Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Toppers Are Here To Save The Holidays

by Madison Vanderberg
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Baby Yoda toppers are the latest themed Christmas tree trend

Every year a new Christmas tree “theme” emerges. For a while, “goth trees” were in style, but this year was too depressing on its own to warrant anything with “goth” in the title. Sunflower trees were a cute trend and so were the ombre-colored trees, but this year, people are dressing their trees in the usual style and instead of topping it with a star or a Santa Claus, they’re putting Baby Yoda on top. So yes, Baby Yoda tree-toppers are a thing in 2020 and we’re just gonna go with it, because it’s delightful.

This video went relatively viral on TikTok, showing a beautiful and neutral tree topped with a Baby Yoda and then, if you look closely, you can see that they suspended a silver ornament on fishing wire to make it look like Baby Yoda was using the force to like, move the ornament through the air. I mean, now that’s attention to detail.

Others started to copy the trend, sharing their photos all over social media.

And yes, I know he’s not called “Baby Yoda,” he’s an infant of the same species that Yoda belongs to and his name is Grogu or “The Child” and yes, we’ve all seen THAT episode of The Mandalorian, but Baby Yoda is so much cuter to say, so I’m gonna go with that.

But back to the Baby Yoda Christmas trees!

These aren’t official tree toppers, actually. People are just buying various Baby Yoda stuffed toys and other items and just just putting them on their trees. Build-A-Bear makes a Baby Yoda plush toy. And of course, Disney has their own official line of Mandalorian merch, like this entire shop dedicated to “The Child.” If I were dressing my own tree in Star Wars merch, I would go with this 11-inch Mattel version of Baby Yoda, complete with a soft body and vinyl head. I also love this Baby Yoda 6.5-inch action figure that would go nicely as tree-topper as well!

The pandemic has significantly changed the way we’re all celebrating Christmas this year, and hopefully with the vaccine, Christmas 2021 will look a bit more normal. So however you’re celebrating the holidays this year, know that you can always put a Baby Yoda on the top of your Christmas tree and the pandemic can’t take that away from you. Happy holidays.

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