This Bar's Sign Asking Men Not To Harass Their Female Staff Is Perfection

by Valerie Williams
Image via Twitter

The bar displayed the sign after a weekend of men bothering their female bartender

When you’re a woman on a fun night out at the bars with friends, you might deal with some form of harassment from men. If you’re a female bartender, you almost definitely do.

That’s why one bar decided to take matters into their own hands and do something to stop men in their tracks before they start bugging female bartenders. Because apparently, we can’t expect all men to be decent humans without being told.

U.K bar The Beer Cellar shared the sign on Twitter that an artist created in hopes of lessening the number of men pestering and hitting on their female bartender.

The tweet reads, “This is definitely our favourite sign in the bar. Also if dudes could stop trying to kiss our female bartender’s hands that would be great.”

The sign says, “Why the female cashier is being nice to you” and gives two options — “She is uncontrollably sexually attracted to you” or “Because that’s literally her fucking job you cretin.” It includes a handy pie chart for those dudebros who aren’t as word-friendly, and clearly, the answer is option two.

Lauren Dew, a bartender at the Beer Cellar, explains to Mashable how the sign came about. “We basically just printed it out after we had a very sex-pest heavy weekend about three months ago.”

As far as the male reaction to their helpful message, Dew says most seem to get it. “People really laugh, people support it. One percent think it’s a bit offensive, which is funny to me because those are the people it’s aimed at.”

Because there’s always that one percent.

Illustrator Charlotte Mullin created the sign and says the inspiration behind it is years spent working in a customer service job. “You’re obviously pressured to give A+ customer service, and loads of people would interpret common hospitality as romantic interest,” she explains.

Any woman who’s worked in retail or food service understands exactly what she means. My husband worked as a bartender alongside female bartenders and waitresses for years and has told me countless stories of times he was forced to throw out male patrons who either couldn’t keep their hands to themselves or wouldn’t shut up about their attraction to his co-workers. The fact that this sign is even necessary is infuriating, but if it stops even one douchebag from ruining a female employee’s night with his bullshit, it’s well worth it.

“I wanted to make it clear that female staff are nice to you because they have to be!” says Mullin. “And, of course, most of us are decent human beings and would be nice to you anyway, but in no way does this mean we’re dying for your dick.”

Mic. Drop.