The Backstreet Boys Watch Teens React To Their Old Music Videos And It's Everything

by Valerie Williams
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Image via YouTube/FBE

Teens react to the Backstreet Boys’ old music videos while the band watches

If you’re like me and utterly convinced the 1990s were like, 10 years ago, (SHUT UP, THEY WERE) then this video might sting a bit to watch. After their recent new music video and fast-selling residency in Vegas, the Boys are proving they can stand the test of time. But that doesn’t mean today’s teens will “get” their genius the way we did. The band sat down to watch video of teens reacting to their music, and although it might make us gals of a certain age cringe, it’s still absolutely everything.

AJ McLean, Howie D., Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell gathered for a little viewing party of teens reacting to their extremely 90s music videos. So much coordinated denim. So many cheesy dance moves.

There’s a lot here, so buckle up. Right away, Littrell croons in response to one of the teens (to the tune of “Quit Playing Games,” of course) “I could be your dad.” Immediately following was a girl saying, “The only reason I know them is because of my mom.”

OK, settle down, moms. We can’t throw down with our teen children but we CAN cut off the Wifi. Let’s remember who’s in charge here.

The teens watch videos for classic hits like “Quit Playing Games,” “As Long as You Love Me,” and “I Want It That Way” while marveling over the major 90s vibes. One sweet young thing noted, “They have so many feelings.”

Yes they do, sweet pea — and they expressed them without Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever else the kids are into these days. They wore their hearts on their insanely coordinated sleeves, and that’s why we loved them so much.

During “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” the kids questioned all the random music video scenes and Littrell and the boys honestly agree it was all a bit much. “Why are we in a tube?” Littrell wonders. I guess this was just stuff we never questioned back in the day, but yes, it’s a little odd. From the mouths of babes.

One girl says, “I need me a man that will sing to me every night with that much passion,” leading Littrell to say, “She looks like she’s 11.”

I guess this is the part where I state unequivocally that Littrell is and always has been The Funny One.

The kids are then told it’s been 20 fucking years (I threw in the F-bomb, sorry, but these spring chickens are touching a raw nerve here) since that album first hit airwaves, and while the teens act like 20 years ago meant horse-drawn carriages, Littrell speaks for all of us — “She’s like, ‘I’m 14’.” Another girl says, “they’ve been around for two decades?” and that’s met with the Boys muttering, “yes, girl” and that’s when I pretty much melted into a puddle because these guys have still got *it*.

Then, the teens are asked to match the names of each member to an amazing old-school photo of them, and overall, they fail miserably — and hilariously.

In the end, the Boys seemed a little shellshocked. “I can’t believe how young they actually are,” breathes Carter in total amazement. Littrell says, “We won’t hold it against you that you weren’t even born yet,” referring to the band’s heyday.

Yes, well, I might.

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