You've Never Been As Happy As This Baby Trying Bacon For The First Time

by Maria Guido
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Mom captures video of baby trying bacon for the first time

Kids today are so lucky. They get video documentation of so many of the important milestones in their lives: the first time they take a step, the first time they utter a sentence, the first time they eat a piece of bacon…

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t a milestone, but after watching this video you’ll be convinced it should be. California mom Melissa Beach filmed her son Easton trying bacon for the first time. You’ve never been as happy as this kid is. Seriously.

Mmm… bacon



Get in my belly.

The video has been viewed nearly five and a half million times in less than a week. Makes sense. No one has ever quite captured the joy bacon brings as well as little Easton. We get it, Easton. We totally get it.

I’m calling it: hands-down best viral kid video of the year.

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