Babysitters Torture Parents With Fake Updates

by Scary Mommy
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It’s the ultimate irony of parenthood: You’d kill for a day away from your baby, but when presented with one, spend the whole time obsessing over everything that could possibly be going wrong. It’s easy to see why new parents leave over the top instructions, check-in incessantly and don’t entirely trust their precious offspring to anyone else. We’ve all been there.

Meet Erica and Hannes, a creative couple in Switzerland, who were tasked with watching their friend’s six month old while the parents attended a wedding. Instead of merely sending a few texts, the couple instead sent these hilarious disastrous scenes of the baby. Hey, proof that he’s alive, getting fresh air, being taken care of by sitters who have a sense of humor and mad Photoshop skills? What more can you ask for?

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