The Bachelor Limo Exits Rated From Bad To OMG Really Bad

by Christina Marfice

It’s a new season of The Bachelor, and Peter’s ladies’ first impressions ranged from rose-worthy to cringe-worthy

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and nowhere is that more true than on The Bachelor. Peter Weber’s season has officially begun, which means each of the 30 women competing for Pilot Pete’s heart has made her first impression in the form of a Night One limo exit. And just like in all seasons of this show, the exits ranged from memorable in a give-her-the-first-impression-rose sort of way, to memorable in a hold-on-while-I-chug-my-chardonnay-to-get-through-this way.

It’s still way too early in the season to know much about Peter’s contestants, but first impressions can still say quite a bit. Here’s how all of the ladies’ limo exits went, ranked from one to five roses.

Alayah: First out of the first limo was Alayah, and seasoned Bachelor watchers know that the first woman, while not necessarily the winner, typically plays an important role in the season — for better or for worse. Alayah’s limo exit was pretty straightforward. She talked about how much her family means to her and gave Peter a letter her grandma wrote for him. Overall, it was pretty sweet, and Peter seemed to love the sentiment. Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Sydney: Sydney’s exit was also straightforward. She shaded hannah a little, telling Peter, “Not every ‘Bama girl makes bad decisions.” But Pete definitely took note of her gorgeous dress, and we’re ranking her entrance: 🌹🌹🌹

Hannah Ann: Right off the bat, Peter told Hannah Ann he loves her name, and she responded that she hopes he, “Saved room for a Hannah in your heart.” This was another very straightforward introduction, but what was notable was Pete’s reaction to Hannah Ann. As she walked away, he stared after her and said, “I’m in trouble.” As he walked away, she said she was in love, so clearly the sparks flying at this first impression were mutual. Hannah Ann will be one to watch, we’re calling it now (and we were immediately affirmed here when Hannah Ann got the first real kiss from Pete and the first impression rose). Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Sarah: Sarah exited the limo and immediately said, “Hubba hubba” to Peter, which elicited some lowkey cringe. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Lauren: Lauren was the first woman out of a limo to talk about how scary it is to go on The Bachelor, but, she added, “Someone really close to me once said, if it scares you, do it.” Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹

Victoria P.: As Victoria P. stepped out of the limo, it was Pete who spoke first saying, “Hello, beautiful,” so she obviously made an impression. She also taught Peter a “happy dance” that she does with her nieces when they’re scared. It was very cute. Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

At this point, we started getting introduced to girls in a rapid-fire, montage style. There are so many women competing, we didn’t even get to see their introductions. The next several girls we can’t even rank because they were given basically zero screen time for their limo exits.

Mykenna: Fully glossed over. Our ranking: N/A.

Maurissa: Maurissa exited her limo and made Peter pinky promise with her, but the cameras didn’t even stay on her long enough for us to know what he was promising. Our ranking: N/A.

Kelsey: Another one who was given hardly a blip of screen time for her first impression. Our ranking: N/A.

Eunice: Eunice was the first woman to exit a limo wearing something gimmicky: Angel wings. She said to Peter, “I figured since I’m a flight attendant and you’re a pilot I would just wing it.” It was cute for a gimmick. Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹

But just as Eunice was talking about being unique because she’s a flight attendant, another montage of sped-up introductions began: All the flight attendants this season.

Jade: She’s a flight attendant and that’s all we know. Our ranking: N/A.

Megan: She’s also a flight attendant and that’s all we know. Our ranking: N/A.

Madison: Madison arrived wearing a giant paper airplane, and said to Peter, “I’ve successfully landed my plane, so hopefully all that’s left to do is land your heart.” Was it cheesy? Yes. Did we love it anyway? Yes. Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Tammy: Tammy exited the limo with a TSA search wand, and waved it around Peter’s crotch while saying she was looking for a “large package.” The cringe is real. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Shiann: Shiann also embraces the airport theme… by giving Peter a barf bag for his nerves. Talking about vomit does not make for a good first impression no matter how gorgeous you are. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Courtney: Courtney arrived not in a limo, but riding something up the mansion driveway with air traffic controllers guiding her in. The problem is it was so dark we couldn’t even see what she was riding. It kind of looked like a tricycle and it was confusing. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Kiarra: Kiarra also didn’t arrive in a limo — she was rolled in on a luggage rack, zipped up inside a suitcase. She then pounded on the top of the suitcase and yelled for help until Pete unzipped her. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Lexi: Lexi arrived in a classic car, which is a classic Bachelor move, but a little overdone. When she stepped out of the Corvette, she told him, “I like to go fast. I heard you do, too.” And with that, I needed more wine. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

This is where another rapid montage of introductions began, and these were all of the girls who introduced themselves by saying something overtly sexual. The cringe was very real, but this was predictable given Pete’s, ahem, reputation in Bachelor Nation. After the whole windmill Fantasy Suite situation with Hannah last season, we really should have seen all of these coming. It didn’t make them less uncomfortable to sit through.

Deandra: Deandra showed up dressed as a windmill, and asked Peter, “Are you ready for round five?” Ugh. Our rating:

Payton: Payton didn’t even bother with a costume; she just stepped out of the limo shouting at Peter, “Four times?!” Awkward. Our rating: 🌹

Jasmine: Jasmine also mentioned “four times,” but in Vietnamese so it was maybe slightly less cringey? Our ranking: 🌹

Kylie: Kylie brought about 25 condoms and rolled them out for her first impression. Yikes. Our ranking: 🌹

Katrina: Katrina has a hairless cat, and we know that because she told Peter, “You’re going to fall in love with my hairless pussy,” before whipping out a photo of her Sphynx cat. OMG. Our ranking: -🌹

Victoria F.: Victoria F. seemed so nervous when she got out of the limo. She was so nervous she could barely get out her line about her dry sense of humor… and how that’s the only thing about her that’s dry. Girl, no. Our ranking: 🌹

Jenna: Finally, the montage of women talking about a man’s sexual past immediately upon meeting him is over. Now we have Jenna, who brought her emotional support cow and leaves it with Peter to help him with his nerves. It’s a little weird, but we’ll take anything that isn’t about banging in a windmill right now. Our ranking: 🌹🌹

Savannah: Savannah took one bold strategy. She exited her limo, blindfolded Peter, and told him, “Focus on the way things feel, bc for me the way things feel is most important.” She then guided his hands all over her body, and fully made out with him. That was absolutely the boldest Bachelor limo exit we’ve ever seen on the series, and we’re sort of here for it? Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Kelley: As soon as Kelley exited her limo, we learned that she and Peter had met before. Apparently they were at different events at the same hotel and met in the lobby, which seems like it would have been a small interaction. Regardless, Peter recognized her and they danced. There’s going to be more to this story. Our ranking: 🌹🌹🌹

At this point, even all the women in the house were talking about the crazy number of contestants to show up so far, and the producers were clearly as over it as the contestants were. The last three contestants got, at most, one second of screen time each for their limo exits.

So for Alexa, Avonlea, and Natasha, our rating is: N/A.

Whoo, and that’s all of them. This season of The Bachelor sees 30 women at the beginning of the journey, though the mid-show rose ceremony saw eight of them going home: Maurissa, Eunice, Jade, Megan, Kylie, Katrina, Jenna, and Avonlea. Yep, several of the women whose first impressions didn’t really air.

First impressions are important, but they’re not necessarily everything. We can’t wait to see how these impressions change as the season goes on.