A Bottle Of Champagne Is The New Star Of 'The Bachelor'

by Christina Marfice

#champagnegate just brought the first big drama to Peter’s Bachelor season

Episode two of Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor was one wild ride, from when Peter canceled his group date after almost making out with Hannah B., to when Queer Eye OG Carson Kressley and Janice Dickinson brought the star power (even though a good half the girls didn’t look like they knew who they were) to judge a fashion show. There was plenty of drama, but we never could have guessed who would bring several of the episode’s most dramatic — and gif-able — moments: A bottle of champagne.

The bottle in question was apparently brought to the mansion by Kelsey. During the cocktail party, while sitting on the couch with some of the other girls, she explained her plan.

“It’s been on my counter for over a year and I was like, ‘Why not pop it out?'” she said. She explained that she wanted to bring out the bottle during the first night, but never got the chance.

“I’m excited to share a bottle of champagne with him that I’ve been saving for a special moment,” she continued.

Cut to Kelsey setting up the bottle to chill next to a fireplace with candles lit and a blanket set out. It’s very extra, but it’s also romantic, and definitely something that will catch Bachelor Peter’s eye.

But this is where Kelsey made her fatal flaw.

First, Kelsey’s plan was derailed when Mykenna stole Peter before she had the chance to lead him to the fireplace and the champagne. And then, rather than grabbing Peter after Mykenna was done with her moment, Kelsey decided to head back to the group couches to confront Mykenna about her “disrespect” and call her a snake, leaving her romantic champagne-and-fireplace setup unattended for even longer.

Oh, and then she made yet another detour, to have some of the girls help her touch up her makeup. The champagne was still unattended. I’m sure you can guess what’s about to happen.

Yep, Hannah Ann and Peter stumbled upon the bottle during their alone time, shook it up, and popped it open. The cameras cut to Kelsey, who could hear the pop and pretty quickly guessed what was happening. And so begins #champagnegate.

When Kelsey walked over and saw Peter and Hannah Ann with the now-open champagne bottle, she immediately melted into tears, hid in a bathroom, and refused to see Peter. Oh, and assumed Hannah Ann knew it was her champagne and did this on purpose. And called Hannah Ann a snake, which is clearly her favorite insult.

Fans were pretty split about whether they thought this was a calculated move on Hannah Ann’s part or that it was an honest mistake, but the #champagnegate reactions rolled in on Twitter.

There’s also plenty of speculation that this was a calculated move, but by The Bachelor‘s producers, not Hannah Ann.

You would think that would be all the drama a single bottle of champagne could provide on an episode of The Bachelor, but you’d be wrong. As the producers rushed to give Kelsey a fresh new bottle, the Bachelor gods delivered us this truly epic moment — one of the most gif-able Bachelor scenes of all time.

Let’s just see that moment one more time.

The whole situation was downright comical to those of us watching at home, but when Kelsey finally confronted Hannah Ann, she called her “calculated” and a “fake bitch” in what was definitely the nastiest contestant fight to happen so far this season. Here’s hoping those two manage to calm down and put #champagnegate to bed, because this season promises plenty of drama without a feud over booze.