Photo Of Barack Obama Holding Starstruck Baby Warms All Our Hearts

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Facebook

Obama met a baby in the airport and it’s so perfect it hurts

A woman bumped into President Obama at Anchorage International Airport in Alaska and not only did he take a selfie with her, he held her baby while she snapped the pic.

The baby looks completely stunned by the incident, but she should have known. Obama loves him some babies.

Jolene Jackinsky talked to CNN about her meet-cute with the former president after the picture she took of him holding her little Giselle spread like wildfire on social media, where the public is starved for some good news about our leaders.

“It was unreal and very exciting. After I met him I couldn’t believe I actually talked to him and he held my baby,” she told the news network.

Apparently, Obama spotted baby Giselle while waiting in the airport’s private plane area and made a beeline over to her exclaiming, “Who is this pretty girl?” before picking her up and making a break for it. I’m kidding, of course, which is exactly what the president was doing when Giselle’s father approached and Obama joked, “I’m taking your baby!”

Would anyone really be that surprised if he did abscond with an infant? I repeat: dude loves him some babies. Just look at the evidence on Pete Souza’s Instagram. (He was Obama’s official White House photographer.)

He kisses them, he makes them laugh…

…he even plays pretend with them when they’re older.

It’s not all fun and games tho…

Wait, my bad. Wrong president.

It is all fun and games when President Obama runs into kids.

Thanks to Obama’s facility with the kiddies, Giselle’s star-stuck reaction, and maybe even the sharp contrast to our current president’s social graces (or lack thereof), the airport selfie has gotten a lot of attention online.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be thrilled to not only run into but also be held and snuggled by President Obama? (That’s a rhetorical question, please don’t @ me.)