'Bachelor' Superfan’s Genius Venmo Stalking Reveals The Winner

by Christina Marfice
Emma McIntyre/Getty and Colton Underwood/Twitter

Venmo can reveal a lot about a person… like who won The Bachelor

For devoted members of Bachelor Nation, it can be tough to wait all the way until the finale to find out who wins each season of the show. Sure, we can always check Reality Steve for spoilers, but Steve has been known to get things wrong, especially in recent years as execs at ABC have gotten sneakier and better at throwing sleuths off the trail. Thanks to an absolutely genius move by one Colton fan, though, we have a new way to find out who gets that final rose long before all the eliminations are over.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @clur19 revealed her genius trick when posing a fun question to her followers on the app: “What’s the most psycho thing you did in 2019?”

She writes, “I’ll go first! I stalked Colton’s Venmo friends to see who he picked and then I knew who won the Bachelor months before anyone else did.”

Hold the phone. That’s the most genius thing we’ve heard in a while. Yes, Venmo has become the new most reliable way of finding out if exes or crushes are dating anyone. But for some reason, we’ve never thought to apply that knowledge to The Bachelor until now.

As the tweet was getting some love from Bachelor fans and skilled online stalkers alike, even Colton himself weighed in on how genius this was.

And others shared that they had also seen some Venmo clues before the end of the season that revealed who won.

Of course, now that @clur19’s tweet has gone sort of viral, ABC execs are sure to be locking down the Venmo accounts of every contestant ever to set foot on the show. As a certified insane Bachelor fan, I will admit that I already found Peter Weber’s account, but a scroll through his friends list didn’t reveal anything related to any of the women about to vie for his heart on the upcoming season. Whether that’s because ABC already got to him and cleaned up his account this morning, or whether that’s a clue about the outcome of Pilot Pete’s season still remains to be seen. I will say that there appear to be some clues in the friends list of one of Peter’s contestants, but to avoid spoiling the season for anyone who wants to be surprised at the outcome, that’s all I’ll reveal. And no, I won’t tell you how much time I spent on Venmo this morning trying to figure that out.

As our lives become more and more saturated with technology, it’s likely only going to get easier to figure out Bachelor winners. Can’t wait to see what the next tool will be that we can use to find out their personal relationship details.