Baby Sees Mom Clearly For The First Time, Hearts Explode Everywhere

by Mike Julianelle

Mom shares heartwarming video of her baby getting glasses and seeing her face for the first time

It can’t be easy to find tiny prescription glasses for a baby, but Emil and his parents – and everyone who sees this video – are sure happy someone did.

It’s impossible not to smile when his face lights up with recognition.

Emil was born with extreme farsightedness, and requires glasses of +7 prescription strength. He also happens to be an adorable, tiny baby who has never seen his mother clearly.

Until now.

His slow-dawning realization that the person cooing in front of him is his beloved mother is a joy to behold. The Grinch and expanding heart has nothing on anyone who watches Emil’s enormous grin and happy laughter as he connects his mother’s face to her voice.

Christine A.J Friis Rosenhøj is Emil’s mother, and she posted the video to her Instagram page with the caption (translated here from the Danish): “Today is a great day. Emil got his glasses. The journey has been long and our little baby had to go through a lot to sit here and smile with his small glasses, but now they’re here.”

And omg they’re adorable.

Not only have glasses improved Emil’s life, they’ve upped his already significant cuteness level a few notches too.

The video has already been viewed over 20,000 times. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch it a few hundred more times myself.