Here’s The Heavy Metal Version Of ‘Baby Shark’ That Absolutely No One Asked For

by Valerie Williams
Originally Published: 
SLAY DUGGEE via Youtube

If nothing else, this heavy metal rendition of “Baby Shark” might be enough to scare your kid off the real thing

If you haven’t already lost your mind one hundred times over due to your child’s obsession with the “Baby Shark” song, are you even a parent in 2019? Well, guess what? We’ve got news you’ll either love or hate — there’s a heavy metal version of the insanely annoying ear worm and we’re honestly not sure what to think.

That’s right. Either some parent entirely lost their shit after hearing the irritating tune every hour of every day for six months straight and decided to rebel or someone has a leetle too much time on their hands. Regardless of how it came to be, you know you need to hear it.

You’re probably feeling some type of way after watching that, right? Vindicated? Annoyed? Revved up? Oddly… dirty? There’s definitely something weird about seeing dudes dressed as giant plushies growly shout-singing a song that’s driven you to the very edge of sanity for months. Like, if any Baby Shark-crazed parent needed an outlet for their Baby Shark-related burnout, this is it. Try singing it into a pillow the way this band does the next time your toddler cues up the original on YouTube. I imagine it would be pretty damn therapeutic.

Also? Could this be the method by which we finally cure little kids of their obsession with this Baby Shark phenomenon? Like, what 4-year-old could possibly enjoy this loud and kinda scary version of the ridiculously viral song? BAAABY SHAAAAAAARK DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO YOU LIKE THAT LITTLE AIDEN? DO YOU?

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

This is really just one more way that the Baby Shark song has unapologetically wedged itself into our everyday lives. It’s already hit the Billboard 100 chart. Somehow. And it’s about to be its own Netflix show, which, why? There’s even a Valentine version for max annoyance on what’s usually a pretty romantic day, or, you could be plagued by this stuffed Baby Shark family of plush toys that all play the ubiquitous tune.


The phrase “pick your poison” never made so much sense.

Look, us parents have enough shit to deal with on a daily basis. The last thing we need is a chirpy and repetitive viral song surrounding us at all times while our kids gleefully sing along. Maybe this heavy metal rendition will be the cure we need to get Baby Shark out of our lives for good.

Or maybe our kids will love this one even more and we’ll just need to buy some earplugs and hide until they’re in college.

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