Back To School

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For Everyone's Sake
ByCandace Nagy

The 10 Commandments Of The School Drop-Off Line

Stop doing these things immediately.

Sorry not sorry
ByKrystal Martinez

Kid Mercilessly Reviews His Mom’s Half Marathon Performance At School Share Time

“She did not pee or poop her pants,” the child proudly told his class.

ByAlexandra Frost

I Sent My Cusp Birthday Son To Kindergarten, And I'm So Glad I Did

Like a lot of kids, my son has a birthday on near the cut-off. Here's how and why we made that call.

I’m not going
ByAlexandra Frost

Don't Panic If Your Kid Refuses To Go To School

There's probably a legit reason behind it. Here's what to know.

Watch List
ByKelly Schremph

45 Back-To-School Movies To Get Your Students Back In The School Spirit

Whether the thought of another academic year fills you with excitement or dread, the world of cinema offers an array of back-to-school movies to curb your nerves.

It's Just Too Much
ByArielle Tschinkel

Is Your Kid's Backpack Actually Hurting Their Spine?

It’s a good bet, says a spine and neck surgeon.

Deal with it
ByKrystal Martinez and Sarah Aswell

AJ Mclean Let His 9-Year-Old Daughter Pick Out A New Name That She Liked More

Nine-year-old Ava felt her given name simply wasn’t true to her, so she decided to change it, end of story.

Carpool Moves
ByMaggie Clancy

Gabrielle Union Teases Dwyane Wade For Not Mastering The ‘Stick And Move’ Of School Drop-Off

The NBA star has yet to figure out how to get in and out of the school drop-off line as quickly as he did the paint.

cruel joke
ByKatie Garrity

False School Shooter Reports Are On The Rise — And They Traumatize Kids

Last week, there were at least 30 fake threats about a school shooting or other violence across the United States.

Holy Sheet
ByDeirdre Kaye

Sheet Pan Pancakes Are The Back-To-School Breakfast Hack We All Deserve

Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to short-order whip up customized stacks for each kid.

ByKrystal Martinez

Kate Middleton Shares How The Kids Are Coping While Their Parents Mourn The Queen

The royal children are doing their best to enjoy their new school, despite all that has happened since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Caffeine You Need
BySabienna Bowman

Drown Your Back-To-School Scaries In Dunkin' Donuts Two New Fall Drinks

Get through the chaos of the dropoff line with a little help from some fall-flavored java goodness.

school drop-off
ByKrystal Martinez

The Royal Children Start Their First Day At A New School

George, Charlotte, and Louis are getting their royal drop-off with mom and dad at the Lambrook School.

Kid's Best Friend
ByKatie Garrity

Comfort Dogs Are Greeting Uvalde Students On Their First Day Back to School

The Uvalde school district invited back comfort dogs to help ease anxiety in fearful students.

Holy Moly
ByKatie Garrity

Parents Are Speaking Out After A Christian School Baptized Over 100 Students Without Permission

The school is now apologizing.

ByMaggie Clancy

AP African American Studies Class Will Be Offered For The First Time This Year

The College Board announced it will start offering an Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies course at 60 high schools across the country.