Barack Obama Surprises Twin YouTube Stars To Discuss His Favorite Songs

by Cassandra Stone

YouTube stars Fred and Tim Williams were listening to Obama’s playlist when the President himself casually dropped in to chat

Popular twin YouTubers Fred and Tim Williams went viral earlier this year for their adorable, genuine reactions to listening to Phil Collins for the first time. The 21-year-olds’ reactions were so earnest and entertaining, they decided to continue on and turn their “reactions to popular songs” into a show. They probably never expected that this would lead to a virtual visit from President Barack Obama himself — but it sure did.

To accompany the release of his memoir, A Promised Land, President Obama also released a playlist of his favorite songs. The Williams twins decided to listen to the playlist and review one of the songs, the Bob Dylan classic “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” and give it an honest critique. And literally in the middle of their discussion, Obama just casually drops in and surprises them. The result is an adorably shocked set of twins who are, like all of us watching, utterly delighted.

“Hey, people! What’s going on?” Obama asks. OMG. COULD YOU JUST DIE.

Since going viral for the first time back in August, the brothers have amassed over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, but were still totally shocked that Barack Obama himself is a fan.

“He just popped out of nowhere,” Fred told PEOPLE earlier this week. “That’s the cherry on top. We grew up with him, man. The first Black president!”

Tim agreed with his brother: “It was a crazy humbling experience — he watches us!” he said. “I never thought I’d talk to the president where I come from.”

During his virtual drop-in, Obama talked to the brothers about making mixed tapes when he was a kid (as we all did, us elders, who can now just wither into dust while fondly remembering recording our favorite radio station’s “Top 8 at 8” on blank cassette tapes).

Obama also talked about his Spotify playlist, which features bangers from Beyoncé, Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, JAY-Z, and more.

Naturally, the entire internet was very much here for this entire YouTube exchange, which absolutely earns a “10” on the “This is so pure” Internet Content Scale.


During the chat, Tim and Fred also spoke with Obama about the meaning behind Bob Dylan’s iconic ’60s protest anthem, which was released during national unrest and the civil rights movement.

“We asked the president what the song meant to him, and he said the old ways are not going to work. Times are changing,” Tim told PEOPLE. “He gave us hope that there are still good people in power that want to see a change for the better.”