Chris And Bri Of 'Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' Recorded An Entire Album In Quarantine

by Christina Marfice
listen to your heart chris and bri

Chris and Bri are well on their way to being Bachelor Nation royalty

I don’t think anyone had particularly high hopes for the latest Bachelor spin-off, Listen to Your Heart. The combining of a Bachelor-style show where contestants try to find lasting love, with a singing competition show like networks are already flooded with, felt like it would be a forced mish-mash of two genres that have nothing to do with each other. But since coronavirus has halted production on pretty much all TV, of course we watched — this is the only new Bachelor content we’re getting for a while.

And we were pleasantly surprised. LTYH turned out to be the best spin-off to come out of this franchise since the first season of Paradise, before Instagram and Stagecoach Music Festival ruined the entire show.

The Bachelor: LTYH finale aired last night, and no one can help but stan the winning couple, Bri and Chris. They’re so talented, and the chemistry between them — both onstage and off — is absolutely palpable.

So imagine our surprise when, just hours after the finale, the pair quietly released their first album that they recorded entirely in quarantine, post-Bachelor.

Spotify Embed: Chris and Bri

According to a Q&A with HuffPost, Chris and Bri wrote the entire album via FaceTime, and recorded their parts from seperate states. That’s right — they’re not quarantining together, and our hearts are a little bit broken over that. But they also both answered that they’re still very much together and in love, and ow, my heart.

“We’re able to count all the blessings,” Chris explained. “It would be terrible to be stuck in quarantine and have nobody to talk to. But I have the best person to talk to, and we talk all the time. And then we’re also healthy. So there’s just not a lot to complain about. So it’s great. But I mean, it’s definitely made our relationship stronger. We have to talk every single day.”

Bri added, “But it is kind of a tease to see us on TV together and we’re not together. So that’s been difficult for us, but we’ll be together soon.”

Part of the deal for the winners of Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart is the opportunity to record an original album and go on tour. We’re not sure if this is that album, because while it contains some original songs, it also features a lot of the couple’s biggest hits from the show, like “Lover” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” Obviously the tour is postponed, but we’ll be first in line when that’s able to resume.

You can download or stream this Bachelor couple’s debut album, “Chris and Bri” on all major music platforms.