A Bottle Of Champagne Is The New Star Of The Bachelor

A Bottle Of Champagne Is The New Star Of ‘The Bachelor’


#champagnegate just brought the first big drama to Peter’s Bachelor season

Episode two of Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor was one wild ride, from when Peter canceled his group date after almost making out with Hannah B., to when Queer Eye OG Carson Kressley and Janice Dickinson brought the star power (even though a good half the girls didn’t look like they knew who they were) to judge a fashion show. There was plenty of drama, but we never could have guessed who would bring several of the episode’s most dramatic — and gif-able — moments: A bottle of champagne.

The bottle in question was apparently brought to the mansion by Kelsey. During the cocktail party, while sitting on the couch with some of the other girls, she explained her plan.

“It’s been on my counter for over a year and I was like, ‘Why not pop it out?'” she said. She explained that she wanted to bring out the bottle during the first night, but never got the chance.

“I’m excited to share a bottle of champagne with him that I’ve been saving for a special moment,” she continued.

Cut to Kelsey setting up the bottle to chill next to a fireplace with candles lit and a blanket set out. It’s very extra, but it’s also romantic, and definitely something that will catch Bachelor Peter’s eye.