Why I Sometimes Choose To Go Bare Down There

by A. Rochaun
nd3000 / Getty

As I slow crawl toward my third decade of life, I’ve stopped caring what others think about a ton of topics. Things like the kind of sex lives others have, who has awesome gadgets, and the uniqueness of others’ fashion choices are all on my IDGAF list. But one of the top items on that list — which happens to be a hot topic right now — is what other folks choose to do with their pubic hair. People are so obsessed with what other people are doing with their hair down there that there have even been studies about it.

Some believe that our society’s obsession with cutting or significantly trimming our pubic hair is propelled by an obsession with a prepubescent style of woman. I’ve heard this argument before, and while I believe there are some weirdo dudes out there who have strong feelings about their partner’s hair (or lack thereof), most guys don’t GAF .

When you get down to it, the most overlooked aspect of this debate is the assumption that women’s decisions about pubic hair (or any body hair, for that matter) are based solely on how our male partners react to things. WRONG. Sure, my husband’s feelings might be taken into account, but they represent a very small percentage of what inspires me to trim or not trim. Not to mention, not all women have male partners.

Most often, I’m somewhere in between hair and bare. But my pubic hair changes with the seasons. When it’s as hot in my AC-free home, as it’s been this summer, having little to no hair anywhere brings me huge benefit — including on my head. But here are a few more reasons why going hair-free has its benefits:

There’s heat and sweat.

Heat sucks! It brings an increase in crime, irritability, and electricity bills. I have to see a decrease in something in the summer. That something is usually my body hair. To top it off, I have underproductive sweat glands so I’m stuck panting like your neighborhood dog wishing for an infinite class of lemon water.

Sadly, when I do sweat, it’s either in between my legs or under my boobs. And it’s gross. BTW, lack of sweat doesn’t stop me from heat-related body odors. I also have to battle the overproduction of oil that leads to bumps around my pube hairline and other annoying things that I just don’t want to deal with.

Summer shaving and trims help me keep sweating and irritation to a minimum. When it’s hot, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

It makes sex easier for me.

Sex during the winter is loving, comforting, and even necessary. Sex during the summer is a hot, sweaty mess. Personally, I wish all physical contact-related activities were canceled for the summer. I would gladly volunteer for the test group.

Sticky bodies are something I can do without, but my main issues are pube related. Pubic hair gives me a ton of friction burn during sex. When I trim or shave, it’s easier for me to avoid fluid-caused messiness and tangles. And it stops the friction from cutting either of us.

Shaving my pubic hair also helps me manage my body’s own lubrication without extra obstacles. If I’m shaved, there’s no lube necessary. And it makes cleanup a whole lot easier too.

My partner likes it.

Let me be clear: My husband’s feelings are not the end-all-be-all on deciding what I do with my pubes. But I do take them into consideration. I have never been a fan of giving oral sex. But there are some sacrifices you make in life. Nothing makes me want to avoid giving head for a year like going down there and getting a mouthful of hair. I already don’t want to do it, and that just increases the likelihood that it won’t happen for a very long time. Similarly, if my partner chooses to give me oral sex, I would like to make the process as carefree and simple for him as possible.

The longer it’s been since I’ve had a trim, the more likely it is that he’s going to get a mouthful while deep sea diving. That’s no fun for either of us.

The point? Do you, boo boo!

Ultimately, we are all in charge of our personal grooming habits. I am a huge advocate for doing what you need. We do not have to be influenced by trends or assumptions on fantasies — personal preference is what matters most. Whether you go bald or sport a fur coat is your decision. There’s nothing wrong with having hair. There’s nothing wrong with going bald.

Besides, I think most of us will find we’re happiest in the middle.