You Can Make Baby Yoda Cookies With 'Angel' Cookie Cutter Hack

by Madison Vanderberg
Katy Atakturk/Instagram

Baby Yoda cookie baking hack goes viral

Baby Yoda has consumed the internet this holiday season, but since none of the Baby Yoda toys will ship in time for Christmas, people are getting crafty as they cook up ways to spend Christmas with the tiny and adorable Star Wars creature. One ingenious woman came up with a Baby Yoda cookie baking hack by using the typical “Angel” cookie cutter and chopping off its head.

“When you chop off the head of an Angel cookie cutter it sorta looks like Baby Yoda!” Katy Atakturk wrote on Instagram.

Baby Yoda cookies are now all over Reddit and Twitter and Good Morning America even made a step-by-step tutorial inspired by Katy’s hack in case “chop the head off an angel cookie” wasn’t clear enough.

Good Morning America/YouTube

Using an angel cookie cutter, cut out the cookie as normal, and then before you throw them in the oven, gently swipe off the angel’s head using a spoon to round out the top of Yoda’s head.

Once you bake and frost them, they’ll look something like this:

Katy Atakturk/Instagram

Katy Atakturk/Instagram

“I love Baby Yoda! It was so much fun making these cookies.” Atakturk told Good Morning America. “I hope everyone gets the chance to chop off their own angel cookie head to make room for a Baby Yoda.”

And they have. Reddit is full of “expectation vs. reality” attempts at making Katy’s inspired Baby Yoda cookies, and it’s delightful.

However, one home baker really knocked it out of the park and added her own hack to pull the angel’s wings down a bit to really capture Baby Yoda’s expressive ears.

Baby Yoda cookies. Very tasty, they are.