These Baby Competitors Are The Clear Winners Of The Winter Olympics

by Lauren Levy
cute babies olympics video

From curling cuties to two-toddler bobsledders these babies score off the charts in cuteness

The Olympic’s Twitter account recently posed an important question: What would happen if cute babies competed in the Winter Games? And let me be the first to tell you: It would be the sweetest damn sports competition the world has ever seen.

Based on the heart-melting Baby Winter Games video, watching little ones endlessly flexing their cuteness is the sports marathon I could get behind watching all day long. In the endearing clip, olympic chunks are bringing all things adorable for the world to see and making one thing clear — adults just simply can’t compete with that.

From the mini curlers and tiny skiers to the two-toddler bobsledders and little figure skaters, the reactions and expressions from these kiddos is something to see. And although some of the baby competitors are technically more skilled than others (hey, walking and hand-eye coordination develops with age!), that’s not what we’re scoring them on.

Their talent is universally clear and it doesn’t take an experienced judge or completed system to score them. Every single one of these nuggets wins gold for scoring off the charts in cuteness.