This Poor Dog's Terrible Haircut Has The Internet In Stitches

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter

His new ‘do is absolutely ridiculous

A college student’s tweet about her dog’s terrible haircut has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. The photos are hysterical and the story behind them only makes it funnier. The girl’s mom decided to give her dog a new ‘do without permission. And the result has the internet dying laughing.

Wembley, a standard poodle, is one happy dog. His owner, Lindsay Martin, tells Buzzfeed that of the four dogs she owns, Wembley “is definitely the goofy one”.

And now, the poor guy has goofy hair to match thanks to Martin’s mom Julia’s creative doggie grooming. Julia claims the dog “wanted it long on the top,” and boy, did she deliver. The mom sent her daughter a photo message showing her the dog’s new look and Lindsay was totally shocked. You’ll see why after checking out his photos.

Here’s Wembley before the big snip, full of luscious curls:

Image via Twitter

Annnnnnnd after:

Image via Twitter

If you aren’t lol-crying right now, then there’s simply no pleasing you. This pup looks like he has a pile of Ramen noodles on his head. The whole effect is very 1998-era Justin Timberlake and the internet can’t even deal. When Lindsay tweeted the now-viral photos, the reactions ranged from finding this totally hilarious to suggesting famous figures Wembley now strongly resembles.

This poor animal.

Despite her initial shock at Wembley’s “ruined” look, Lindsay now concedes that he actually seems to love it. And of course, so does everyone else.

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