You Might Feel Personally Attacked By Some Of These 'Baby Naming' Tweets

by Rita Templeton
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When it comes to opinions on picking that perfect baby name, the funny people of Twitter are always ready to offer their expertise … like everyone else in the world.

Whether you’ve already named your kids, are in the process of choosing a baby name, or just have a list at the ready (since you were like twelve, be honest), you’ll laugh at these tweets about the whole process.

They say baby naming is an art — and, like any other art form, people like to get creative.

I mean, if you don’t take the risk …

Speaking of kitchens, here’s a novel way to whip up a creative name.

Who knows, perhaps the ultimate baby name inspo could come straight from the crisper drawer.

Or, you could just consult your nearest dictionary of medical terms. “Time for bed, Edema!”

No matter where your inspiration comes from, creative naming isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea.

And you might wanna think about the actual bearer of the name who will have to live with it every day forever.

But don’t try to get away with using a normal name and fancying up the spelling.

Be open to the suggestions of your significant other … or not.

The fact is, no matter what you name your kid, there will always be haters.

But you can just tell those nosy Nellies to get bent.

Because the real test of a baby name isn’t whether other people like it … it’s how it sounds when it’s yelled.

… Or cooed, or snarled.

In the end, no matter how much planning and testing you put in, it probably won’t fulfill all your lofty expectations anyway.

But then, parenthood itself is almost never what you expect it to be.

Naming your baby can be a stressful process, but reading tweets from similarly stressed-out prospective parents makes it seem a little less daunting. And ultimately, the name you choose will be perfect. Unless you choose it from the lettuce drawer, that is.

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