Colton Underwood Is The Next Bachelor And People Aren't Happy

The Internet Has A Whole Lot Of Feelings About The Next Bachelor

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The next Bachelor has been announced, and ABC is facing an internet full of torches and pitchforks

Those who only watch the “real” Bachelor franchise shows, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, might love ABC’s pick for the next Bachelor. But the real fans, those of us who have tuned in to Bachelor In Paradise, the franchise’s sloppy, trashy second cousin, know the real truth: Colton Underwood is an indecisive man-child.

In a tumultuous episode of BiP last night, Underwood broke up with his girlfriend of a few weeks, Tia Booth, tearfully telling her he couldn’t give her what she deserved or make her happy. This was after Tia spent a few weeks trying to strong-arm him into a relationship, because for some reason he showed up on BiP just to spend literal weeks moping on the beach and whining about not knowing what he wants.

Plus, poor Tia will have to watch him search for a wife, as if just weeks ago, he didn’t dump her by telling her how great she is, but that he isn’t ready. OK, BUDDY.

Of course, the internet had some reactions to the news.