90+ Cool Nicknames For Little Loves (And Big Loves, Too)

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Nicknames are an essential part of feeling like one “belongs.” Are you really home if your mama isn’t calling you “Sweetie Pops?” Do your cheeks go warm when your partner calls you by the same name on your birth certificate, or does it take being called, “Darlin'” or “Sweetie?” Sure, there are plenty of embarrassing nicknames. There are loads of nicknames we earn, but hate. But a cool nickname can mean everything, too.

Whether you’ve just welcomed a new little baby or you have a new SO, you’re here for nickname inspiration, right? If he’s a pilot, the obvious choice is “Maverick.” If your sweet babe is a bit of a rough and tumble bruiser, a nickname like “Bubba” or “Boss” might be a better fit. And your kiddo obsessed with helping you in the yard? The only option is “Digger,” right? Of course, a cool nickname doesn’t have to imply masculinity or “boyness.” “Bright Eyes,” “Bird” and “Mijo” are all equally cool when used in the right context by the right person. Hopefully this long list of nicknames will help you find just the right nickname option for your love — big or little. Who knows, you might even be inspired to give one of these nicknames as the name for your baby.

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Cool Nicknames

Can your little girl be a “Rascal” or a “Flash?” Absolutely! Assigning genders seems pretty arbitrary. These nicknames, are just tougher and more rough around the edges.

Maverick Ace Scrapper Dodger Bowie Rascal Shooter Knuckles Thrasher Digger Alpha Bubba Champ Chief Flash Boss Dasher Dash Hero Sport Whippersnapper

Animal-Inspired Cool Nicknames

Whether you’ve birthed a wild animal, a cocky, crowing kid, or a snuggly sweetheart, an animal nickname is a great way to factor in your child’s personality when you’re giving them a nickname.

Goose Bird Birdie Jay Chicken Rooster Kitty Bunny Bear Monkey Bug Lovebug Honey Bear Bumblebee Ladybug Pup

Space-themed Nicknames

Do you or your special someone love space? Maybe you need a nickname that’s out of this world!

Astro Cosmo Atom Stardust Moonbeam

Cool Nicknames From Classic TV

Some of these nicknames invoke a certain personality… but they’re also just a fun callback to our favorite vintage shows. We might not ever call our partner “Trapper,” but it’s a great name for our Goldendoodle or the wild one who keeps bringing frogs into the house.

Hawkeye Radar Trapper Bam-Bam Pebbles

Cool, Silly Nicknames

Are you raising a budding comedian? There are even nicknames to illustrate their extra large funny bones.

Goober Trip Goofball Giggle box Bean Jester

Food-Related Nicknames

Why are food-themed nicknames so popular? It probably has to do with how much we all love to eat.

Nugget Cookie Dumplin’ Cracker Jack Jelly Bean Muffin Peach Snickerdoodle Sugar Honey Pumpkin/Punkin’ Pickle

Nicknames For Nerds

Kids can be pretty sensitive about being called smart. Somewhere along the way (usually middle school) being smart becomes a bad thing (how ridiculous!). Still, if they embrace their big brains, they’ll probably accept any of these cool nicknames.

Gadget Smarty Jeopardy Jigsaw Atlas Einstein Brainiac

Super Sweet Nicknames For Little Loves

Here’s the thing. “Cool” is objective. Will your teenage boy feel “cool” when you call him Honeybear? Probably not. Will another mom think you’re cool for coming up with something a little more unique? Definitely. And, who knows, maybe that “I Love You, Honeybear” reference will help you nab a new Father John Misty fan friend.

Mija/Mijo Honey Honeybear Honey Bunny Heart Squirt Love Love Bug Snuggle bug Bug Sunshine Bright Eyes Mini Mini Me Munchkin Sweetie Pie Sweetie Pops Sweet Pea Babycakes Lovey Dove Half Pint

Nicknames From Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks

Looking for further nickname inspiration? Think about the cartoons you watch! Just from Finding Nemo you could try Dory (for your forgetful friend), Nemo (for the kid that is perpetually lost), Mine (After the super annoying seagulls) or even Sharkbait (best for the runt of your litter). Even “real names” can be nicknames. Think of the way Sven chews or Olaf’s quirky optimism. Anything can be a nickname, as long as it fits the person. Try on some of these:

Maui Hei Hei Olaf Sven Dory Nemo Sharkbait Mine Snow White Princess Flora Fauna Merriweather Prince Charming Flounder Flower Thumper Bambi Beauty Beast Lumiere Chip Buzz Bopeep Peter Pan

Nicknames From The Music World


Blondie Biggie Cash Diddy Dizzy Dolly Duke Gaga Iggy JT Merle Mick Ozzy Ringo Sid

What about names for your partners? We scoured the internet and came up with a plethora of great nicknames for boyfriends and girlfriends. And our pro tip remains the same in all situations: Always look for something personal.

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