoples minds.
I have 2 boys. One is named David, the other is named Kevin. They both went through grade school with no one else of the same name. In middle school, one other David showed up. In high school, there were just the 2 David’s in the entire school. Kevin is a junior. He has yet to have another Kevin show up. In a school of 972 kids.
Most common/traditional names fall on a popularity cycle. Just pick one that isn’t due to cycle again for 20 years or so, then your kid will have a “unique” name.

Marie 2 years ago

Hey Rodney! Do you watch Sci-Fi? One of my favourite characters ever is named Rodney on Stargate Atlantis. You should look it up 😉

Cyndi 2 years ago

I am a Cyndi… ALWAYS have to spell my name.

Arina 2 years ago

My name is Arina (pronounced A-REE-na (with ‘a’ like the ‘a’ in father)). It’s a (fairly) common Russian name (top 100 in 2012, rarer when I was born). People often say ‘Alina’ (or Arina with ‘i’ like in ‘pit’, if they’re reading it) on their first try and I usually have to spell it, but it integrates well enough into English phonemes and it’s not a big issue. No problem, right? Except, my dad’s name starts with S and Russian names typically use patronymic middle names and my last name starts with S so you get ASS. And my parents didn’t notice until ten years later. I often lie about my middle name, if asked (I say Ashlyn because I like it and it makes my initials stay a triangle congruency test (nerd power) and if I used a Russian name someone might remember the thing about patronymics). I went through a period of hating my name when I was 10 or so years old, but then, when I was 10 I watched to much anime and thought Kai and Yuko were the best names ever. There’s also the thing about how my mom is names Marina and my grandma Irina, but people usually think it’s cute or funny. And my dad wants me to name my first daughter Rina and she to name her first daughter Ina. Dad, naming people is not a joke, enen if they are real names.

What irks we is people trying to give their kids ‘unique’ names like Unikk (pronounced ‘unique’) and ending up sounding just stupid. I also have a feeling that giving kid specifically ethnic names from an ethnicity you do not belong to is really uncool. If you live in the country or you emigrated from it, it’s fine, but two US parents with vaguely European or African roots naming a kid an asian or Native American name or something like that with no reason is just going to make them have to spend the rest of their lives spelling it and explaining that no, their parents were American.

Paula 2 years ago

Several years ago I met a guy called Mike Hawk.
and I can’t get that picture out of my mind…..

Laura 2 years ago

Don’t let someone you know using a name be why you don’t name your kid something. Are they going to spend the rest of their life with that person? Probably not. A name is one of the most permanent things we get. Pick the one you want, even if everyone or no one else is using it.

Katherine 2 years ago

lily’s the actual plant.

Katherine 2 years ago

clearly you suck at names. you dont belong here.

Tessia 2 years ago

My mother decided to name me Tessia
Doesn’t sound like TessEuh, Tessaiuh, or tessha
Nope just Tessa is how you say it.
Now why do we need that i in there? Why?
I’ve been called TessEuh my whole life. Every single time i need to correct whomever reads my name. I’ve actually just given up recently.
My fiance and I have decided our future children will not have bizarre names. He’s the oldest and saved his siblings from his mother’s traditional mexican names. Not that they aren’t nice, but Luis (fiance) said he didn’t want his brother and sister to be made fun of. Children don’t understand traditional mexican names. Luckily Luis isn’t a bad name. He told me what his mom wanted to name his sister and brother and they were too foreign i can’t even remember.
In a nutshell. Kids are cruel. Parent’s need to keep that in mind.

Dutchlady 2 years ago

No. Sorry to tell you, but thats just plain wrong. Either in the Netherlands or Germany it is spelled Herr and the meaning is a simple Mr.

Katie 2 years ago

Ha ha I have the same issues people seem to write down Katy

Katie 2 years ago

I love the name Felix.

Katie 2 years ago

I had a friend well ex friend now who named her kid Fox Danger. Just so he could say danger is my middle name. All I am saying is when people pick names for their children really think. They are going to have them for the rest of their lives.

jd 2 years ago

Ophelia Isabelle is lovely.

jd 2 years ago

Benjamin is a great name, but the friend I can think of who was super-mysterious about her baby name saddled her daughter with a real ugly clunker of a name. She would have done well to get some feedback (of course I wouldn’t have said “real ugly clunker” — I just wouldn’t have said anything nice besides “Oh, that’s interesting!”).

jd 2 years ago

My mother-in-law insists that boring names are the way to go, though both her son and daughter complain about their top-ten names and having to go by nicknames/middle names/last initials all through school. I like that my name is unusual, kind a of a boy’s name, and slightly misspelled so it’s more feminine. Yeah, it gets spelled wrong a lot, but people also apparently have trouble with “Susan.” And I always felt bad for the two Jenny T.’s in my elementary school classes.

My kids are going to have plain names in a time when weird names are normal, but we’re making sure they’re not common names. I really love the name Max, but I get the feeling he’d be one of five Maxes in all his classes.

Katie 2 years ago

I found out I was pregnant a week after my best friend. What an emotional time for our husbands that was *sigh* As a Katie with at least three Katies in my graduating class and many more everywhere I go, I decided I wanted to be different. The more I looked at names though, the more I realized classic names were more unique than the actual unique names. So my husband and I named our baby boy Sebastian Kyle, Kyle being my husband’s late brother’s name. We love it and I know all the nicknames that can come out of the name, including the litte red crab from the Little Mermaid. My best friend named her daughter Aurora Marie. Sebastian and Aurora are getting married. We’ve decided for them *giggle*

Kye 2 years ago

My Father wanted to name me Stormy…I have no idea why. My mother should have been off the good stuff before naming me but oh well. That (He’s a Southerner) comment though, not funny,at all. Do you have any idea how annoying that stereotype gets?

Claire 2 years ago

I have a colleague with a middle name that is just a letter, like an initial. he says it’s very annoying when people try and talk him into spelling out his full name multiple times. he also dislikes when people put a period at the end of it, since it’s not short for anything. in telling the story, he refrained from saying whether or not he likes or dislikes it as a name, but I have my suspicions!

Have a friend whose daughter is named Shyane (like Cheyenne) and she, the mother, complains that they never have name-y keychains for it, wut?! She also complains that people mess it up to call her Shayne (which to me is a too-trendy spelling of Shane), but I feel like if she wanted to avoid that she should have gone with a double “n” so it’s easier identified as having the “Anne” pronunciation.

I’m pregnant with my first, a boy. I want a unique-but-not-crazy (or trendy) name for him, but I see so many better unique-but-not-crazy-or trendy names for girls than boys. This is going to be hard!

Claire 2 years ago

I like Riley better for girls than boys. I know a very lovely 13 year old girl named Riley.
I’m the opposite for Taylor, bugs me for girls but like it on boys.

Claire 2 years ago

better than having a brand name in your name, at least!

Alynne 2 years ago

With William Turner aka Pirates of the Caribbean? Likely story. That’s the first thing anyone asked me when I wouldn’t mention the name was, “You’re not naming your kid William are you?”

Again, my name is weird already, and that’s not my full name either. I never resented my parents for my name, which is dang long and difficult and the closest meaning to it is an Irish name. (I’m Asian).

What is an acceptable “normal” name anyway for kids whose parents come from different sides of the world? It’s typical for our culture to have names from the Bible or from our grandparents but unless we wanted a football team of kids, one side will be favored over the other. And FIL didn’t want us to name a kid after him. And the acceptable names on his side just didn’t sound right, especially when you add in their middle names (Chinese, MIL’s side is Chinese.)

If we chose from each side, we’d get a hard time either way so we just chose names that my DH and I agreed on. If they resent it later in life, then they can change it. It is their name after all.

AJ 2 years ago

Ugh. No.
It sounds like a mispelling of the English name

Jenifer D 2 years ago

Another Jenifer here but my mother got the bright idea that leaving off an “n” would make me unique…. Really Mom! The name was like number 1 or 2 on the charts for 3 years before I was born and several years after and leaving out an “n” was going to make me unique. Now I have to explain every time I fill something out that no I did not misspell my own name (actually got my forms handed back to me at the DMV once to “make the correction” WTF seriously I am pretty sure that at this point in life I know how to spell my own name!)
When I had my first I went with Anastasia not common but not weird. Then came our second daughter and Hubs and I just could not agree, or the name was already taken by a close friend or relative so we ended up with Abigail and it almost killed me (sometimes I still want to go change her name). She is Abi by her choosing so at least that’s a little less common.
I tried going by middle name in high school but I just don’t look like a Denise and I couldn’t remember to answer to it so I gave up. Now I am Jen to most who know me other than my older family who still call me Jenie.

JenniferM 2 years ago

Born in 1978, Maiden name is Li & lived in Toronto, Canada. Lots of Asians, lots of Li’s, lots of Jennifer’s. Do you know how many Jennifer Li’s I’ve encountered? In high school, there was a Jennifer Li in the same grade as me and we’d often end up in some classes together. Since we couldn’t go by the last name & we had Chinese middle names, we’d have to go by the middle initial.. like Jennifer whatever your middle initial is to tell the difference! And there was at least one instance where our marks got screwed up & because of it. So annoying! Also annoying was every calling me Jenny. I couldn’t stand Jenny! I prefer Jen or Jennifer. It’s only been the last few years that I’ve stopped correctly people who call me Jenny cause I just can’t be bothered anymore!

On that note, while I do understand wanting a different more unique name for our children, I’m not going to name my kid some weird arse name. I still remember when I was in highschool working at the local swimming pool. We had a brother & sister named Beavis & Barbie… no joke. I guess they were just lucky the parent’s didn’t use Butthead instead LOL

AJ 2 years ago

Why don’t parents just change their OWN names and live with the consequence of “just loving” a name as weird and difficult as that, rather than inflicting it on an innocent child?

This entire post was for you and other parents who love a crazy name more than they love their child. Your in-laws were only trying to save your poor offspring from your looney name choice.

Starla 2 years ago

I love my name, even though I usually got the “are your parents hippies?” question. I was sad when I was a kid that I could never find any of those name things (keychains, hats, etc) with my name on it…but I have gotten a few items that were special ordered with my name. I still love it, but my son’s name is as “normal” as you can get (James) due to DH picking it. The next kid I get to name, so we’ll see where I end up. I’m sure not going to be as off the wall as “le-ah” though!

Darah 2 years ago

my parents named me Darah, and our last name was Vater. yep, Darah Vater. you can imagine all the star wars jokes i heard. my parents didn’t even know about or like star wars, though the first movie had come out a year or so before i was born. i used to tell people, “Yeah, my dad’s name is Darth, and my mom’s name is Ella…” and see how long it took them to get it.

i hated my name for a long time. it was uncommon, no one seemed to understand it rhymed with Sarah, and the endless star wars jokes were tiring. (i love star wars, though, so at least it didn’t ruin me!)

my parents came up with my name because i was the 4th and last child, all daughters, and my dad’s name is Darrell, so i got a combination name of Darrell and Sarah. (Sarah was too common a name when i was born.)

all that to say, i love my name now. in college, i finally began to own it. now that i’m married, i miss my maiden name, and have thought to add it back in as a second middle name. my name is as much a part of me as anything and i have made peace with it. i’m thankful i have it, and that it’s uncommon. though when i named by boys, i kept their names ‘heard-of’ but not ‘every day’. :)

Tameeee (kidding) 2 years ago

Nice post, but you lost me with this:

“…don’t also be the guy who refuses to share the name because you’re afraid of negative commentary or feedback.”

We kept our first child’s name secret, even though it is very “normal” name (Benjamin, Ben for short). It was just hard for my husband and I to agree — it was *literally* the only name we agreed on. It was exhausting to come up with the name I just didn’t have the energy to hear people’s opinions about it. Also, I was suffering from hyperemesis the entire 9 months of my pregnancy, so I threw up constantly. Everything was so hard at the time. Yes, I should “own” my choice, but I didn’t want to have to defend it. When you are still pregnant, people think they can change your mind about the name. After the baby comes, all they say is “Oh, how nice.” Is there something so terrible about not wanting to hear people’s lame-ass opinions about your choice?

Joanna 2 years ago

We named our daughter Ariadne from Ancient Greek times. And we named our son Athan from the word “immortal” in Greek. We have very good stories behind both names but in all honesty, we live in such a culturally divers part of the world that who cares what you name you child. The only people who seem to have a problem with my kids names are the older generation who just refuses to believe that there are other names beyond Henry and Cathrine. I personally don’t love my name, and it’s a pretty straight forward one, yet 80% of the time people spell it wrong anyways. I’m not going to base my life around other people’s inability to be divers.

AJ 2 years ago

Um, naming twins “Dark Chocolate” and ”
“Light Chocolate” as the one black mother did…seems a LOT more racist than criticizing her for it…

Olivia 2 years ago

I actually LOVE my name, Olivia LeeEtta. My mother spent hours working it all out and picked one extra special. Olivia is for Olivia De Havilland (Melanie in Gone with the Wind) since we have a generational thing of naming for actresses (my mom is Angela for Angela Lansbury). My middle name comes from a great aunt named Lee Etta. Her name was made into a middle name for my favorite aunt, and then my mom passed it on to me. I always wanted to name my daughter LeeEtta Danielle or Anastasia LeeEtta. I like the really feminine names.

On the other hand, I’ve known people with some weird ones too. I intend to take extra special care when naming my kids. Right now, my imaginary children are: LeeEtta Danielle, Anastasia Antoinette, and Ophelia Isabelle.

Olivia 2 years ago

Lol, I always swore I would never marry a man whose last name started with “D” since that would make my initials “OLD.”

Haylie 2 years ago

I’ve always liked my name – Haylie. It’s popular now, but usually with different spellings…. Haley, Hayley, Hailey… etc. I’ve never been bothered about spelling my name though; I had no idea it’s such an issue for some people!

And no, I could never find any of those keychains or necklaces in the store with my name on it… but they always have a custom order option!

I like somewhat unusual names, but not crazy. The worst one I’ve heard is Rayce Karr. Yep, Race Car. Personally, I think it’s a security issue: if you lose your son in a store and ask them to page “Race Car,” they’ll just laugh at you!

jamie 2 years ago

It’s a Nigerian name, pronounced “Sha-day” (without the dash ofcourse

Thursday 2 years ago

such nice names. I love them.

Thursday 2 years ago

and Addison means son of Adam.

Jules 2 years ago

Actually I think Crocoficio (don’t rember the exact spelling) is an Italian name

QueenBee 2 years ago

I have three kiddos. The only one who has a truly unique spelling is my middle daughter. We thought she was going to be the last (little did we know we would have a surprise 2 years later!), so we combined the grandmother’s names for the spelling… otherwise, we’d have a Caucasian girl with an Asian-sounding name. So… here goes– We liked Cadence for a girl’s name. We were going to use our maternal grandmothers’ middle names, and our mothers’ middle names for her middle name and the spelling of her first name. It would have been Kaydence Lynn-Sue or Kaydence Sue-Lynn. Uhm… no offense to my Asian friends, but no. Kay was my husband’s grandmother’s middle name making Cadence, Kaydence (obviously, right?). We opted to use my mother’s first name and my grandmother’s middle name, which happened to be my MIL’s middle name, too, to make Delynnda. My mother’s name is Delinda (rare as it is already). So, Kaydence Delynnda it became. Everyone at church hated it, but that’s their problem, not mine. Everyone in the family loves it. The other two are John Charles (the third), and Lillyan Jayne (named after a great aunt and my great-great-grandmother).

Lee-ann 2 years ago

Try Cheryn. (pronounced Sharon). That’s the unique name given to my aunt in 1948!

Leslie 2 years ago

We called our 1st son Kimosabe while I was pregnant with him, and he loves westerns, his name is Zander Quinn. We called our 2nd son Octavius Maximus and convinced our family that was his name, it’s actually Oliver Augustus.
I love Quinn Patrick

Leslie 2 years ago

I love my name, not very common at all, although I was named after my uncle and I’m a chic. I have two boys and wanted names that were uncommon but not outlandish. My 1st born is Zander Quinn, his middle name was the only thing we could agree on at first and my husband insisted on Zander and it grew on me. Now I can’t imagine him with a different name. My 2nd born is Oliver Augustus, again his middle name was the only thing we could agree on. I lost a bet on his first name though. I have Irish ancestors and wanted to name him Declan but the hubby said no and wanted to name him Ollie. He won the bet, but I couldn’t name him just Ollie so the hubs compromised and he’s an Oliver now. My full name is Leslie Da-She’, my middle name is a combination of my Dad’s (David) first name and my Mom’s (Sherron) maiden name. My husband is Lance Steele, he says his parents named him after his falls, long as a lance strong as steele. His Dad denies it.

Beki 2 years ago

My youngest son is D’Artagnan Mercutio Zayn Kole… Not only did that boy get f-ed up names, he has 3 middle names… AND he is now 10 and I couldn’t imagine another name that would fit him better :) His names were all picked because they were caricatures in books I read while I was pregnant with him and that boy is the smartest kid I have ever met, and he loves his name. We call him Kole or Dart.

Stori 2 years ago

Peace- I got you. Completely. The one good thing out of having an odd hippie name, I perfected the “Wtf? Stfu” look by 12 :)

Peace 2 years ago

Stori, I can relate. I get “Peace?! Is your last name (insert one of the following here)??!”

Other questions:
Were your parents hippies?
Did you change your name to that?

What’s worse is my last name (before marriage) was Ossom, so I get “Peace, you’re Ossom!” or “Is your middle name Is?” Now, the one I hate most: Possom. My school assigned username is possom, so, professors, don’t forget to grade assignments completed by the student Possom, or check out my school website at Oh, don’t forget to email me at Ugh!!!! Call me a possum and you die!

Sally 2 years ago

How old are you?

Sally 2 years ago

My niece is named Lillian and we call/spell her name Lilly.

Jessie 2 years ago

I named my daughter Aeris. I got the name off a video game, but it was beautiful sounding and unique. The woman who had the name on the game was a kind, innocent flower girl so it made me love the name even more.
If I have a second daughter in the future, her name will be Celes, it is from the same video game series, but I think of it as short for Celestial, or ‘heavenly angel’. and again, the woman who had the name was a beautiful kind woman. :)
Everyone LOVES my daughter Aeris’s name, I always get asked where it came from, and when I tell them the truth (which I always do) no one says a bad word about it, just that it’s very beautiful.
The only person who has a problem with the name Celes, is my grandmother, but it’s because she knew someone named ‘Seles’ who was not a very good person, but you’re right, forget her. Everyone else loves the name and so do I and that’s the name I will give my second daughter :)

Emily 2 years ago

I wish I was making these up, but I have met an Al-ia (Al dash ia) and the even more “creative” Pimptarius. I so badly want to be making up the last one, but he nearly ran me over in the orthopeadist after I had shoulder surgery.

Kaitlan 2 years ago

My name is Kaitlan, pronounced “Kate-len” (but that’s because of my accent). My dad decided that it would be easier to spell it with a K and an ‘an’ so that people could pronounce it. This was never a problem, except for the spelling and nowadays I don’t even mind it being misspelt, but a few years ago I moved to a different country and the spelling is getting better, but now it’s the pronounciation! I’ve been called Kathleen, Kaaaaaiiitlan? and Kathlyn, which I don’t mind, but there’s one pronounciation I really don’t like: “Koi-tch-lyn”. It does my head in! Now my friends think it’s hilarious and called me “Koitch-lyn” half the time! But I don’t mind anymore. I love my name and that it is spelt a different way, but that’s just me.

Amanda 2 years ago

Yes, I want’ed to be that asshole to name my firstborn daughter like 5 different WHOLE names. I was torn between.
Aoibheal(pronounced ahh-veal)Aoibheann(ahh-ve-ann)
Hattie Joon(until I found out my husbands shitty birth mom had not only a hattie ancestor…but also a joon. SMH)
Fayth Marie-Ann.
AND then we found out our precious girl was actually a boy. Joshua John-Michael it was.
I AM that parent….But atleast the names I chose are REAL names.

Terra 2 years ago

I definitely feel the pain of having a “weird” name. My name, Terra, means earth in Latin, but my mom found my name in the credits of a movie she watched while she was pregnant with me. The thing I hated most about my name was the pronunciations. “Tierra” and “Tara” were the most common. I just never understood how you could mess “Terra” up! I gave my children simple, classic, yet different names. I chose their names based on whether I ever met someone with the name. If I found a name I liked and knew someone with the same name I didn’t use it! My oldest is “Lily Korynn” (weird spelling of the middle name I know….blame her father) and my youngest is “Layla Rose” They have flower names because flowers come from the earth 😛

Jennifer 2 years ago

Shut the front door. Your name is Jennifer Renae?? My same name. Renae isn’t a very common spelling either.

Rebecca 2 years ago

You should have replied – “Because I’m not a f*ck*ng idiot!”

Just “George” 2 years ago

I take it that English is not your first language?!

Just “George” 2 years ago

There is a grad student where I teach with that last name Holden. His sick parents named him Dick (not Richard, his legal name is Dick).

Just “George” 2 years ago

Then there is the singer Sade that pronounces her name “Sharday.”

Just “George” 2 years ago

I lived in India for 2 years as a visiting professor at Delhi University. The “swastika” appears on many very old buildings, (>1,000 years) but Jennie M is wrong, NOT ALL OF THEM are the reverse of the Nazi swastika. You see them turning in both direction, and often see them on each side of an entryway, with one turning to the right and one turning to the left.

Just “George” 2 years ago

I went to high school with a girl named “Chanda.” Its kind of a pretty name, but her last name was “Lear.”

Just “George” 2 years ago

I hope it was a typo, but while killing time at O’Hare Airport, I picked up a paper and read a story about a girl named “As’shole.” I asked someone about it, and they said its a middle eastern name, that is pronounced Ash-olay.

Melissa 2 years ago

My boys are all vowels also (Evan, Isiac, Ayden) and my daughter a consonant (Taylor) the first two boys werent on purpose but the third had to be a vowel to match the other two

Pat Barton 2 years ago

“He’s a Southerner. No further comment necessary?”

Eat dirt, douchebag.

Ben 2 years ago

The worst name I’ve seen was a family whose father’s name was DeWayne. They named all of their children with the De prefix. Most of the names seemed very contrived but were all well and good until they got to their last one (that I saw). DeMerit. Poor boy. I guess they thought “Oh cool, Merit is a good thing!”

Zandrea 2 years ago

Hi. So I’m having a child in 2 month. I am very having. I will be naming my son Zahmar Lou Jenkins, or may Zahmar Levi Jenkins. Levi is not after the pants. LOL. But I don’t know now after reading this post. Its was very funny. I’m naming him because I like how it sound and its my husbands and my name together. What do you guys think?

Myrtle 2 years ago

T. David.

This is responsible parenting.

Myrtle 2 years ago

No way, Jasmine is a princess of Agrabah. Or a geisha.

Myrtle 2 years ago

Shaheed is a fine spelling, if that’s what you want people to say.

Myrtle 2 years ago

I know a gal who gave her boys long names and gets uppity if you shorten them (like your Zachary never Zach example). Then she had a girl and gave her only the baby/nick name instead of a name she can still use when she’s no longer a baby (think Maggie as a “name” instead of Margaret). People make no sense.

Myrtle 2 years ago

I always wonder if such names are considered attractive in the old country and just sound bad in other languages, or if they’re actually the Myrtle or Egbert of “back home,” too.

Myrtle 2 years ago

My state allows names to be changed for free up to one full year. That option should be better publicized, I think.

Myrtle 2 years ago

In my state you have a full year to fix your mistake, no questions asked. That option is not used enough.

Myrtle 2 years ago

Eww, I’m on the “call ’em what you want but provide a grown-up name they can use when they’re adults” side of the fence. You know, for when they’re appearing in court.

Heather 2 years ago

My English teacher’s cousin named her daughter Annika Skye. Last name? Walker.


My mother has an Anakin in her kindergarten class this year. (And a Riker.) Might not be too bad a thing, were Hayden Christensen’s interpretation of Darth Vader not universally-reviled by all the nerds I know. 😉 (At least, those over fifteen. My young nephew thinks the cartoons are awesome, so maybe it’s a generational thing?)

Heather 2 years ago

My mom is a kindergarten teacher. This year’s group includes River, Forest, Meadow, and Sky. There’s also a Riker and Anakin. Hipster and nerd names may seem cute and not TOO bizarre (at least they’re spelled correctly, right?), until you factor in all the other hipster/nerd progeny. Then the class roll sounds like a Wordsworth poem or a Comic-Con panel.

Granted, I’ve got a nature-y name myself (Heather). But none of my six siblings have themed, misspelled or particularly unusual names, and mine is the most “trendy” they ever went with. It IS possible to be unique and perfectly normal at the same time. 😉

Amanda (Mia) 2 years ago

Thank you!

Mad Woman (@MadWomanDiary) 3 years ago

My husband is Steve and he wanted to name our DD Stephanie. I told him fine, if we have a boy, he’ll be Amos (my real name is Amy). I won and named her Madeleine (another win on the spelling). For our son he wanted to name him Dickie. At that point our friends and family (and ME) just ignored him. Our son is Samuel with initials of SIP. oh well.

Grady 3 years ago

I’m a woman who’s name is Grady, which is technically a man’s name.

I love it, though, because it’s just different enough to stand out, but not so obviously masculine that I have to go around correcting people all day.

Plus, my parent’s gave me a very common middle name (Katherine) so that if I hated my first, I’d have something else to go by! I love it!

Amy 3 years ago

I had a student (who went by “Robin”) who was named after her mother, Rhonda – they did what seems like a cool thing – took mom’s name and added something to it…………until you realize you’ve named your daughter Carhonda…..and then you realize that is reads Car Honda

Donna 3 years ago

I always thought Marcus and Marquis was pronounced differently – hmm..

Donna 3 years ago

believe it or not I babysat a girl named Ghenipher (pronounced Jennifer)

Donna 3 years ago

HA! my name is Donna Lea (pronounced Lee) – I like it – although occasionally I get, ‘Donna Leah’ – the other day I got asked ‘Donna, with the traditional spelling with an H’ WTF? NO! what is wrong with you?

Lisa 3 years ago

Beautiful name!! She’ll do just fine, at least it makes sense.

euphbass 3 years ago

Beware the Tom Jones song :D.

euphbass 3 years ago

From a British perspective, a lot of the names in the preceding comments described as relatively normal or common are anything but in Britain! I’ve never even heard of some of them :).

In any case, in reference to the original post, I think there is a bit less of tendency to weird names here in general, although it does still happen. There was a guy on the radio yesterday called Elvis McGonagall, and there was the story of a poor kid in Glasgow called Pocahontas McGinley.

One that went through a bit of a phase was Senga (Agnes backwards, since Agnes went out of fashion). It has a pretty trashy reputation, on the whole. I was reminded of that of comments referring to Heaven spelt backwards, which I’d not heard of before (nor would hazard a guess as to how to pronounce!). Oh, and MacKenzie here is pretty much exclusively a surname (and masculine – Mac is, in Gaelic, “son of”, whereas Nic would be “daughter of”, but you don’t see that in English).

Therese 3 years ago

I love the name Dalilah, but my husband comes from a very uptight christian family and they hate it. I don’t want to name her something she will be teased about either. So yes or no on the name Dalilah?

Neidarlfe 3 years ago

When I met my husband he was a single dad raising his son and daughter on his own. His daughters name is Neidra ( apparently her mother read a book whose main character’s had the name) and her name is always being mispronounced. Usually she gets ‘kneedra’ when really it’s ‘nydra’. She’s never been sassy about correcting people.

His son’s name is Arl (he wanted to name him after Arlo Guthrie!) and we call him Arley. Which I think is a great name!

We had a baby last year and named her Felix. It’s not very feminine but I love it. We call her Fe for short. She could potentially be teased with the whole Felix the cat thing but her generation will probably never know that cat existed!

Lastly, I have some friends who named their son Moon Hawk. Just that. Nothing else. She’s expecting a baby girl in April and is between the names Welcome or Harvest Moon.

Alicia 3 years ago

I sort of wish you named your daughter Theyr. Although, nothing can be worse than Rob Morrow naming his daughter Tu. Tu Morrow. Poor thing. Hey, as long as your kid likes his name, then who cares?

Alicia 3 years ago

This reminds me of Golden Tate, who is a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. I always think “God its a good thing he ended up as a professional athlete. What else could you do in life with a name like that?”

Melissa 3 years ago

My son’s name is Tadd. We hated Thaddeus, which is the long version, but loved Tadd. Added an extra “d,” in the hopes of avoiding the “tad bit, tadpole, etc.” Doesn’t work, but we love his name. I’ve only met a few Tadd’s in my life, and they were all cool. Funny part about mine is that he’s 14 months and 3 feet tall, with a personality to match. Nothing small about my Tadd. :-)

Kim 3 years ago

My mom was ahead of the curve. Early 60’s, I have a cousin named Melissa. I can’t pronounce it, call her “Denissa”. Guess what my mom names her newborn daughter? She’s had problems ever since.

Emily Genther 3 years ago

I’ve worked in childcare for 7 plus years and some of the names I’ve come across make me want to hurt the parents. Like Diesel. I will never understand that one. I keep wondering if his parents were trying to be all trendy and name him after Vin Diesel or if his dad was a trucker and they thought it’d be a great way to honor a career that certainly won’t outlive their kid having to put up with that name.
I’ve also had the parents who give their kids longer names that are acceptable like Zachary or Joseph, and then get all offended if I called their kid Zach or Joey. Lord forbid I want to finish the kids name before he falls off the shelf I’m trying to tell him not to climb. It wouldn’t be bad at all if they had a different nickname they preferred, but when they do that air of superiority thing as they say, “It’s Joseph, not Joe or Joey”, it gets me grumpy. And kids with long names come up their nicknames for themselves anyway. My niece is Jacquelyn, we never call her Jacky, we call her Jac or Jac-Jac. She has a friend she brings over all the time. What does that friend call her? J.J. That one totally didn’t come from us.

Kelly 3 years ago

Tuba is a traditional Turkish name. Not sure if that’s what the parents intended, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt 😉

nuckin_futs 3 years ago

I agree with some of these “out there” names and spellings, but some of them aren’t too bad. I have twins, my sons name is Kaeden, and my daughters is Kaitlin. Yea I changed them up a bit, but thought “Kayden” looked to feminine. Besides, my brother named him, and he’s the ONLY nephew so I let him go. When we named him Kaeden it was original and unique, now 3 out of 5 kids are Kaeden lol. But I was all for Tristin (boy) and Trinity (girl), or Madison (girl) Mason (boy) or Alexander (boy) Alexandria (girl) but decided on these names.

Jennie M 3 years ago

Yes it is! Most people don’t know that. You see them all the time in Asia. At first I was like “what?!” but then someone informed me of this. Its actually turned the other direction of the evil one that hitler used.

Lisa 3 years ago

An uncle has an Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet and I think another gemstone named kid…….yeah…….

Athena 3 years ago

I love the name Atticus, unfortunately for us, one of my college friends JUST named their son Atticus, like, in the past month. We haven’t see each other in person since graduating, but we share a TON of FB friends.

I had the same issue with Ares, no one liked his name (except for my parents) when we first told them. I can’t possibly picture him as a Matthew or Lukas or anything else common, haha!

Lily 3 years ago

Love it! My son is Atticus Marek and I love it. When I polled people at work (pre-baby) everyone HATED it. But I couldn’t imagine him as anything else

Exhaustomom 3 years ago


realmomofnj 3 years ago

I agree that there are some perks to having a unique name. Plenty of conversations have been begun with my maiden name, which is Cappuccino. Really. Cappuccino. But man, if I had a nickle for every coffee-related joke I’ve heard…”Is your middle name Mocha? Is your mom’s maiden name Espresso?” Oy.

Damn! I should’ve mentioned this in the post!

realmomofnj 3 years ago

LOL. Only men think of things like “there’s an ‘ass’ in the middle of my kid’s name…”

Anne 3 years ago

Ruined my little girls life by letting my husband convince me this spelling was best.
Valynne pronounced VayLin

Now that she’s a year old and I’ve got three different versions that my family uses I wish I could go back and pick a different spelling. So sorry baby V!!

Athena 3 years ago

Thx all!

Melissa 3 years ago

I named my son Alexander. I actually say to people now “Alexander, spelled the normal way” lol. After so many “How do you spell it?” You would think a classic like Alexander would be left alone but apparently not.

Jen Also 3 years ago

I spit Coke Zero.

Rodney 3 years ago

What do you think of the name Sloan?

Rodney 3 years ago


Rodney 3 years ago

Friend is a combination of Friday and Weekend. 😉

Jennie 3 years ago

Then the song ‘867-5309/Jenny’ came out, and another one my dad used to sing that had the lyric ‘jenny, jenny why don’t you take a walk with me/jenny, jenny, WOO jenny, jenny’.

Jennie 3 years ago

My favorite mispronounciation is ‘Genie’, I have to tell people that there isn’t an ‘a’ in my name.

Jenni 3 years ago

My parents thought they were being original by naming me Jennifer. In 1984! It was a top 10 name from like 1968-1999 or something. When I became pregnant with my baby, he had no name. My husband was all for naming him Jane (after a character on Firefly). However, on the recovery room bed, several hours after he was born, he finally had a name: Eli. You see it now and again, but it’s a simple name, easy to sound out and spell, and it’s a hard name to f*** up.

Jude 3 years ago

It’s fun reading all the comments about names. Hubby and I thought long and hard about the names of our 4 kids. The naming criteria that we came to was `unusual but simple’ so we chose names that weren’t common, but were still known, and kept with the simplest spelling. We love names that are NOT on the rack of `name license plates’ and personalised mugs, but not so `out there’ as to be a burden to our kids. So we ended up with Thea, Maeve, Ada and Jonas. We love these names and think our criteria has worked well. :)

Sharlene 3 years ago

Epic Johnson is seriously the best porn name ever.

Erin 3 years ago

My son’s name is Redding (like Otis). But I started to freak out right before he was born that he would have red hair. That would just be too cruel. He’s only 4 months, and doesn’t really have much hair yet. Thankfully, what he does is brown!

Erin 3 years ago

Your wife is a smart lady.

Erin 3 years ago

That’s how I feel about all Jack/Jacksons. I used to love the name Jack, but too many crazy kids ruined it for me.

Erin 3 years ago

I have taught several Miracle and Amiracles, but the worst was Amica (pronounced Amisha). She threatened to hit me when I said it wrong on the first day of school. I don’t miss teaching middle school!

Erin 3 years ago

I am a teacher too, and I thought the exact same thing!

Erin 3 years ago

That poor girl!

S 3 years ago

Yeah, you just can never tell what is going to be popular. I have a teenage Sophia, named after her great-grandmother. Who would have guessed that a decade later every other baby girl would be named Sophia?

Kelsey 3 years ago

Ugh. Alas, in my vulnerable, hormonal (straight bitchy), exhausted pregnant state I acquiesced to my husfriend’s love of the goofy name spelling. I caved. And I regret it. It’s a total “kill me now” moment when I have to tell a doctors office or what have you how to spell my daughters name. It is Kasadee. ( Cassidy is the common) In my husfriend’s defense, he was just trying to circumnavigate having the word “ass” in the spelling of his first borns name. Bless him, he is a good man. But. It got way out of hand. BE STRONG my pregnant sisters! Don’t give in!!

Exhaustomom 3 years ago

Years ago Oprah devoted an entire show to odd names. I specifically remember a woman named Vagina, and one named Clitorus.

Exhaustomom 3 years ago

Preserving culture is a noble thing for a parent to do, but research is necessary as evidenced by the usage of the name Shithead ( Shaheed).

Exhaustomom 3 years ago

I really like your name!

Exhaustomom 3 years ago

I happen to love ” urban” culture and hip hop,and my white daughter was named after Maya Angelou. Anything and everything can be taken to extremes. The extremes are what I am referring to, extreme names can have consequences in the real world and make a child’s life difficult. Just telling it like it is, not being racist. This entire thread is about criticizing names….

Ecco 3 years ago

oh my gosh you are so right! I work with a girl who half the words she says are acronyms, such as : jk, lol, omg, wtf, and sometimes she even spells them on paper or in texts like: oh emm gee, or jay kay! i wouldn’t be surprised if she did that when she has babies.

Ecco 3 years ago

lol! thats a great idea! lol

Beatrice 3 years ago

I’m also wondering if, just maybe, Hermione, Luna, Ginevra etc will have their moment of fame in another 5 years or so. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Beatrice 3 years ago

Good point!!

Ecco 3 years ago

also, my doctor told me when I was pregnant about a mom who had just given birth earlier that day and named her child Cocaine… so, I want to clarify that there are some people out there that shouldn’t be so cruel to their kids.. I just happen to be happy with mine.

Ecco 3 years ago

I just have to say, My name is Ecco. Yes, you read that right, Ecco. And to make matters worse my maiden name is McNutt. (real fun when your 6) but on the bright side as an adult: I love my name. It starts up conversations and really is unique. No complaints here. (ask me that twenty years ago and yea, school was interesting. eggo mcnugget, echo..echo..echo…,Lego my Eggo, Lego my mcnutts, my favorite, “if McDonalds sold calf fries what would they be called? : mcnutts!) ive heard it all. but as you mature and get over the stupid crap people say because they can, it is fun to have a unique name!

Brenna 3 years ago

LOL Growing up I thought my name was Brenna Hyphen Rose turns out it was Brenna-Rose 😛
Hopefully my oldest will forgive me for his name one day(Torrie-Andrew)

Anna 3 years ago

Classic! :)

Nancy 3 years ago

Ya i had a brain fart as well when i named my son. Marshall David Richard Head. Sounded nice to me as well as honoring my Parents brothers who passed away. Those who dont know, Dick is the short form for Richard, sooo needless to say he does not use his second middle name :S

Nicole 3 years ago

I went to school with a Jenny. Her mom was extremely ESL (Asian first language) when delivering (had only been in Canada for a few weeks I think) and had just seen the Disney movie Cinderella. That is what she wanted to name her daughter: Cinderella. However, she could only pronounce it Jenny. Thank god for small miracles!

Nancy 3 years ago

not so much, lol. But to each his own :)

Nicole 3 years ago

Danny Aiello?

Nicole 3 years ago

There are five Evelyn’s in my daughter’s kindergarten year.

Tracy 3 years ago

I wouldn’t even name my kid Greg b/c it sounded too much like Craig and then I ditched Addison b/c I didn’t want her to spend her life saying “no with an A, not an M”.

My daughter goes to school with a kid named Marcus. Except it’s spelled Marquis.

jzzy55 3 years ago

I’m going to check Snopes regarding Orangejello and Shithead. There is a very funny video series on YouTube by a woman calling herself Shithead, no idea if it’s her real name or not, but clever as hell (in my opinion).

jzzy55 3 years ago

A cross was once just two perpendicular lines, too, but I bet 99.9% of people think it means “Christian.” Meaning is everything.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Peruvian names, especially the indigenous ones, are definitely not going to play in Sweden, although it seems rather narrow-minded of them not to acknowledge the right of a parent from another culture to pass along THEIR naming tradition as well. But I know in some countries there are naming laws,particularly Northern Europe where they are very concerned about conserving their language/cultural history.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Naming kids after characters in pop culture media has been around for hundreds of years. Pamela was a made up name popularized in an 18th century best selling English novel.

And you wouldn’t believe how many Elvis’s there are in Latin America. Also Heidi’s, spelled Haydee and other variants.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Alsatia? After the dog, or the French-German region?

jzzy55 3 years ago

How about Poland Springs?

jzzy55 3 years ago

I find criticisms of “urban names” to be racist. There are good reasons why African-Americans have veered off into invented-name land. At first I too was skeptical and annoyed, but now I like them because I find them to be rather clever, like hiphop or rap.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Anyone who follows standard English pronunciation rules would say “Ah-reek-uh.” Or “Uh-ree-kuh.” You can’t expect people to guess invented pronunciation rules. People have enough trouble with Standard English.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Not fond of it either (especially as I don’t believe in heaven), but I’ve taught kids with the name and I respect them even if I think their parents chose a crappy name. Teachers should ideally never let their own values show when dealing with children. It’s hard but it’s the professional way to approach the job.

jzzy55 3 years ago

That reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. Jame Gumb. Eek.

Joni (pronounced Johnny) 3 years ago

Wow! I have all the first three “don’ts” in my name. My name is Joni, but pronouncec Johnny. It’s a nick name, a boy’s name (I’m a woman), AND its spelled wrong.
And let me tell you, it has been tough having this name. Everyone has always pronounced it wrong when reading it, and I’ve even had people argue with me when I try to correct them… Like I’m just being difficult and insisting on being called “Johnny” when my name should OBVIOUSLY be pronounced “Joan-y”!
Or if they accept it, they think it has to be short for something…
This is a funny blog, people, but take it seriously! Names are for life… And mine is a pain in the butt.

Ps- I’m a terrible speller, and I’ve always told my mom it’s because of what she named me. How could I learn to spell if my own name is spelled wrong? :p

jzzy55 3 years ago

Xaq. Pronounced “Zach.” He was an unpopular, quirky, sad kid, but the name wasn’t his problem. A likable kid could be named Dishrag and I’ll bet it wouldn’t matter. People would find it “cute.”

I have issues with the name “Jagger.” The ones I’ve taught have all been hyperactive little hellions.

Jennie 3 years ago

Just because she’s grandma does not give her the right to be mean and ugly about a name that she has no input on. She could’ve taken the high road and do as you suggested, but she didn’t. Now, she’ll have to deal with the fallout if that little boy finds out that his grandma didn’t like his name thinks that she doesn’t like him. Before my son was born, my mom didn’t like my son’s name, but she wasn’t horrible about it, nor did she make a scene in front of my young daughter like Nicole’s step-mother did. Now, she loves my son’s name just fine.

tj 3 years ago

Your son’s name is great. Your poor daughter though … The reason for this article is names like Camberlei. It is silly, it sounds like the name of an oil pipeline. As a teacher, I would pronounce your daughter’s name CAM – BER – LEY every time.

Jennie 3 years ago

I was just stating what it meant before what it means today.

jzzy55 3 years ago

Camberlei makes me think of Camembert cheese, though. But you do what you want — really.

jzzy55 3 years ago

She’s grandma, let her pick out her own nickname for him that only she uses. He’ll love it. My grandpa called me Mary (far from my actual name) for reasons of his own. I didn’t mind in the least. I liked that he had this special name just for me.

jzzy55 3 years ago

My son’s name is David. There are very few Davids in his age group but many, many kids have a dad, uncle or grandpa named David so it turned out to be a great name — neither weird nor common.

jzzy55 3 years ago

I don’t mind Cinnamon but Candy Apple is just cruel. Garnet is not an unusual boy’s name in some parts of the US.

jzzy55 3 years ago

If you know Boston, you’ll find this amusing — I worked with someone who named her kids Chelsea and Logan in the mid-80s. I asked if the next one was going to be Everett or Revere. She had not realized that she had given her kids two Boston place names! (She wasn’t originally from Boston and it just didn’t register — honestly I think someone ought to point out any such oddities to parents as they fill out the forms at the hospital — perhaps she would have chosen something other than Logan if she had realized…)

jzzy55 3 years ago

My son is 20 and there were four Jacobs in his grade school class.

jzzy55 3 years ago

I’d have a hard time being nice to a kid named Swastika. I just would. Disgusting. And I don’t buy that it’s meant to evoke the South Asian religious symbol.

I’ve never heard of a child named Altar or Crucifix, have you?

jzzy55 3 years ago

Maybe Lily is the British spelling and here in the US it’s Lilly?

jzzy55 3 years ago

When I sub, I call out the last names and ask the kids to pronounce their first names. Last names are usually a lot easier, not being made up by illiterates. Getting their names wrong takes up too much time with the giggling and pouting that ensue.

jzzy55 3 years ago

My cousin’s husband’s family has a rather unusual male first name from their Italian dialect — Prisco. The ones named Prisco are proud of it and it hasn’t held them back. All successful. I don’t see a problem with awkward names if they are representative of your ethnic group or place of origin, as long as they aren’t vulgar in English. My last name, if you change one letter, is a swear, but in 60 years I have only had two people do that to me, and both were losers I easily ignored. I do have a normal first name.

Jen 3 years ago

LMAO… omg I just spit my coffee everywhere when I got the mental video of that game!!

Cin 3 years ago

The “correct: spelling of the Kaley names is Gaelic — Ceilidh. It means musical party or celebration — very popular in my home island of cape Breton.

Cin 3 years ago

I accidentally named all my boys with vowels (Alex, Isaac, Edward.) My daughter is a consonant!

Jessica Smock 3 years ago

Thank you! This had to be said. I completely blame celebrities for starting this fad. When Gwyneth named her kid “Apple,” I knew we were in for an ominous trend.

Cin 3 years ago

I’m a Cindy too — not a nickname, that is my name. The number of times people call me Cynthia or ask if it’s spelled with an “S” — ughhhh.

For the record, my fourth son is named Edward, and was born during the Twilight craze. The books and movies simply reminded me that 1. my grandfather and great-grandfather are Edward/Edourd and 2. I have always liked the name (Austen fan.)

You can be reminded of a good, old-fashioned name by a crappy book or movie without naming your kid *after* it, kwim?

And sorry, the name Edward barely went up in the naming stats since Twilight — but Jacob and Cullen sure did. Gag!

Ellie 3 years ago

I always laugh at my MIL who named her daughter Lyndzee because she loved the name, but didn’t know how to spell it so she guessed! Who just guesses? Take some time and look it up!

Lyndzee complained to me that no one ever knows how to spell her name, and during grade school she had two Lindsays in her class, so she was known as “the one who spells it wrong”

Sara 3 years ago

All of a sudden I feel so blessed to live in a country where you can’t just name your child whatever you please!
I’m Danish, my husband is peruvian and we live in Sweden. At first I tried finding names that would work in both languages, but soon gave up and we ended up giving the children old scandinavian names. BIG protest from the spanish speaking part of the family!
Our daughter is named Ellinor Stephanie and our son goes by Sixten Sylvester.

Tawna 3 years ago

Yea, you read it right. Tawna. You have what I am assuming to be at least above average intelligence, so I am sure you have the pronunciation down pat. However the rest of society does not. For 35 years… 35 YEARS… I have had to suffer through Tanya, Tawana, Tana, Tona, Tonya, Tawyna, Twanya and shit I don’t even know how they got from my name, so I assume they were so startled but the awkwardness of it they just let sound spew forth with no regard to the name it was making. So in bars, waiting lists at restaurants and Starbucks I am Pam. Which is great because it accomplishes two things: 1) Most everyone can hear it correctly and spell it correctly and 2) I look nothing like a Pam and I love the cocked head, wrinkled eyebrow look of confusion as I just walk away all smug like.

Rodney 3 years ago

I never liked the name Rodney, although many people call me “Rod”. There aren’t many “Good” famous people named Rodney. you have Rodney Dangerfield, and Rodney King. Yeah, there is a baseball player and country western singer. But when i tell people my name is Rodney, older folks say ” like Rodney Dangerfield’ and younger ones sometimes bring up Rodney King. I’m constantly pushing for Rod. Oh by the way… Rod Stewart’s name is Roderick Stewart.

JR 3 years ago

My cousin subjected her poor little guy to the moniker “Exodus Purred.” “Purred” is because her favorite color was purple and the father’s favorite color was red. :-( He is almost three and I shudder to think of what he will have to endure later in life because she was trying so hard to be creative.

Aubrey 3 years ago

I’m with you on this one. I do however, get really pissed off at the handful of people who gave me a hard time for naming one of my children Jasmine. Apparently black people “own” this name. Makes for good arsenal to point out some ridiculous racism though.

murphy must have had kids 3 years ago

Which town? I was from Olds and we had a Sunshine there.
I once taught two siblings named Levi and Denim. (I’m not joking!)

murphy must have had kids 3 years ago


murphy must have had kids 3 years ago

In my post-childbirth exhaustion, I accidentally gave my son the initials B.S. That should have been my warning that parenthood would not be what I expected.
Hopefully when he’s in school and the teacher wants him to put initials on something he can use his middle one too. lol

Brandy 3 years ago

This article is funny!! I like uncommon and unique names but not outragous ones!! My best friend in 5th grade was Crystal Clear Waters and she was teased so bad about it, and then in HS there was a Sparkle Cupp in my class, she planned to change her name the min she turned 18, because she hated it so much.
My family has some uncommon but normal names, my mother named me Brandy and although I hated it as a kid because I was teased so much I have mostly warmed up to it. I haven’t come across to many Brandy’s spelled with a Y in my 32 years (although I did run into a man named Brandy). My sister is Brooke and I have always loved her name, I think its such a pretty name. My mother was Glenda although she HATED her name I love her name I think its really pretty. My Grandma’s was name is Lowes (thats right like the store) but she HATES it and has not gone by it since she was 4, she goes by her middle name Jean.
My sister she like named her two kids after characters in movies my nieces name is Kaydence (little girl in burn unit from Shallow Hal). I love my nieces’ name uncommon but pretty. Her new baby she named Draven (from her favorite move Crow) my husband calls him Dreray (because its Draven Ray). I like his name but most people who hear it hate it!
I let my cousin name my son because both names I picked out I didn’t think fit him (Jayden and Josiah). She named him Kyler and I LOVE the name and it fits him perfectly!! When she first told me the name I never had heard of it and I was a little ify and almost went back and changed it. I have heard the name several times in the last 6 years though but still not that common. The only problem we have is that when we say his name most people think/assume we say Tyler or Skyler and it make my son mad! He will scream at anyone who calls him Tyler and Skyler ITS KYLER WITH A K!!! My adopted daughter’s name is Aspen and I just absolutely love her name! Its another name I never heard of before but have heard since, but still not all that common.

Brandy 3 years ago

I love the name Anakin and always wanted to name my son Anakin and not because of Star Wars just because I liked the name. I knew both he and I would get teased about it, so I didn’t use it but I still love the name Anakin.

Alynne 3 years ago

See above. To this day, my name still gets butchered and misspelled to high hell. Especially in Asian countries (I’m Filipino). Nothing cracks you up/annoy you like hearing your name called for the doctor/immigration etc and wondering if that was you.
But my husband and I chose not to share our kids’ names with everyone not because we were embarrassed. My ILs are a bit too pushy about things and although I suffered a lot of misspellings and stupid pronunciations of my name, I never hated it. I hated how long my full name was but that was it.
We were lucky that a complicated situation on DH’s side during my first that we were able to pick the name we wanted, which was eventually settled on Amadeus, which meant love of God.

With our second, my DH accidentally slipped out our choice (Astraeus -the Titan god of the dusk/ DH loves Greek mythology) and he got bitched on every time he was on the phone with them (practically every day) about why we were picking that name blah blah, why does it have to start with an ‘A’, it must be an evil plot by me to make the kids closer to my parents and stupid shit. “Why can’t we name our kid ‘William’? Such a good name!” Our last name is Turner btw.
Up till now, I still can’t say that name without DH popping a vein and his blood pressure shooting up. Such a shame because I really loved the name Astraeus.
So if we ever have any more kids (HA!), no one is knowing the kids’ names until they’re on the birth certificate.

darla 3 years ago

I also named my daughter DRURY is that a problem for u ? LmAo it is not made up look it up!

darla 3 years ago

Well it is better the JOHN OR IS IT DICK?

Katie 3 years ago

It’s Katie…
Not Catie, Kady, Katy, Kadee, Kaydie… or Caydea… or whatever else.

John 3 years ago

How does the name “fit him to a T” when you made it up?

And you don’t give him the right to change it; the legal system does. The only thing you gave him is a goofy name that reflects poorly on you.

I suspect you know all of this already, judging by how ultra-defensive you are about the terrible name you burdened your child with.

Amanda 3 years ago

My daughter’s name is Kaitlyn Nevaeh and I adore her name. We call her Kaity, however. Her Daddy picked her middle name out and I had never heard if it before he suggested it and I love how it sounds. It flows very well with her first name.

I used to work in collections for bad payday loan checks and some of the worst names I ever saw was Lemonjello (pronounced Lah-mon-jah-low) and Orangejello (pronounced Or-on-jah-low). Yes, they were related, they were brothers. I would not have thought them real if they hadn’t been printed on their checks.

Also, there was a woman with a name that had 18 letters in the FIRST name alone. It was something like Toniagawongashieka. I’m positive I butchered the spelling just like I butchered the pronunciation every time I had to call her.

Amanda 3 years ago

I worked with a chick in KY name Jacqueline and I always always butchered her name when I tried to spell it.

debi9kids 3 years ago

good Lord!

debi9kids 3 years ago

That’s hysterical!
(your brother’s name choice)

debi9kids 3 years ago

You sound like you used the same rules I did :)
I have David, Stephanie, Gabrielle, Alexander, Edward, Henry, Nathaniel, Emma, and William .

Becca 3 years ago

NOT freakish? are ya sure??

debi9kids 3 years ago

I taught a “shithead” as well! (his was pronounced Sha-heed)

Jackie 3 years ago

No, no. I think Katarina and Mordecai are both great names. I was talking about legitimately misspelled names. Thanks for taking the time to clear that up.

Becca 3 years ago

I looooove the name Agnes! If I have 2 more little girls they will be Abigail, Agnes, and Amelia

Brandy 3 years ago

My family does the all the names start with the same letter…. We have the M&M’s (all the children’s names start with an M and their last name is an M as well. We have the J family where all of the members start with J’s (even parents). My mom had the B’s. Then not entirely on purpose but almost all my grandmother’s great grandkids names start with a K (mine included).

Becca 3 years ago

also my sister’s neighbor named her son Jaythan – which looks kinda cute! until you hear people cheering for him at little league- go Jaythan go- and it sounds like a lisp epidemic…

Lorraine 3 years ago


Becca 3 years ago

that’s child abuse!!!!! so bad

Becca 3 years ago

I see some awkward names at work – Roshavyah – I wanted to ask shave my what!? and a man named John Raper. I really liked the name Ophelia until I heard the whole – o-feel-yah-up joke. I guess if you have a weird kid they will be teased no matter what their name is so go for it!

Becca 3 years ago

placenta are you effing kidding me. name your baby after the nastiest thing ever… like shithead. people are so dumb!!!

Becca 3 years ago

Epic Johnson!!???!! so funny to hear about but poor kid! he’ll be forced to be either awesome or miserable

Mary 3 years ago

Bryan isn’t a weird spelling. I believe it’s the Irish version. I would have been Bryan with a y if I’d been a boy and that was back in 1973!

Liz 3 years ago

Oh yeah. I do remember that now. Good call.

Cassandra 3 years ago

Jen, my maiden name is also White. My parents went through the same scenario. The only way my mom got around it was with being half Japanese and making my middle name, Yukiko. Japanese for snow.

Beatrice 3 years ago

Lily Potter(née Evans) is Harry’s mom:)

Amanda 3 years ago